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For over a decade, fans have become invested in the lives of the Teen Mom cast members as they have grown from struggling teen parents to adults with careers and growing families. Through the success of both Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, there have been many hookups, breakups and makeups, and some of those couples have really stuck with audiences, even if they didn’t work. From relationships that had many shaking their heads to the ones fans can’t stop rooting for, here are some of the most unforgettable Teen Mom couples ranked:

34. Jenelle and Kieffer

Over the many seasons of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans’ list of bad relationships has been extensive, and without a doubt, one of the worst was with Kieffer. Most fans can clearly remember the way Jenelle’s mother yelled the name Kieffer and despised the guy like nobody else, and it didn’t take long before fans were horrified by the relationship as well. Slowly but surely, fans watched as Jenelle and Kieffer fell deeper and deeper into drugs. The pair were arrested multiple times for domestic fights, stealing, and breaking and entering, but the worst of the worst was when the cameras would actually show the pair getting so high they passed out. Everything about the relationship was toxic and unhealthy, and at times difficult to watch.

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33. Chelsea and Adam

At this point, it is almost hard for fans to remember back when Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind were actually a couple, and that might be for the better. When their episode of 16 and Pregnant aired in March of 2010 it was clear they were not a happy couple, but early in season one of Teen Mom 2, they reconciled. Over the years, fans have seen Adam be a less than attentive father to Aubree, and particularly difficult with Chelsea, and more than a few unkind words have been thrown around. Then, of course, there is that time Adam texted Chelsea about Aubree and called her a “mistake.” It has been disappointing to see Adam’s downward spiral and his inability to be a consistent presence in Aubree’s life, and now that Chelsea is with Cole, it is even more clear how bad her relationship with Adam really was.

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32. Farrah and Simon

Fans of the series really do not need an explanation as to why Farrah Abraham and her sometimes boyfriend Simon Saran are one of the most unforgettable, but not in a good way, when it comes to Teen Mom couples. First of all, it was really never clear cut as to whether they were actually in a relationship, and even when they were supposedly together it truly seemed like they detested each other. Simon showed no real interest in Farrah or her life, and everything Simon said and did seemed to infuriate Farrah. They were disrespectful of each other and the people they were around, and it was clearly not a longterm or stable relationship.

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31. Jenelle and Nathan

After ending things with Kieffer, Jenelle went through more tough relationships with guys like Gary Head and Courtland Rogers, but her next relationship to be featured predominantly on Teen Mom 2 was with Nathan Griffith. Nathan was first introduced to the show in season five, and like most of Jenelle’s relationships, everything started off great, and by the third episode, they already made plans to move in together. By episode seven the pair were expecting, and once again things went downhill. It didn’t take long before things went from bad to worse and more than once they were involved in domestic disputes that landed Nathan in jail. By the end of their relationship, they did nothing but have explosive arguments, and say the worst things they could think of to each other, and it ended up being one of the worst relationships on the show.

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30. Amber and Gary

It seems like it has been ages since Amber and Gary were together, but back in December 2009, when the first season aired, the pair were still together and trying to raise Leah as a couple. Right from the beginning of filming there was serious tension between them as a couple, and not a lot of respect in the relationship, but even after a breakup in season one, they got back together and moved forward with an engagement. Of course, the shouting matches and snide remarks did not stop and it was never more clear that the relationship was nothing other than toxic and both for both Amber and Gary, as well as Leah, when Amber’s anger caused her to get physical with Gary. In her memoir “Never Too Late” Amber also documented how off-camera the two would regularly get physical and even spit on each other, making it clear if there was ever a time they were a good couple, it was long gone. Now, the pair have grown immensely in their relationship as co-parents and while fans have been happy to see the pair finally reach a place of communication and respect, it was certainly not there while they were a couple.

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29. Maci and Ryan

Now, Maci has two children with her new husband Taylor McKinney, and after following their story for quite some time, it is also hard to remember way back in the beginning when Maci and Ryan were still together. Given everything they have been through and the things they have said about each other, it is almost impossible to imagine the pair as a couple, but for fans who do remember, things weren’t so great when they were together at the beginning of Teen Mom. Although they were seemingly very in love at first, things changed quickly, especially for Ryan, when Maci was expecting Bentley. Fans got to see the fallout of Ryan’s emotions as he seemed to have very little interest in being a father, and a partner to Maci anymore, creating some very emotional and heartbreaking scenes that fans witnessed. Unfortunately, things have not really improved and now it is Bentley’s nearly non-existent relationship with Ryan that bothers Maci the most, especially because it is due to Ryan’s continued struggles with drugs and being in and out of jail.

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28. Kailyn and Javi

Javi Marroquin quickly became one of the most loved male cast members on Teen Mom 2 when he was introduced on the show in the last few episodes of season 3. He became a doting and loving stepfather to Isaac and he and Kailyn created a wonderful life together, as they got married and welcomed their own son, Lincoln. Despite all this, it was quite clear there were problems right from the start, as Kailyn always had problems letting people in, and Javi had trust issues. The pair got through some very difficult times such as Javi being away for Air Force training and deployment, as well as Kailyn’s anger issues and an incident in which she struck Javi. They were one of the most rooted for couples, but it really was no surprise when their marriage fell apart after Kailyn lost their child and then the two really started to fight. More recently, Kailyn has revealed that Javi manipulated their relationship in order to get on MTV and it seems that she was never as happy as it seemed, even in the beginning.

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27. Bristol and Dakota

Many were completely surprised when MTV announced in the summer of 2018 that Bristol Palin would be joining the cast of Teen Mom OG after the exit of original star Farrah Abraham. While she had never been a part of the MTV family, Palin’s addition wasn’t too surprising due to once being known as “America’s Most Famous Teen Mom” after she was expecting a child at only 17. Teen Mom OG featured Bristol as not only a mom of three, but also the wife to a veteran, Dakota Meyer, but it became clear that their relationship was not in a good place. During their one season on the show, fans watched the pair fight over very heavy issues as Dakota felt Bristol was not sensitive to his personal issues with PTSD, and things deteriorated quickly between the two.


26. Jade and Sean

After Jenelle’s exit from Teen Mom 2 in 2019, MTV decided to once again pull from within the MTV family to fill her spot, and MTV’s Young & Pregnant star Jade Cline was added as a full-time cast member. Jade welcomed her daughter Kloie with her boyfriend Sean, and after their Young & Pregnant story documented Sean’s struggle with drugs and getting sober, fans were happy to see him sober and working in Teen Mom 2 as the pair worked on their relationship and raising Kloie together. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for their relationship to completely fall apart as Jade thought Sean was using again. For now, the pair aren’t together and that is probably for the best.


25. Kailyn and Jo

Teen Mom 2 fans actually didn’t see Jo and Kailyn together too much as they broke up completely during their 16 and Pregnant episode. Afterwards, however, Lowry revealed that Jo had cheated on her while she was pregnant, and although they kept trying to make it work and even got engaged, they were just not meant to be. The pair fought continuously, and things got very bad when it came to disagreements about custody and the ways in which Isaac should be parented. It has been refreshing for fans to watch them become friends recently, but it was clear they were not a good couple.

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24. Amber and Matt

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier had arguably one of the most memorable relationships on the show, and not for many good reasons. As soon as Matt came into the picture there were concerns about his motives considering their considerable age difference and instant reports that Matt had actually tried to get the attention of many Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 cast members before striking up a relationship with Amber. The pair ended up staying together for much longer than anyone anticipated, and even got engaged, but in 2017 the whole thing ended. It turned out Matt had relapsed and Amber even said in the reunion show that he had been stealing large amounts of money from her. The pair were certainly unforgettable, but for their dramatic relationship, not a stable romance.


23. Briana and Luis

In 2017 it was confirmed that Briana DeJesus from the short-lived Teen Mom 3 would be joining Teen Mom 2 as the fifth full-time cast member, and she entered the show with a lot of drama. When fans were reintroduced to Briana, she was expecting her second child with Luis, a man she met in a club, and wasn’t exactly in a full-fledged relationship with. In some ways Luis has been unforgettable because of just how absent he was. For a brief moment it seemed like he was going to at least be there financially for Briana and their daughter Stella even if they weren’t together as a couple. It has been sad to see Luis miss all of Stella’s milestones and seemingly not make an effort to be part of her life.


22. Jenelle and David

Jenelle has found love with David Eason, and the pair have welcomed one child together, daughter Ensley, and were married in the summer of 2017. While not much was seen of Eason since fans were only introduced to him in season seven of the series in 2016, he did become a prominent member of the show before he was fired and subsequently Jenelle was fired a year later. In their short time together there have been many very concerning reports about Eason’s anger and violence, and child protective services have been called to their home many times. Along with Eason’s worrying behavior towards Jenelle and the children, no one can get past what he did to Jenelle’s small dog Nugget after it snapped at their daughter. Since Jenelle maintains they are happy, healthy and have a great relationship, it is difficult to tell if any of the reports of violence in the home are true, but one thing for sure is that they are one of the most disliked couples on the show. UPDATE: On October 31, 2019, Jenelle announced on Instagram she and the kids had moved away from David, and she was starting the divorce process.

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21. Leah and Jason

After documenting some of her attempts at dating, Leah entered her first serious relationship since Jeremy with a man named Jason Jordan. At first, Jason seemed like everything Leah needed. He was successful, supportive, charming and good-humored, but it seems that the Jason on-screen was different from the one off-screen. Most concerning about their relationship was that Leah’s daughters made it clear they did not like Jason. After the pair finally split after disagreements became too frequent, Leah shared, “My kids weren’t feeling it anymore either, not that they can determine who I’m going to be with, but they were picking up on the energy and it wasn’t okay.” Although fans were happy to see Leah give love a chance again, it was clearly not with the right person.


20. Maci and Kyle

After being engaged and thinking a wedding was on the way, the breakup with Ryan was hard for Maci, but mid-way through Teen Mom season two, fans were introduced to her new boyfriend Kyle King. Fans instantly fell for the tall, sweet boy who Maci had actually known for years. For awhile Maci and Kyle were the real deal, as he became a big part of Bentley’s life and they moved into together. Maci and Kyle’s relationship was then featured on the series for the rest of season two, all of season three, and for most of season four. What fans didn’t see, however, was the bad. In her book ‘Bulletproof’ Maci revealed that Kyle actually had a lot of commitment issues and did cheat, and he really didn’t react when they finally split in 2012. Worst of all, when they bought their house together, it was all Maci’s money but everything was in Kyle’s name because he was older with better credit. After their breakup he used their house as a rental property and continued to make money on it even though it was Maci who put all the money into it. While their relationship didn’t work out, it was a huge stepping-stone for Maci as she moved on from Ryan.


19. Kailyn and Chris

Due to Chris Lopez’s disinterest in being on the show, fans of Teen Mom 2 have only seen little pieces of Kailyn’s relationship with the father of her third son, Lux. Although Chris has only appeared a handful of times on the series, Kailyn has opened up more and more about their relationship, and it is clear that out of everyone she has dated, she has the most feelings for and strongest connection with Chris. Unfortunately it seems Chris just can’t seem to reciprocate those feelings and stay committed to Kailyn, but many are still hoping the two work it out, including Kailyn’s two older sons Isaac and Lincoln, who have made it clear they love having Chris around.


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18. Briana and Javi

One Teen Mom relationship that really shocked fans was between Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin. Of all the romances that have formed on the show, none had ever formed between a star and her costar’s ex. Although the pair seemed happy during the time they were dating, Javi was a little too much for Briana, especially when he bought an engagement ring after only a few months together. While the pair were able to breakup and move on amicably, the relationship is unforgettable because of the issues it caused between Kailyn and Briana. Despite both women denying that their feud, which even resulted in a physical altercation during one of the reunion shows, was about Javi, it was clear that Briana and Javi’s romance caused a lot of problems for Kailyn. In the end, the pair just weren’t meant to be.


17. Kailyn and Jordan

After Kailyn’s difficult relationship with Jo, it was nice to see her try again at love when she met Jordan at work. Fans and Jo’s family were not impressed that the two began dating while Kailyn was still living with them, but they did seem like a good match. Jordan was calm, and fun-loving, and took to Isaac right away. Unfortunately, their relationship was marred by Kailyn’s past with Jo, and while they were good together, Kailyn cheated on Jordan with Jo and strongly considered getting back together with Jo. Although the pair split amicably, even Kailyn admitted in her book “Pride Over Pity” that Jordan helped her to move on with her life, but he was definitely not “the one.”


16. Amber and Andrew

After what turned out to be a pretty bad breakup with her fiance Matt Baier, Amber Portwood found love once again with Andrew Glennon. The pair met while Amber was filming Marriage Bootcamp with Matt, but it didn’t take long for their friendship to become something more. When her relationship with Andrew began, it seemed like Amber was in her first healthy and stable relationship in a very long time and the pair shocked fans by revealing they were expecting their first child together only months after they began dating. Unfortunately after what seemed like a great start to their life together with their son James, things changed drastically in Amber and Andrew’s relationship. After several years of turning her life around, Amber was once again arrested in July 2019, and it was revealed that there were more issues in her relationship with Andrew than the cameras had shown. Fans were rooting for Amber and Andrew, which made it all the more disappointing when their explosive argument ended with her being charged.

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15.  Leah and Corey

Leah Messer and Corey Simms have had one of the most intriguing and emotional stories out of all the Teen Mom 2 stars. Their relationship was off to a shaky start right from the beginning as the pair were only dating for about a month before they discovered they were pregnant at 17…with twins! The two tried very hard to handle their situation maturely, but they often clashed and, although they got married, it wasn’t long before Corey found out Leah had cheated two weeks before their wedding. Many fans were rooting for the young parents, but the cheating revealed a side to Leah and their relationship that audiences had no idea about. It also doesn’t help matters that Corey and Leah also had a fling years later after Corey had married his wife Miranda. Not much is seen of Corey on the show anymore, but they are much better co-parents to their children now then they were as a couple.

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14. Cory W. and Taylor

Although it really seemed like Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd were headed for a reconciliation, things changed when the Teen Mom dad started dating Taylor Selfridge. It was hard to tell at first just how serious Cory and Taylor were but Taylor quickly became accustomed to Cory’s close relationship with Cheyenne, and became a bigger part of Ryder’s life. Cory and Taylor made it clear they were definitely ready for a big commitment after they revealed in October 2019 that they were expecting their first child together.


13. Briana and John

Following Briana’s hectic relationship with Javi, while also trying to co-parent with Nova’s father Devoin and trying to get Stella’s father Luis involved in his daughter’s life, she finally found stability with John. Despite a long-distance relationship, it was clear that Briana and John really liked each other, and Briana took her time introducing him to her family and children. While it really seemed like the pair were headed into a very serious relationship, it abruptly came to an end in the summer of 2019, and Briana never really fully explained what had happened.


12. Cheyenne and Matt

After realizing her relationship with Cory was never going to be a romantic one again, Cheyenne moved on with Matt. Fans only saw glimpses of their relationship on Teen Mom OG, but Cheyenne made it clear she is ready for marriage and more children, and Matt was supportive of those things — on a realistic timeline. Together, the pair seem comfortable and supportive of each other, and even though long-distance has made things difficult, they seem to be in a very happy and mature relationship, which is a lot more than many other Teen Mom couples.


11. Ryan and Mackenzie

Through Ryan’s many ups and downs in recent years, Mackenzie Standifer has stuck by him the whole way. In 2017, the pair surprised everyone with a quick wedding in 2017 that no one saw coming. It was while filming their wedding episode however when Ryan’s issues with drugs became clear. After Ryan nearly fell asleep behind the wheel because of being intoxicated, it was revealed that after the wedding Ryan was headed to rehab and later admitted to having an addiction. The two then welcomed their son Jagger and Ryan missed the birth because he was in rehab again. After Ryan was sent to prison, Mackenzie continued to stand by her husband, and only a few months after his release, the pair announced they were expecting their second child. Things might not be easy for Mackenzie and Ryan, but no one can deny they are committed to making their marriage work through thick and thin.


10. Mackenzie M. and Josh

Following the exit of Bristol Palin after only one season on Teen Mom OG, MTV was once again on the hunt for a fifth star of the show, and settled on once again pulling from the Teen Mom 3 family. The spring 2019 season of Teen Mom OG introduced Mackenzie McKee in a small capacity, and reintroduced fans to her family including husband Josh McKee who they got to know during their time on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3. The pair admitted to being through many ups and downs over the course of their relationship which included welcoming their son Gannon at 16 years old, getting married two years later in 2013, welcoming daughter Jaxie in 2014 and son Broncs in 2016, and have admitted to past infidelity on both sides. Once again their relationship seemed to be in jeopardy as Mackenzie worried about cheating while Josh was away from rodeos, and when he was home he didn’t seem interested in helping. In the end, Josh re-proposed and once again committed himself to Mackenzie and their family, and the pair are going strong again.


9. Leah and Jeremy

The speed at which Leah moved on from her divorce to Corey was at least a little surprising to many viewers as Jeremy Calvert was introduced near the beginning of season three. Almost immediately there was concern that Leah was not completely over Corey, but that did not stop the pair from moving in together and, in April 2012, the two were married, and welcomed their own daughter Adalynn in 2013. They truly were a cute couple though, and Jeremy was extremely supportive and devoted not only to Leah but the twins. While they were together, Jeremy and Leah were seemingly a very good couple, and it was sad for fans to see how quickly their marriage deteriorated to the point of divorce. Luckily, it seems the pair were able to remain amicable for the sake of their daughter and co-parenting, and the romance isn’t even completely over as fans hope for a reconciliation.


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8. Jo and Vee

Vee has been a part of Teen Mom 2 for a lot longer than fans realize because for some time it seemed that Jo was still trying to get back together with Kailyn. Despite this, Vee stuck by Jo’s side and has been a big part of his life for many years, and in season five the pair made the big decision to leave their friends and family behind to move to Delaware so that Jo could be closer to Isaac. From what fans have seen, the two have always had a respectful and loving relationship which has included Vee making big sacrifices for Jo. Now the two are married and welcomed their own daughter Vivi in October 2015, and most importantly have become friends with Kailyn and Vee’s support and friendship has helped Kailyn navigate continuing issues when it comes to co-parenting with Jo.


7. Corey and Miranda

To the dismay of many fans, there is not a lot shown of Corey Simms and his wife Miranda Patterson. Corey has always been the one star to shy away from the cameras the most, and his relationship with Miranda was kept quiet for quite some time. Unlike a lot of the other stars, the pair did not thrive off drama, and seemed very mature in their relationship, officially getting married on June 7, 2013, and welcoming daughter Remington Monroe in November 2015. While they always appeared as one of the best and most stable couples on the show, fans were taken aback to learn that Corey had slept with Leah two months into his marriage with Miranda. While Corey and Miranda were able to work past the cheating, the revelation made it clear they did not have the perfect relationship that many had thought. Now, they have taken a step back from the cameras to focus on their relationship and raising their family in peace.


6. Cheyenne and Cory

Teen Mom OG fans were not impressed when MTV revealed it was replacing Farrah Abraham with not one but two new stars in order to make it a five-story series like Teen Mom 2 did with Briana Dejesus. They were even less impressed when it was revealed that one of the replacements was Cheyenne Floyd, who wasn’t even a teen mom at any point, she was just a part of the MTV family. Now, fans have come to appreciate Cheyenne’s unique story and her unique relationship with her ex, Cory Wharton. After Cory found out he was the father of Cheyenne’s daughter Ryder six months after Ryder was born, he has stepped up to be the best dad he can be. On top of it all, Cheyenne and Cory co-parent so incredibly well together it truly seemed like they would end up together. Although that is clearly not happening, they still have one of the best co-parenting relationships the show has ever seen.


5. Gary and Kristina

Gary was still stringing Amber along when Kristina came into the picture and because of that, fans did not know how serious their relationship was. In episode four of season five it is revealed that Gary and Kristina were having a baby, and later that year it was revealed that Gary and Kristina had secretly wed after welcoming their daughter Emilee. Since then, the two have proved to be extremely responsible and caring parents, and most importantly are very mature in dealing with their own relationship as fans have never seen any issues between the two. Kristina is supportive and often has great advice for Gary, and it is clear he values her opinion. Most importantly Amber has a great relationship with both Gary and Kristina, which gives Leah three very caring and supportive parents.

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4. Jen and Larry

One couple that always gets overlooked, but has been there since the beginning is Jen and Larry Edwards, the parents of Ryan Edwards. Due to Ryan’s struggles with addiction and sobriety, both Maci and Bentley’s strongest relationship has always been with Jen and Larry, and the pair have been a consistent part of the series for several years. Many forget that the pair have been through just as much as any couple on the show after dealing with their son becoming a teenage parent and then having to step up and essentially raise Bentley during Ryan’s time because of Ryan’s inability to do so. Through it all, fans have always loved Jen and Larry and their enduring relationship.


3. Maci and Taylor

At this point it is hard to ever imagine Maci with anyone other than Taylor McKinney. Since coming into Maci’s life, Taylor has stepped up to be an amazing stepfather to Bentley and has taken on not one but two of his own children with Maci in the span of a year with ease. Taylor has never shied away from responsibility, and his fun-loving, easy-going personality is a perfect balance for Maci. Despite being in their mid-20s both are mature and extremely in love, and always handle disagreements calmly. Fans love their love, making them definitely one of the best couples to ever be on the show!

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2. Chelsea and Cole

There was never any surprise who was going to be some of the top couples on this list. Out of all the stars on Teen Mom 2, Chelsea was one who did not go through multiple relationships over the course of several seasons of the show, and in fact, did not give much time to dating and instead focused on her career and raising Aubree. Since Chelsea and Cole DeBoer got together in the summer of 2014, it seems their relationship has been almost fairytale-like. Cole is handsome, fun-loving, devoted, and absolutely amazing with Aubree, all of which has had fans swooning over him as much as Chelsea is. So far Cole and Chelsea have proven to be nothing but stable and committed, and audiences haven’t even seen the pair argue as most couples do. From welcoming two children of their own to making big plans with buying land and building their dream home, fans can’t wait to see what is next for the Prince Charming and Princess of Teen Mom 2.


1. Catelynn and Tyler

There could never be any question really on who was going to top this list. Fans were first introduced to Catelynn and Tyler when their 16 and Pregnant episode aired in July of 2009, and before that, they had already been together for nearly four years. Now, the pair have been together for well over a decade and fans have been along for the ride for quite a few of them. In that time Catelynn and Tyler have faced some of life’s toughest obstacles such as parents with extreme addiction problems, giving their daughter up for adoption and struggles within their own relationship. Through it all they have always loved and supported each other and it seems like they truly know each other better than they know themselves. They are by no means perfect, but the work they put into loving each other has been inspirational for many who have followed their story.

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