MTV’s Teen Moms: All 8 Ranked Worst To Best

MTV’s Teen Mom is definitely one of the network’s most successful series since beginning it all with 16 and Pregnant in 2009. After fans got hooked on the stories of these young moms, eight were selected to star in the spin-off series Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, leading them from teenage mothers to reality stars in no time. Fans have invested themselves in all five seasons of Teen Mom OG and all seven of Teen Mom 2, and have seen the highest highs and lowest lows for each of the moms and their stories. Over the course of the years, they have all gone different directions, leading fans to applaud some and be absolutely appalled by others. Check out our ranking of the Teen Moms from worst to best.

8. Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has without a doubt made major strides in the past year or so, but in the end, she can never get away from her past. Although it has been a long time since she signed custody of her son Jace over to her mother Barbara, it has not been an easy road for Jenelle to prove herself as a fit mother. She has been arrested 16 times in the span of five years, most recently in August 2015, proving that no matter how much she says she is changing, it never seems to actually happen. The effects of having a mother who constantly fights with her own mother, and all of her boyfriends, has clearly had a negative effect on Jace, which is not helped by the fact she had another baby with her ex-Nathan, even though she still didn’t have custody of her first son. No matter how much she does grow up, Jenelle never seems like she can handle the responsibility of being a mother.

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7. Farrah Abraham

It goes without saying that Farrah Abraham is the most hated Teen Mom star, but when it comes down to it, she does have custody of her daughter, Sophia. On the other hand, Farrah has proved not to be a good role model for anyone, let alone her own daughter who at only seven years old is already wearing makeup to school and uttering lines such as “I don’t want to look fat.” Unfortunately, Farrah’s own attitude is also rubbing off on her young daughter who mimicks Farrah’s disrespect and hurtful ways towards her own mother, Debra. Farrah is very narcissistic and all too often it seems she is much too concerned with her own appearance and other things in her own life than properly raising Sophia.

6. Amber Portwood

While Jenelle has always attempted to improve and never seems to get there, Amber Portwood really has made leaps and bounds in order to be a better mother to her daughter, Leah. Amber definitely had a rough patch, but her main focus in getting treatment and bettering herself has always been in order to regain custody of Leah. Although she has made progress, it is hard to fully get behind Amber considering even now her daughter complains that when she does visit her all Amber wants to do is sleep or sit on the couch. It doesn’t help that Amber has also now entered into a somewhat questionable relationship with Matt Baier, who according to reports has numerous children of his own that he doesn’t provide for and has a documented history of trying to communicate with many of the Teen Mom stars on social media, making it quite clear to many that he is simply using Amber for the fame. Needless to say, it seems her focus is more on defending her love life and relationship with Matt more than Leah now.

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5. Leah Messer

At first, Leah Messer was one of the most respected of all the moms. She was down-to-earth and took all of the challenges that she faced in stride which included having twins, divorcing her daughters’ father Corey within six months, and also having one daughter with a rare disability. Unfortunately after welcoming her third child with her second husband Jeremy Calvert, things really unraveled for Leah who was seen slipping into depression and anxiety which led to a drug scandal and finally a trip to a treatment facility to deal with her mental illnesses. Even though she has been doing better since going for treatment, Leah is still alarming audiences with the episodes in which she is seen not feeding her children dinner until nearly midnight, not giving them breakfast before school, and constantly texting and driving while seemingly not fully awake. Her house is always a complete mess, and it seems she is still having a hard time bouncing back from her two divorces and  adjusting to being a single mother to three children.

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4. Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry has overcome perhaps the most of all of the stars after at one point being essentially homeless with her young son Isaac. Many Teen Mom 2 fans are divided on their feelings about Kailyn because although she is a very good mother to both Isaac and Lincoln, her attitude is hard to understand. She refuses to let emotions show and, even when she was first getting together with her husband Javi, it never seemed like she truly loved him, leading to way too many fights. All in all, Kailyn is a great mom and has provided for her children no matter the odds, but her attitude is still a hindrance in her life.

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3. Catelynn Batierra

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra are  the most adorable couple on the show. To think they have been together since they were 13 and to go through so much together and stick it out, is truly inspiring for many of the show’s fans. In their memoirs they have spoken out about being raised in homes fueled by parties, alcohol and drugs, and despite the odds against them they have been able to lift themselves out of that lifestyle they were seemingly destined for. They made a very big and mature decision of putting their first daughter, Carly, up for adoption and although it was difficult, they have used the experience to help others going through the same thing and were able to better themselves, and their life before welcoming their second daughter, Novalee. Tyler and Catelynn have always seemed very mature, which has helped them make good decisions both for themselves and their family, making Catelynn one of the best teen moms on the show.

2. Chelsea Houska

From Chelsea Houska’s episode of 16 and Pregnant to her first few seasons of Teen Mom 2, it seemed not everyone took Chelsea seriously, but she has provided one of the most stable households out of all the moms. One of Chelsea’s biggest advantages is an extremely supportive family who has guided her through learning to be a single mom at such a young age, and unlike many of the other teen mom stars, her focus was never on finding her next boyfriend. Chelsea has consistently had to deal with trying to co-parent with Aubree’s dad, Adam, and along the way she also got her G.E.D. and became an aesthetician. Aubree is well-rounded and now has an excellent stable male figure in Chelsea’s fiancé Cole, and it isn’t surprising that respect for Chelsea has only grown over the course of Teen Mom 2. Over the years Chelsea has proved herself as one of the best moms of the whole group.

1. Maci Bookout

Maci Bookout has always been one of the most likeable stars of Teen Mom, and has always known the value of hard-work and being a good mom, even as it came with reality TV fame. Maci has never relied on others and has fought very hard to make sure her son Bentley had everything he needed to be a happy child with a stable household, even while she was battling his immature father, Ryan the entire way. Now, Ryan has come around, Maci has never quit working hard and is also the proud mom to three children: Bentley, Jayde and Maverick, with plans to marry her fiance Taylor McKinney soon. From going to school, to running a business with Taylor and raising kids, Maci has always kept a good head on her shoulders, and it is reflected in her parenting skills and happy children.

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