11 Most Hated Teen Mom Stars Ever

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MTV’s Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have now had close to 13 seasons between them, as well as reunions and special episodes, and have gained a large and loyal fanbase along the way. With a cast of four moms each, as well as ex-boyfriends, new boyfriends and the involvement of parents, the casts have grown quite a bit, and fans have had a hard time accepting everyone. Some of the moms themselves have not been very well-liked, but it has also been hard to accept some of the other people on the show. For some, their greed for fame is just too much, and for others, they just come across as not very good people and incite both rage and hate in fans of the show. Check out the 11 most hated Teen Mom stars ever:

11. Barbara Evans

Fans have a tough time deciding on how they feel about Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barbara. She does have a very irritating voice, and has said some things to provoke Jenelle, but overall it’s mostly hard to not feel bad for her. She has opened up about having a tough past with relationships, and raising her children as a single mother, and she has also completely altered her life to raise her grandson Jace after Jenelle couldn’t handle the responsibility at a young age. Regardless, she gets under the skin of a lot of viewers who have a tough time getting through her Teen Mom 2 scenes.

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10. Gary Shirley

In the very beginning of Teen Mom, it was fairly easy to not like both Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood. While both have had their shortcomings, they have both grown up as well, and while Shirley has never been anything less than an excellent dad to Leah, it is the way he treats Amber that really gets under your skin. Amber has gone through leaps and bounds to make herself a better person and a better mom, yet Gary continues to hold her past over her head and act like he is superior to her both in life and parenting Leah. The only thing that should matter is Leah’s well-being and happiness, and not Gary using her to prove he is better. Oh, and we still can’t get over the time he decided to contribute to the awareness of teenage pregnancy by creating his own line of condoms with his face on the packaging. Too much Gary, too much.

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9. Leah Messer

Leah Messer started out as one of the most beloved moms on the show. She was reasonable, determined and handled having twins, one with a severe medical issue, with admirable poise. Unfortunately as the twins get older, there has been a different side of Leah, one who doesn’t seem so concerned with parenting anymore. She has understandably been going through her own mental issues, but it is extremely unnerving to see her constantly text while driving with her children in the vehicle, all while seemingly still not fully awake. It is also unsettling to hear her daughters now complain about Leah never having any food in the house and sending them off to school hungry. Recently fans have turned on her for being arguably neglectful, all while her ex Corey has always seemed like the best parent.

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8. Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry has very good reasons to be as guarded as she is, but it also makes it very difficult to sympathize with her when she often treats those around her like they are inconsequential. Her guarded attitude all too often comes across as selfish, uncaring, and at the very least, extremely harsh when it isn’t necessary. Her relationship with her husband Javi has become the main catalyst for fans disliking Kail, because it very often seem as if she really doesn’t have strong feelings towards him and does and says things to intentionally make him feel like she doesn’t care. Kailyn definitely isn’t as hated as some of the other stars, but particular instances make it extremely hard to sympathize with her.

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7. Debra Danielson

At first, everyone just felt really bad for Farrah’s parents Debra and Michael, because having Farrah for a daughter was clearly not an easy task. Now, as time has gone on, it seems feelings towards Debra in particular are changing. After two incidents in which she physically assaulted Farrah, and Farrah opening up about being abused to some extent as a child, audiences got a different perspective on her parents. Debra has now turned to idolizing her daughter, presumably in an attempt for Farrah to treat her more kindly, and the most recent season saw a Debra much more concerned with looks, and botox, and defending Farrah’s continually questionable decisions. Again, it is also just very sad because she just wants to avoid all the instances in which Farrah tears her down and makes her cry.

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6. Jenelle Evans

We have to hand it to Jenelle, season seven of Teen Mom 2 has been her best yet, and it seems that in slight, small ways, being a full-time mom to Kaiser and dating Dave has helped her mature. Unfortunately there are six previous seasons of Jenelle being an absolute terror that cannot be erased. Without a doubt, the first season made it very easy to dislike her after she refused to grow up to responsibly parent her own son, instead forcing her mom’s hand to become Jace’s guardian. Since then Jenelle has been arrested upwards of 16 times, and then each and every time she seems to making progress in her life, she ends up in another controversy. Along with her inexplicable decisions, and jumping into relationships that almost always result in some degree of a domestic dispute, her lack of respect for her mother who is the only one to stand by her through everything is the most infuriating. It is also almost guaranteed that in every episode Jenelle will say something that will just make viewers cringe.

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5. Nathan Griffith

It didn’t take long at all for Jenelle’s ex-fiancé, Nathan Griffith, to get on the bad side of most Teen Mom 2 fans. From the moment Jenelle began talking about him after meeting through a dating app, it was fairly clear Nathan was mostly in it for the attention. From a failed modeling career to his obvious narcissistic personality, feelings toward him worsened when it was revealed he too had a daughter he couldn’t get custody of and he had his own domestic violence issues in the past. While Jenelle has her own shortcomings, Nathan belittling her never sat well, and in the most recent season, he has really shown his true colors as Jenelle struggles to co-parent Kaiser with him while he is very uncooperative. This most recent season it has not helped that Nathan’s new girlfriend Jessica has joined him in his battle against Jenelle, and is refusing to drop the charge against her.

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4. Kieffer Delp

It seems that, although Jenelle has definitely angered fans, her boyfriends have done so even more. It seems like forever ago now, but back in 2010-2011, Jenelle was in love with Kieffer Delp, and there was so much wrong with this guy, it’s hard to know where to start. Back then, Jenelle was struggling enough all on her own and Kieffer only dragged her down further. As all fans know Barbara absolutely hated him and the negative effect he had Jenelle, and we couldn’t blame her. Both were left homeless and eventually charged for breaking and entering, after it was Kieffer who assured Jenelle it would be fine to stay in the house they slept in. Worst of all, he supported Jenelle’s heroin and drug addiction, which became a very dangerous road for the troubled young star.

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3. Matt Baier

Amber Portwood’s new man, Matt Baier was only introduced in Teen Mom OG‘s most recent season, and it only took a couple of episodes for audiences to hate him. The whole circumstances of their relationship definitely seemed a little questionable; however, in the age of technology, meeting on Twitter isn’t that far-fetched. Then of course, we learned he was almost 20 years older than Amber, which again happens sometimes, but slowly things against Matt added up. He dropped the bombshell that he had decided to move in with Amber and leave his life in Boston, during only his first visit and first time meeting her face to face. It has also been beyond evident that Matt is simply using Amber for her Teen Mom fame, and that was only backed up after outlets dug up old tweets of Matt’s that proved he had tried to get the loving attention of both Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans, as well as torment Kailyn Lowry, before even turning his attentions to Amber. He also has several children of whom he has had no part in their lives, didn’t tell Amber about them, and does not pay child support. Matt is a free loader looking for an easy ride which clearly does not include him having to work and Teen Mom OG is exactly what he wanted, and what he got thanks to Amber.

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2. Adam Lind

Adam Lind is almost the male version of Farrah Abraham. He somehow does not see reality the way it is, instead makes his own up, and in his reality he is a fantastic father worthy of 50/50 custody. While Lind has definitely improved in a big way in terms of being a father since his days on 16 and Pregnant and the early seasons of Teen Mom 2 with ex Chelsea Houska and daughter Aubree, he is still a very easy to dislike guy. He was absolutely horrible to Chelsea before and after the birth of Aubree, even calling his daughter a “mistake” at one time. Since then we have watched him get in many serious accidents, have his license completely revoked and fall way too far into drinking to be deemed a safe parent, and who can forget the time he did have with Aubree he usually just left her with his parents. He constantly puts Chelsea down, yet definitely does not do his fair share in raising or providing for Aubree, and his story is getting really old.

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1. Farrah Abraham

Apparently Farrah has some fans, but seemingly a large majority of the Teen Mom fanbase do not support the way Farrah acts, the things she does and definitely the things she says. From the beginning, Farrah’s attitude did her no favors with audiences, and over the years it has only gotten much, much worse because she has received all the attention she has ever wanted and it went straight to her head.  Every episode watching Farrah is infuriating for one reason or another, and most unfortunately it seems her daughter Sophia is picking up on having her mom’s bad attitude at a very young age. It is hard to pinpoint just why it is so easy to hate Farrah, but it definitely all surrounds her inability to be realistic. Very often she states she is not dramatic, and that she is a good person, and that it is the people around her who bring out the worst in her, yet all of her words and actions completely contradict this. She’s rude, self-centered and trashy, and the fact she can’t see what is wrong with the way she treats others is just too much to handle.

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