MTV’s Teen Mom Kids: All 8 Ranked From Worst To Best Behaved


At first, the stories on the hit series, Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 was all about seeing how eight young mothers adjusted to life as parents. Given the success, fans have now tuned in for years and seen the now twenty year old women have grown and in some cases, formed new families. At the same time, the children, who started out as newborn babies, have now grown into elementary school kids. It is obvious that their lives aren’t the same as their peers after being raised in front of camera crews, and while they have all had similar experiences being young stars of MTV, the results of each are noticeably different. These are the Teen Mom kids from worst behaved to best:

8. Sophia – Farrah

Sophia Abraham was born on February 23, 2009 to very well-known Teen Mom star Farrah who was then telling her story on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. Two months before her birth, Sophia’s dad Derek Underwood died in a car accident, leaving Farrah a single mom. Now 7-years-old Sophia unfortunately hasn’t had the best role model in her own mother, and it is reflected in her attitude and actions. It is extremely clear to fans of the show that Sophia gets what she wants when she wants it, and if not, she gets angry. We also can’t forget when her mother coached her into putting down Nicki Minaj on social media — great lessons for a six-year-old.


7. Jace – Jenelle

Jace Evans is unfortunately another kid whose “bad behavior” can easily be sourced back to his upbringing. Generally, when fans see Jace on-screen he is extremely quiet and often responds kindly to both his mother, Jenelle, and his grandmother, Barbara. However, we have often seen him resort to hitting and throwing tantrums which Barbara says happens mostly after he stays with Jenelle. She has also spoken about his bad behavior at school and not knowing what to do about it, and there were a few episodes where they have a problem with Jace swearing. As mentioned, it isn’t hard to see where Jace’s behavior problems stem from the fact that he is constantly surrounded by conflict, either between Jenelle and Barbara or Jenelle and her boyfriends.

Source: MTV

Source: MTV

6. Ali and Aleeah – Leah

As Leah Messer and Corey Simms’ twins Ali and Aleeah get older, their different personalities are really coming through. They are both at times adorably sassy, but as they get older the attitude is becoming a little more of a problem. It has become clear that Aleeah is somewhat of a drama queen and it takes a lot for Leah to get her daughter to listen to her. Ali on the other hand is better behaved when it comes to doing what she is told. Unfortunately, it seems both girls have picked up on telling stories to both of their parents which causes concern. They told Corey many things about Leah not properly taking care of them which really panicked him. Similarly, they have been known to say things to their mother about circumstances at their dad’s house, which recently caused Leah to question how Corey’s wife Miranda treats her daughters. Ali and Aleeah are generally well behaved, but it seems their attitudes could potentially become a problem as they get older.

Source: MTV

Source: MTV

5. Leah – Amber

Although Gary Shirley isn’t an extremely well liked Teen Mom star, it can’t be denied that he is doing a good job raising Leah with primary custody. All in all the show has never displayed any real problems with Leah having behavioral issues and is always good about listening to her parents whether it is Gary, his wife Kristina, or Amber. Like all kids, she has thrown a tantrum here and there, but overall she is a well behaved kid. Like Ali and Aleeah, it does seem a problem with Leah; however, when she tells both of her parents stories about each other that causes concern. She has told Gary that Amber doesn’t even pay much attention to her or do anything when she is with her, but she has said the same to Amber while also telling her mom she wants to live with her instead.

4. Novalee – Catelynn and Tyler

In all fairness, Nova is so young it is hard to rank her anywhere, but we just can’t leave Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra off! The adorable parents welcomed Nova in 2015 and have really enjoyed being parents to the adorable little girl after giving their first daughter, Carly, up for adoption when they were 16. Despite a few bumps in the road which included Catelynn acknowledging a battle with depression which may have been worsened by postpartum depression, Nova is seemingly growing up a very happy and definitely much loved child.

Had fun coloring today!

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3. Isaac and Lincoln – Kailyn

Kailyn Lowry has not had an easy time since becoming a mother at a young age, but luckily her determination and resolve, especially to be better than her own absent mother, has made her a very good parent. Despite a rough start, her oldest son with her ex, Jo, has turned into an extremely sweet little boy who as he gets older is only getting sweeter. He is very concerned with making sure people are happy and not fighting. This is of course helped greatly by both Kailyn and Jo always looking out for Isaac’s best interests even when they are not  seeing eye to eye. Kailyn’s son with her soon to be ex-husband Javi is a bit more of a rebel than his older half-brother, but it is clear that both boys misbehave as many kids do, but for the most part are extremely respectful of their parents.

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2. Aubree – Chelsea

After 16 and Pregnant and the first couple of seasons of Teen Mom 2, it seemed many fans had a hard time taking Chelsea Houska seriously, but as time has gone on she has turned into one of the best mom’s on the show and it is definitely reflected in her daughter Aubree. Aubree has been known to throw a fit and give her mother attitude, but Chelsea’s ability to deal with it properly and not make situations worse has made Aubree into a very well-rounded child.

1. Bentley – Maci

As all of the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 child stars get older they are definitely giving their parents more attitude, but as fans know, that will never be tolerated by Maci Bookout. Although it seems Bentley has a better relationship with his grandparents Larry and Jen than with his father, Ryan Edwards, he has adjusted very well and is very well behaved.

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