Popular 16 And Pregnant Stars: Where Are They Now?

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MTV hit major success with the reality television series 16 and Pregnant which debuted in 2009. With six seasons, each season featured an episode focused on a different pregnant teenage girl in high school who was dealing with becoming pregnant at a young age. As fans know, producers then picked four girls each from seasons 1, 2 and 4 to participate in the spin-off shows Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom 3. While viewers could keep up with those twelve ladies, many wonder what ever happened to the other 16 and Pregnant stars who didn’t get to continue their on-screen work. Check out whatever happened to these 10 stars from 16 and Pregnant.

10. Ebony Jackson

Ebony Jackson was featured on the first season of 16 and Pregnant when she became pregnant at 17 with her fiance Josh Rendon. Both had plans to join the Air Force, but after welcoming their daughter, Jocelyn, and getting married, only Josh joined the Air Force. In 2011, however, both were arrested and Child Protective Services took away their daughter because of “untenable living conditions” in their Arkansas home. Authorities reported finding drug paraphernalia while there was “human and dog feces on the floor, walls, and clothing. The house was full of flies and in some areas, maggots.” The two then regained custody of Jocelyn and welcomed a second daughter, Jayda, in 2012, but the two split less than a year later. Ebony went on to date James Baldrick and welcomed their daughter and Ebony’s third, Jaelyn in June 2015 while Josh retains custody of their two daughters.

9. Whitney Purvis

Fans will remember Whitney Purvis from 16 and Pregnant‘s first season when she was pregnant at the same time as her mom. The 16-year-old became pregnant with her first ever boyfriend Weston Lewis Gosa’s baby, and in April 2009 they welcomed Weston Owen Gosa Jr. Through their struggles of living on their own and being young parents, the two welcomed their second son, River Blake, in October 2014, but the two ended up splitting. In Sept. 2015, Whitney was arrested for allegedly attacking her ex with a broom after breaking into his home by throwing a wheel through two windows. For now, Whitney is engaged to her current boyfriend Keith.

8. Lori Wickelhaus

Lori Wickelhaus had one of the most memorable episodes of 16 and Pregnant after seemingly forced into giving her son Aidan up for adoption. While she and her then boyfriend Cory Haskett agreed they weren’t ready for the baby, her parents were also not supportive in her keeping the baby resulting in an open adoption. She and Haskett then broke up and she became engaged to Joey Amos with whom she welcomed a daughter, Rylynn Jo, in October 2013. Following that breakup she went on to have her third child, Logan, in November 2014, but there is no confirmation who Logan’s father is.

7. Christinna Cook

Christinna Cook also appeared in season two of 16 and Pregnant after getting pregnant at 17 with her boyfriend Isaiah Robinson who was the star of their high school’s football team. Fans will remember that his family then blamed Cook for Robinson turning down a college football scholarship to stay in town and work to support their child. Unfortunately, the pair ended up breaking up and both became parents again. Isaiah welcomed a son in 2013 while Cook welcomed another daughter, Naomi, in March 2014 with Dalonte Wallace.

6. Jordan Cashmyer

Jordan Cashmyer and her boyfriend Derek Taylor had one of the most emotional episodes of the show in season five after essentially being homeless when Jordan was kicked out of her parents house after becoming pregnant and refusing to stop seeing Derek. Jordan gave birth to Genevieve “Eve” Shae Taylor in March 2014 and due to continued homelessness and financial struggles Jordan’s parents were mostly raising Eve with Derek’s help while Jordan had little to do with her daughter. Fortunately, the two got it together and as of 2015 they were living together with their daughter, but it is unclear whether they are still together now.

5. Summer James

Summer James and her boyfriend (now husband) Daniel “D.J.” Rewis are one of the show’s few success stories. In her episode, fans learned Summer lives with D.J. and his parents because of her own mother’s struggles with addiction throughout Summer’s life. Summer and D.J. got married before welcoming their son Peyton in October 2013. In late 2015, Summer revealed that she and D.J. are expecting their second son who they have already named Connor Mace in June, 2106.

4. Kristina Robinson

Kristina Robinson’s episode of 16 and Pregnant from season 4 took an unexpected turn when it revealed that her boyfriend John “Todd” Hight Jr. had died in a tragic drowning incident while out with family in April, 2011, soon after learning he was going to become a father. Robinson’s stress and complications resulted in the premature birth of their son Lukas Todd Hight. Shortly after filming for the show Kristina met and quickly married T.J. Head. The two have since welcomed sons Tommie Joseph Head in 2013, and Layton Jax Head in February 2014.

3. Jordan Howard

Jordan Howard’s episode was plagued with tension following her getting pregnant with boyfriend Tyler Zeplin because she thinks her mother doesn’t like Zeplin because he is white while Jordan is black. Jordan and Tyler welcomed a baby boy, Chase, in May, 2011, but immediately had problems with Tyler seemingly having no interest in being a parent. The two have resolved their issues and in March, 2014 welcomed their second child, Skylar Aris, and then in October 2015 Jordan and Tyler got married.

2. Valerie Fairman

Valerie Fairman has been one of the few 16 and Pregnant stars to remain in the spotlight since her episode aired in 2010, but unfortunately it is for some serious things. In her episode, her boyfriend Matt broke up with her while she was pregnant and in September 2009 they welcomed a daughter, Nevaeh. Although Matt came around to a relationship with his daughter and Valerie, the two never got back together. Sadly, in February 2015 Valerie was arrested in Delaware for prostitution when police performed a sting after multiple complaints of prostitution in the area. Fairman was arrested along with 7 other women. According to reports Valerie fell into a life of prostitution and drugs while her adoptive parents have full custody of Nevaeh. She has reportedly gotten sober and in late 2015 apparently announced her second pregnancy with then boyfriend Bosi. Unfortunately, in late 2016 it was reported that Fairman had died at the age of 23.

1. Nikkole Paulun

Nikkole Paulun was 15 when she became pregnant with her then boyfriend Josh Drummonds’ child, and in November 2009 she gave birth to their son Lyle. Josh and Nikkole ended up breaking up and Josh was sent to jail for two years on multiple counts which included trespassing, assault and battery, domestic violence and eluding the police. Nikkole went on to have a daughter, Ellie Jade, in July 2015 with her now ex-boyfriend Ryan Rice. She recently made headlines after an Instagram post in which she explained every month she takes her son Lyle out on a date in which he pays in order to teach him to treat women respect went viral.

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