Teen Mom OG’s 13 Most Shocking Moments

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Since MTV’s series started their 16 and Pregnant spin-off series Teen Mom, it has been nonstop drama and jaw-dropping moments. Following the lives of young moms Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn and Tyler Baltierria has captivated audiences for five seasons, and while every episode has drama, a few specific things have really stood out to viewers. There is just never telling what life is going to throw in the way of the moms, and how they are going to handle it. Check out Teen Mom OG‘s 13 most shocking moments:

13. Ryan Almost Falls Asleep At The Wheel

Season six of Teen Mom OG saw quite the roller coaster ride for Maci’s ex Ryan Edwards. While things were looking up for Bentley’s dad as he met Mackenzie Standifer and became engaged, his story took a drastic turn when Maci revealed she feared he had an addiction problem. Eventually fans witnessed for themselves how bad Ryan’s problem was when he almost fell asleep at the wheel while driving to his wedding with Mackenzie. In the clip Ryan can be seen slurring his words and closing is eyes as his fiancee continuously has to grab the wheel to stop him from swerving into traffic. Although the car camera was eventually turned off, Mackenzie can be heard asking Ryan if he took Xanax again, which he denied but it was clear something was wrong. The scene was shocking and potentially incredibly dangerous and it wasn’t long afterwards that fans learned Ryan and Mackenzie rushed their wedding in order to make it official before Ryan entered rehab.

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12. Farrah’s Tantrum

There could probably be a whole separate list for just Farrah Abraham’s shocking moments or tantrums, but one of her most shocking was at the end of Teen Mom OG season five when she confronted an MTV producer. Abraham became upset when she was told by MTV that she couldn’t be on a different series because it discussed the same issues as Teen Mom OG and she went on a classic Farrah tirade which of course included how much better she is than everyone else and how much she doesn’t need the show because she is so famous anyway. Regardless, things became most shocking when she actually shoved the producer. Since MTV is a supporter of anti-violence and receiving help for even things like anger management, it was shocking that there were no consequences against Farrah for her actions.

11. More Babies!

Given the fact that so many of the ladies went on to promote modes of birth control and awareness about getting pregnant and protecting yourself, it is always surprising when they announce another one is on the way. While Farrah and has not had another child, in the beginning of season five Catelynn and Tyler found out they were pregnant again which was shocking for fans because of the difficult time they had dealing with giving their first daughter up for adoption. Then only a few episodes later, Maci really shocked fans with the announcement that she and her new boyfriend Taylor were also expecting a child. This was most surprising because Maci often talked about wanting to wait, and be married before having another child. The biggest surprise of all, however, was the news of her third pregnancy, most because apparently Maci wasn’t aware that you are extremely fertile after giving birth, which is shocking because, since appearing on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom OG, she has been given talk about educating yourself about sex, pregnancy and birth control, which she apparently didn’t know so much about even after two unplanned kids. Then in the fall of 2017, shortly before the premiere of season seven, Amber Portwood stunned everyone when she confirmed her and her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon were expecting a baby together!

10. Farrah Gets Debra Arrested

Farrah’s relationship with her mother has been a consistent source of drama through all seasons of the show, beginning with their episode of 16 and Pregnant, but things got the absolute worst when Debra actually ended up slapping her daughter on camera during an argument they were having in the car. While that moment caused major waves, it got bad again in Teen Mom season one when they got in another fight while at home and it was so bad Farrah called the cops and had her mom arrested. According to reports of the arrest, after the two began verbally fighting, Debra then grabbed Farrah by the throat and when Farrah tried to push her away, her mom hit her. While the actual fight was not on television, Farrah did talk about the incident in subsequent episodes.

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9. Maci and Kyle Breakup

All in all Maci Bookout has always been one of the most level-headed and least dramatic of all the Teen Mom stories, but she has sent fans for a loop a time or two as well. After recovering from the broken relationship and engagement with Bentley’s dad Ryan Edwards, Maci fell in love with Kyle King and he became a fixture in her story on Teen Mom. Kyle was great with Bentley. He seemed like a sweet, honest guy and the trio were even living together and Maci was beginning to talk about having another baby with Kyle which was shocking enough. The two seemed to be in it for the long haul and that’s why all fans were floored when in one of the reunion shows Maci revealed that, not only had the pair split, but it was because Kyle was going behind her back with other girls! He denied doing anything physical with them, but Maci felt betrayed enough to call it quits on what seemed like a great relationship.


8. Maci Quits

It seems for the majority fans that if they had to pick, they would definitely choose Teen Mom with Maci on it over Farrah, but the opposite almost happened. After season 4 of Teen Mom ended in 2012, MTV focused instead on Teen Mom 2, having just a “special season” airing in 2013 and 2014, dedicating a catching up episode with each mom before season 5 of Teen Mom OG started up in 2015. As everyone is well aware in that time, Farrah turned to the adult entertainment world, which did not fly with some of her co-stars and audiences and she was initially kept off the show, but quickly brought back, presumably because of the drama factor she added. In any event, Maci was not happy about this and got the angriest many had seen her and strictly telling producers if Farrah was on it, she was done then because the deal was she would come back if Farrah didn’t. Maci doesn’t say things just to create drama, so she really had fans worried that it was the end of her time on the show, but fortunately she reconsidered.

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7. Amber’s Downfall

Even through almost seven years, one of the most infamous moments of the entire show remains the domestic assault incident between Amber Portwood and her then boyfriend Gary Shirley. The two had a very rocky relationship after welcoming their daughter Leah, and Amber clearly struggled with anger issues, but it came to a head when Amber struck Gary and tried to push him down the stairs. While they continued to work on the relationship, it was the catalyst for the beginning of her problems. Amber just continued to shock fans as she slowly opened up about her addiction to pills which resulted in her opting for jail time knowing it was the only way she could get better.

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6. Amber and Gary Back Together

After all of the yelling and then the physical altercation that took place in Gary and Amber’s relationship, it was even more shocking to fans when they tried to give their relationship another shot, although seemingly nothing had improved. It didn’t take too long, however, for things to break down after Amber was investigated by Child Protective Services.

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5. Catelynn’s Depression

Catelynn has remained strong through all of the things she has had to overcome from childhood, to pregnant at 16, to giving Carly up for adoption; that’s why many were very shocked when it seemed as though depression was hitting her the hardest after her life seemed to be on the right track. In season five, after welcoming their daughter Novalee and getting married, Tyler confronts Catelynn about the possibility of postpartum depression. While at first she denies it, over the next few episodes Catelynn opens up about her mental health issues and even talked about contemplating suicide because she can’t continue feeling the way she does. Luckily, after the season aired and getting support from Tyler, Catelynn opted to go to a treatment center in Arizona to take care of her personal issues.

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4. Butch and April

Catelynn and Tyler both had very difficult childhoods, something which seemed to bring them together at a very young age, but unfortunately for them the lifestyle also brought their parents together. Tyler and Cate had a lot to deal with when it came to their parents, but it was absolutely astounding when it was announced that Tyler’s dad Butch and Cate’s mom April had decided to get married, making lovebirds Cate and Tyler not only boyfriend and girlfriend, but step-siblings! Fortunately, Butch and April didn’t work out and they could go back to being just boyfriend and girlfriend and now husband and wife.

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3. Tyler’s Childhood

Tyler Baltierra has been a longtime favorite on Teen Mom and although fans were aware that he and Catelynn both did not have the easiest childhoods. Tyler shocked everyone when speaking out for the first time on-camera about his suicide attempt when he was younger. In the most recent season, Tyler tells his dad Butch about it when the pair are talking about how Butch missed most of Tyler’s childhood because of his time in prison, and the news of his suicide attempt really shook Butch. In an interview before the episode aired, Tyler spoke out about not including the traumatic incident in his and wife Catelynn’s memoir Conquering Chaos because it was “too painful to include.” “When I was 12, I attempted suicide. I tried to hang myself in the backyard of my house,” he said, adding it didn’t go as planned. “Being so young, I was naive on how the process actually worked. I thought if I jumped, it would snap my neck and I would die instantly. I didn’t think about the struggling and choking and while it was happening, I realized it wasn’t going to be quick. It gave me time to think.” Fortunately, he was able to pull the rope from around his neck, but did suffer severe rope burns, and although he told his mother it was accident, she knew better and sent him to a therapist. “I got put on medication and took that for a couple of years. It was a dark time.”

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2. Amber and Matt

There really hasn’t been too much about Amber Portwood’s relationship with Matt Baier that isn’t shocking. Matt was introduced in the sixth episode of season five, where viewers learn Matt is almost 20 years older than Ambe and is an ex-addict. She was initially hiding him from the cameras and in only his first visit and first time meeting Amber in person, coming from Boston, they decided he was going to move in! Of course, with such a fast-paced relationship, the surprises just keep on coming including a few episodes later where Gary shows Amber that Matt actually has several children she didn’t know about and all of the moms are trying to take him to court for child support. Then, there are the things that haven’t been discussed on the show. It seems before successfully hooking up with Amber via Twitter he first tried to get the attention of Farrah, Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans and he even bullied Kailyn Lowry before finally getting the attention he wanted from Amber. Let’s also not leave out the fact the pair are also already engaged and have etched giant tattoos of each other’s names into their skin.

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1. Farrah’s Transformation

Everything Farrah does is controversial or shocking in some way and her progression from the girl who started out on 16 and Pregnant and the first season of Teen Mom to the Farrah she is now is truly shocking. Not only did she become an adult entertainment star and personality, but she brought her dad and young daughter to her sex tape deal negotiations, and she has now undergone several plastic surgeries to alter her body including two breast implant surgeries, a butt lift, lip injections and multiple changes to her face. Then there are her shocking parenting moments including waxing/plucking her daughter’s eyebrows when she was only three and giving her over $1000 from the tooth fairy for her first lost tooth. It seems when it comes to Farrah there is always something jaw-dropping being done or said.

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