6 Teen Mom Stars Who Are Turning Their Lives Around

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Over the many years of 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 fans have watched the eight stars go through a lot of ups and downs. From becoming moms at a young age to adjusting to reality TV fame, a few of them have seen some major drama and scandal in their lives, but luckily many of them have been able to turn it around. From prison to rehab and more, here are six Teen Mom stars who are transforming their lives for the better:

6. Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry has had always had to fight for herself after a childhood in which her father was absent and her mother abused alcohol and often left Kailyn. Both of Kailyn’s books, “Pride Over Pity” and “Hustle and Heart” detail just how much she had to go through to get to where she is now. From staying at a homeless shelter to buying her own beautiful home, Kailyn has come a long way and is doing her best to give her sons Isaac and Lincoln the best lives possible.

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5. Catelynn Baltierra

Teen Mom fans who have followed Catelynn’s story from the very beginning know that it is truly remarkable that she and her husband Tyler have been able to pull themselves out of where they started. Both of them have parents with serious addiction issues and were surrounded by constant partying, drugs and drinking their entire childhood, but Catelynn was able to not fall into that lifestyle and helped Tyler stay clean as well. Most recently Catelynn sought help for postpartum depression in order to be better for herself and her husband, and of course, their daughter Nova.

4. Leah Messer

Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Messer has had one of the most difficult journey since fans were first introduced to her on 16 and Pregnant. Despite getting pregnant with twins as a teenager after only a couple months of dating her now first ex-husband Corey Simms, Messer stayed calm and level-headed even as she learned one of her daughters had a very rare and serious medical condition. After welcoming her third child and going through her second divorce, however, Leah changed and viewers began to get concerned as it truly seemed like she was on drugs. While she claims she was never on drugs, Leah did make the decision to attend a treatment center and is now focusing on living healthy and hopefully getting back to being the Leah fans used to know.

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3. Farrah Abraham

Hate her or love her, there is no denying that Farrah Abraham has undoubtedly become the most well known and arguably most successful Teen Mom of them all. Although she did become infamous after making an adult film and launching her own line of adult sex toys, she has come a very long way since then. Now, Farrah runs three businesses, bought a brand new home in L.A. and is clearly not short of money at all. It also goes without saying that she has most definitely undergone the biggest physical appearance change as well.

2. Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is still sorting out some legal issues, but considering all she has done and been through it is truly remarkable she got to where she is today. When Jenelle first appeared on 16 and Pregnant, she was an irresponsible teenager who chose partying over taking care of her son Jace, which resulted in her signing over custody to her mother Barbara. Things got progressively worse for the reality star and she now has a record which includes upwards of 15 arrests, and a serious drug addiction. Things hit a low for Jenelle when she was addicted to heroin and there was really no telling where she was going to end up. Now, Jenelle is clean, has joint custody of her second son Kaiser and is awaiting the arrival of her third child but first with boyfriend David Eason. It is seemingly the first healthy relationship she has been in and the pair have even bought a section of land and are working on building their home there.

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1. Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood’s transformation during her time as a star of Teen Mom OG has been incredible. After a battle with an addiction to pills, Portwood’s life spiralled out of control and she ended up requesting prison time in order to force herself to get clean and sober. After serving just over a year of her five-year sentence Amber has stuck to her sober lifestyle and has worked tirelessly to regain custody of her daughter Leah. She has also learned how to deal with her anger issues and has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder which helps her better understand how she needs to take care of herself, and despite a lot of critics, is in a happy and loving relationship with her fiance Matt Baier.

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