Teen Mom OG Season 7 Reunion: 12 Shocking Revelations


It may be hard to believe but it has been nearly a decade since the women of Teen Mom OG began sharing their lives with fans. The hit MTV series has seen Amber Portwood, Catelynn Baltierra, Maci McKinney, and Farrah Abraham go from young, teenage mothers to young adults with more responsibilities than ever before. No matter how much time goes by, the drama in their lives doesn’t stop, and season seven was one intense ride, but fans know that most of the drama and the most shocking information is revealed in the season reunions! Here are the 12 most shocking revelations from Teen Mom OG‘s season seven reunion with Dr. Drew:

12. Saying Goodbye to Farrah

One of the biggest changes of this season came when Farrah Abraham and MTV decided to part ways due to her continuing her career in the adult film industry. With Farrah no longer on the show, and Amber unable to fly because of her pregnancy, only Catelynn and Maci could actually attend the reunion and they both admitted they were relieved they no longer had to deal with Farrah. The pair revealed to Dr. Drew that filming reunions was stressful because it all operated around Farrah and they were told they couldn’t walk down the hall while she was walking down it, and Maci revealed they weren’t even allowed to talk to Farrah’s daughter Sophia. When asked how they felt about her leaving, Catelynn simply said, “I feel like she’s always wanted to go down the direction she’s going down so if that’s what she wants to do then that’s probably what she needs to stay doing.”

11. Catelynn’s Trauma

Those who have watched Catelynn’s journey through 16 and Pregnant up to season seven of Teen Mom OG are well aware her life has never been easy, but it was this season that brought all of her issues to a head. More than ever, Catelynn was open about her depression and how close she was to suicide especially after suffering a miscarriage, all of which caused her to seek treatment three times throughout the season, and for one of the first times she really opened up to Dr. Drew and the audience about what trauma she worked through while in treatment. Catelynn explained that growing up her mother was an alcoholic and rarely every a present parent and that when she was 12 her father moved away with his other kids leaving her with abandonment issues, and she also opened up about her traumatic experiences with having children. She shared that 20-25% of birth moms suffer from PTSD after placing their child for adoption, and treatment made her realize she wasn’t as secure in that decision to place Carly for adoption as she always told herself. Additionally, Catelynn revealed that she was four months clean and sober from smoking pot but admitted she couldn’t speak for Tyler on whether or not he was also clean.

10. Amber’s Drinking

The saga of Amber and Matt Baier’s relationship was something that a lot of fans, and many people in Amber’s personal life, were not supportive of from the beginning, and early in the season the two finally called it quits. While throughout the season Amber discussed the depression she went through after the breakup, she had some shocking revelations about the relationship itself and how she dealt with it when she called in via video for the reunion. Amber revealed that the relationship was in fact “mentally and physically abusive” and after it ended she said she “spiraled out of control.”Although she said she “might not have been doing a lot of drugs and things like that,” which she had struggled with in the past, Amber revealed she was “drinking horribly” in order to “drown her sorrows.”

9. Andrew’s Story

Amber’s story moved at record speeds this season as she not only broke up with Matt but began a relationship with boyfriend Andrew Glennon and the two became pregnant. When Andrew joined Amber on her video call, Amber called him her “soulmate” and admitted she wasn’t “even sure I would still be here” if Andrew had lifted her out of her spiral and depression following her breakup with Matt. Additionally, Andrew admitted that he too had a past with drugs, which was brought up by Gary in an episode, but said it is all in his past and believes he wouldn’t be the man he is today if he hadn’t gone through what he did. Most surprising, however, was the fact that Andrew said he had been thinking of marriage when Dr. Drew asked if the couple had any plans, and it completely shocked Amber who clearly was not thinking about it at all as she insisted that “we are just focusing on loving each other and taking care of this baby.”

8. Ryan’s Sobriety

Without a doubt, one of the most shocking and intense storylines in season seven was not only the confirmation that Ryan was in fact on drugs, but his drug of choice was heroin. After attending and completing rehab, Maci asked for him to take a and pass a drug test and, at the reunion, she revealed he still hadn’t provided her one. Normally quiet and evasive, Ryan opened up like never before about his drug use as he admitted to Dr. Drew it was something he had been hiding for years, meaning audiences had been seeing it play out unknowingly. He also revealed that it started with the use of prescription drugs and admitted he got prescriptions solely for the use of taking the pills recreationally, not for any legitimate medical problem. Ryan then explained that he was supposed to be doing more to keep himself clean while out of rehab, but said counselors refused to see him because he was on a TV show. “He was like, ‘I’m not going to see you because I don’t think this TV show and you are a good idea,'” Ryan revealed. Mackenzie added, “They said addicts are selfish, and Ryan is selfish, and the show makes him selfish and so he couldn’t be a part of the group unless he quit his job.” When Dr. Drew offered the suggestion of a 12 step program which is free and available, Ryan seemed to not want to, but Dr. Drew pushed him to contact someone who could give him a reference so he could continue treatment and counseling. When it came to their wedding, Mackenzie revealed that she thought MTV edited it to make it look like it was just her and Ryan fighting. “Everyone on this show has gotten to have their fairytale wedding aired and then it comes to us and it was aired not like how it was to us.”

7. Dr. Drew Confronts Ryan

Over the years, Dr. Drew has revealed more and more when he is obviously displeased with one of the stars he is talking to, and in this reunion, he made it clear to Ryan, Mackenzie and Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry, that he didn’t think Ryan was taking his sobriety seriously. Dr. Drew confronted Ryan in part one and part two of the reunion where he demanded to know what Ryan was doing to further his rehabilitation and treatment and sobriety, to which Ryan didn’t have many answers, which only irritated Dr. Drew even more. In response, Mackenzie snapped at Dr. Drew leading to a very awkward interaction.

6. Gary’s Story

In the season, audiences watched as Gary discovered that the man he always thought was his biological father, Jodi, actually wasn’t his father. At the reunion, Gary and Kristina revealed that they wanted to know for sure if Jodi was his father for the sake of the medical history of their children, but also admitted they had regrets because it really hurt both Jodi and Gary to discover the truth. Gary was also surprisingly sympathetic towards Amber and Andrew, and he revealed he was just concerned about Amber having a baby with someone who she just met. What was most shocking, however, was that in the small segment, Amber and Gary and Kristina were able to all clear the air and exchange apologies in an effort to start a new “era.”

5. Catelynn and Tyler

After much of Catelynn and Tyler’s storyline was involved in Catelynn’s suicidal thoughts and going to treatment multiple times, Tyler opened up about holding everything up at home while Catelynn worked on her treatment. Afterward, Catelynn got extremely candid about her suicidal thoughts saying she could “physically see myself driving into an electrical pole off the road and praying that it would kill me, but I wouldn’t do it because I had my kid in the backseat.” They also video chatted with Butch and he empathized with Catelynn and opened up about his own suicidal thoughts and revealed he had been sober since November and was still in treatment.

4. Tyler’s Diagnosis

One of the most shocking moments of the reunion was actually one of the smallest almost brushed off moments. Dr. Drew commented to Tyler that he seemed a little depressed to which Catelynn said, “or it is what you have been diagnosed with,” and he confirmed that he had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Although it was almost skipped over, Tyler tweeted after the episode aired, writing, “Honestly, I wasn’t even planning on releasing that info, but once Cate mentioned about my recent diagnosis, I figured ‘what the hell!? Like why am I so against telling anyone!?’ It’s actually been a little easier to digest since I have been talking about it more.” When a follower asked if he was seeking help he said for his new diagnosis, he said, “Well tbh it’s still so new to me. So I’ve been doing non stop research on the diagnosis, the different remedies to combat the symptoms, & how to better understand it. I did refuse medication, but only because I wanted to try all of the natural remedies first. It’s a journey!”

3. Debra and Dr. Drew

Although Farrah was no longer filming on Teen Mom OG, her mom Debra Danielsen did show up to the reunion to talk to Dr. Drew. Debra told Dr. Drew that while she was happy Farrah did show up to her wedding, she was sad that Sophia wasn’t there and revealed that now she doesn’t get to see her or talk to her. Most surprisingly, however, was when Debra said she was “frightened for Farrah.” Debra added that Farrah has moved more into a “scripted environment” when Dr. Drew brought up Farrah’s adult entertainment career, and Debra said she doesn’t like some of the people that her daughter has become acquainted with and the choices she has made.

2. Farrah’s Last Interview

Dr. Drew met up with Farrah in Los Angeles for one last interview before Farrah signed off of her MTV career completely. Right away Farrah said she did not wish to speak about her mother and revealed that she had to take a lie detector test to prove to her mother that she loved her. From there it spiraled into Farrah saying she wasn’t going to talk about therapy, anyone she has dated and insisted that MTV producers “contrived” the blow-up fans saw this season from Farrah towards her producer Kristen. When Dr. Drew then asked if Sophia was aware of what her mother was working on these days, Farrah got heated, saying, “Does she know what her mother does? Yeah, there’s nothing to hide, Dr. Drew. And if you wish to insinuate any other kind of negativity, please just respect that.”

1. Farrah’s Goodbye

Although Farrah said she was happy to leave all of the “drama” and “disgusting behavior” of Teen Mom OG behind her, she also told Dr. Drew she had “feelings” about sitting down with him because he overpowered her every time she tried to talk, but she did say a goodbye of sorts. “I’m just proud of me standing up, just keeping in mind every other woman, every other experience, everyone who is in the LGBTQ community who has shared about me doing what is right.” She said she felt the production of MTV along with many other people around her were trying to “break me from my core.” Despite everything, even Dr. Drew has his own emotional reaction to saying goodbye to Farrah one last time, and the two actually exchanged a rather strange but personal goodbye.

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