7 Most Hated Teen Mom Dads Ever

It’s pretty clear from watching 16 & Pregnant and the spin-off series Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG that being a young parent isn’t easy. Dr. Drew never misses an opportunity to point out the fact that statistics prove many teen parents don’t stay together, and it’s not uncommon for the father to walk away. Fans who’ve been following the reality series from the beginning have seen a lot of growth in many of the fellows on the show and some of the dads have really stepped up to the plate when it comes to caring for the child, but then there’s a few who still haven’t exactly picked up on what it takes to be a good father. Regardless, at the end of the day these stars will be judged by what viewers see on their television and some of the dads on Teen Mom just can’t shake their bad rep! Here’s a list of the 7 most hated Teen Mom dads ever:

7. Jo Rivera

There’s no denying that Jo Rivera is a great dad to Isaac and he’s totally stepped up to the plate when it comes to raising his son. He’s also one of the few parents in the Teen Mom franchise to make co-parenting work between two exes. The only reason his name is on this list is because he’s known to have a bit of a temper when it comes to dealing with Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn Lowry. Viewers have seen these two bicker in front of Issac and, in the early days of their relationship, Jo was aggressively mean to Kailyn. He’s said some pretty horrible things to her in the past and had her and Issac kicked out of his parents’ house. To be fair to Jo, she hasn’t been the easiest to deal with considering she’s got a bit of a stubborn streak, but still, he’s not exactly a fan favorite. Another reason Jo lands on this list is because Kailyn has pointed out more than once on the show that Jo is unemployed. He most likely makes a good chunk of change for appearing on the show, but he really should focus on something other than his aspiring rap career.

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6. Gary Shirley

Gary Shirley is the father of Leah from Teen Mom OG. For a long time he had an on-again-off-again ex-fiance, Amber Portwood. Despite the fact that a lot of fans don’t necessarily like Gary, he’s really been there for their daughter Leah. This was especially evident when he took over full care and responsibility of Leah while Portwood did a stint in jail. As a result, he is the primary custodian of Leah while Amber only gets to see her daughter every other weekend. The only negative thing to say about Gary Shirley is that his co-parenting with Amber could be a little better. He’s gotten much better in the most recent season, especially when he invited Amber and Matt over for a BBQ, but in the past he’s done a few questionable things and even withheld Leah from Amber in the past. We fully understand that the Teen Mom star hasn’t always been the most reliable mother in the past considering her history with drug addiction, physical abuse, controversial choices in relationships and her overall short temper, but Gary has done things to contribute to the problem. Remember when he used the cameras to ambush Amber and her fiance Matt about his children? Again, he’s shown much improvement lately, but his past actions are still fresh in many fans’ minds.

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5. David Eason

David Eason is the newest dad on the Teen Mom series and even though he isn’t a dad of the original 16 & Pregnant kids, he’s expecting a daughter with Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans in a few months. Eason makes this list because, even though we don’t know a lot about him, we do know that he’s been sentenced to 60 days in jail for violating a domestic-violence protective order. The fact that he has a history of domestic violence alone should be enough to send Jenelle running, especially with her history of bad relationships. In addition to this, viewers weren’t too pleased when he seemingly called Kaiser, Jenelle’s son with former boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, “a screaming little b-tch.” We can admit that Eason does seem to be much calmer than many of her former boyfriends and their relationship seems to be going well, but there are definitely a few red flags and we suspect it’s only a matter of time before there’s another big blow up in Jenelle’s love life.

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4. Nathan Griffith

Where do we start when it comes to Nathan Griffith…his relationship with Jenelle Evans started out great (as they all do), but things went sour rather quickly between these two. Not only did they argue constantly, but these arguments escalated quickly and the cops were called to their house on more than one occasion. Now these two are fighting over custody of their son and pending charges against Jenelle for allegedly hitting Nathan’s new girlfriend, Jessica. Nathan lands on this list as one of the worst Teen Mom dads because of his past issues with drinking and driving, domestic violence and the fact that he can’t seem to figure out how to put his son first when it comes to all the petty drama. He spent a lot of last season complaining that Jenelle wouldn’t let him see Kaiser, but she did say she would as long as he took a picture to prove he had a crib and the means to take care of him. Nathan stubbornly refused, but if he really wanted to see his son he would have just done it. That’s what grown ups do. To be fair to Nathan, Jenelle isn’t the easiest person to deal with, but we’re pretty sure Nathan also contributes to the problem.

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3. Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards is the biological father to Bentley from Teen Mom OG. During 16 & Pregnant he became engaged to Teen Mom star Maci Bookout and the two tried their best to make the relationship work after welcoming their son. Unfortunately things didn’t work out, and it was mainly because Ryan was showing no signs of wanting to settle down or be a father to Bentley. It’s now 7 years later and things haven’t changed much for Ryan! He continues to show little interest in parenting Bentley by being a no-show at all of Bentley’s baseball games and school activities. Even though he seems to be getting along better with his ex Maci, he’s still got a bad attitude about growing up. Up until recently, he was still living at home with his parents, unemployed and spending a lot of time hanging out with friends. Maci does her best to include Ryan, but he’s not interested. While watching Edwards on camera it’s clear he’s a man of few words which is fine, but it’s more than that. He is totally checked out and is more than willing to let his parents, Larry and Jen or Bentley’s stepfather, Taylor McKinney, take the reigns when it comes to raising his child.


2. Adam Lind

It’s a shame that Adam Lind lands so far down on this list because in recent seasons it seems like he truly does try to be a more present father for his daughter Aubree with Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska and youngest daughter Paislee with ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur. Unfortunately there’s just far too many bad incidents fans simply cannot forget which is why he’s still seen as one of the worst dads in the entire Teen Mom franchise. It all started back on 16 & Pregnant when he texted Houska, “I want u to feel like the most worthless stupid b-tch in the world u better believe its so over for the res of our lives.” He continued on calling her fat and pointing out her stretch marks and then finally said, “tell me where and when to sign the papers over for that mistake.” It was heartbreaking to watch him be so emotionally abusive Chelsea. She tried for many seasons to include him in Aubree’s life, but he took no interest. Even now that he’s tried to make amends, he continues to make mistakes like missing the father daughter dance at school so that he could attend a fitness event, he continues to play down the fact that he was arrested numerous times and has racked up a long list of criminal violations and sports an overall bad attitude. Adam Lind has a lot of growing up to do!

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1. Andrew Lewis

This teen dad lands in the number one spot mainly because he’s a total absentee father. Fans caught a few glimpses of him during 16 & Pregnant when Jenelle Evans was expecting her first son, Jace, with her boyfriend at the time, Andrew Lewis. Today, he’s barely seen on the show or even mentioned, mainly because he’s totally non-existent in his sons life. He did pop up briefly during season 4 of Teen Mom 2, but only to question whether or not he really was the father of Jace. He demanded Jenelle take a paternity list. According to some reports, he was working as a model in New York, but it was made pretty clear early on in the show that he wanted no part in raising a child with Jenelle and as far as we know he’s never tried to fight for custody or regularly visit his son.

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