Cast Of Teen Mom 3: Where Are They Now?

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For reasons unknown MTV’s Teen Mom 3 did not take off in the way that the franchise’s previous two series, Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 did. For several years and many seasons, fans have been interested in the lives of the Teen Mom ladies, but the same cannot be said for Teen Mom 3 which was canceled after one season, and MTV has not tried to produce another Teen Mom series since. After first getting a look into the girls’ lives dealing with pregnancy as teenagers in MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom 3 then gave fans an inside look at Briana DeJesus, Mackenzie Douthit, Alex Sekella and Katie Yeager adjusting to their lives as young moms. It has now been three years since we last heard from the four ladies, so take a look at where they are now!

4. Alex Sekella

When Alex was on Teen Mom 3, fans saw her deal with being a mom to her daughter Arabella, as well as trying to help her on-again, off-again boyfriend Matt McCann who was addicted to drugs. After leaving Matt to focus on her daughter, Alex has seemingly been doing very well. She has now been in a longtime relationship for quite some time with Tim Peters who according to her social media does nothing but shower her and Arabella with love and affection. She also tweeted that she started a new job in October and continues to teach dance which she loves. As for Matt, he has visitation rights of Arabella after getting sober, but moved out of state so he rarely, if ever, sees her. He married Lekota Koch and together they welcomed a son Matthew Milton McCann Jr. in mid-January 2016.

3. Katie Yeager

Katie Yeager and her then-boyfriend Joey Maes welcomed their daughter Molli in August 2011 and the two were engaged before their relationship fell apart. By the end of Teen Mom 3 their relationship had resulted in constant fighting and after they broke up Maes wrote Yeager a note telling her he had already moved on. Now Katie and Joey no longer speak and she has full custody of Molli, and she too has moved on with a longtime boyfriend. She keeps a low profile, but last year Katie stated she was working full time and working on her B.A. Meanwhile, Joey has welcomed a son, Graedyn, with an ex but he left before the birth and in 2014 he started dating a woman named Marissa and they welcomed a daughter, Khloe, in May 2015 and also a son name Jax. In 2017 Katie revealed she is dating Tyler Thayn and they are expecting a baby girl in March 2017.

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2. Mackenzie Douthit

Mackenzie Douthit has been one of the Teen Mom 3 cast members to make her way into the headlines after the show was canceled. Teen Mom 3 saw the cheerleader deal with being a mom while her boyfriend, and now husband, Josh McKee pursued dreams of professional bull riding. The two welcomed their son Gannon in September, 2011, and they married in 2013. On Feb. 7 2014 they welcomed their daughter Jaxie Taylor. Now Mackenzie is working on being a fitness model, and was in the news after it was reported she was being offered money to do an adult tape, much like other Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. She then made headlines again when there were rumors she started a funding campaign for people to donate for her to get breast implants, although neither the tape nor headlines ended up happening. The McKee’s welcomed their third child, a boy named Broncs Weston in August 2016.


1. Briana DeJesus

On Teen Mom 3 Briana DeJesus was a single mother to her daughter Nova while Nova’s dad, Devoin Austin, kept failing to live up to his obligations as a father. For a while DeJesus was dating and possibly engaged to a man name Shoc but as of now she is single. Briana recently made headlines after getting plastic surgery which included her second breast augmentation as well as liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift and labiaplasty. It is unclear what she does for work but she did appear on VH1’s Family Therapy with her sister and mother who were prominent in her Teen Mom 3 season. In early 2017 Briana revealed she is expecting another baby, a girl, in July 2017.

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