Teen Mom: Ranking Of The Male Cast Members

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After the success of MTV’s Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, there were rumors that MTV wanted to do another spin-off, Teen Dads, focusing instead on the stories of the fathers adjusting to parenthood at a young age. The show never came to fruition for various reasons, but as fans of the Teen Mom series know, the male stars play a major part in the storylines especially as many of the couples are no longer together and have to figure out the difficult task of co-parenting. Many new guys have entered the picture and have had to adjust to not only dating someone new with cameras rolling but dating someone with a child. It may be called Teen Mom but the guys have a lot to do with the show, so we decided to break down a ranking of the most prominent male stars:

15. David Eason

Ranking Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason is a difficult thing to do. While at first David just seemed rough-around-the-edges, as time went on he became more comfortable in front of the camera, and fans didn’t like what they saw. Although there have been many accusations of abuse from David towards both Jenelle and the kids which include his daughter Maryssa, Jenelle’s sons Jace and Kaiser, and the couple’s own daughter Ensley, there has never been any evidence of that. While David might not be physically violent, more than once fans saw anger get the best of him and by now know all about him pulling out a knife after he was cut off from the bar at a reunion party. Then of course, there is the fact he was fired from the show for his homophobic and transphobic comments on social media. Although David is the longest of any of Jenelle’s relationships, there are few that believe it is a healthy one, and he has quickly become one of the least like boyfriends/husbands on the series.

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14. Adam Lind

Unfortunately, it seems Adam Lind is never going to be the father he should be. While for a little time it seemed as though Adam was making an effort to step up, things went steadily downhill. Only weeks before Teen Mom 2‘s season seven premiere, Adam went on an Instagram rant where he exposed Chelsea’s and a lot of the casts’ salaries and stated he and Aubree will no longer be doing the show. Of course, Adam has always tried to stir up trouble, but soon after he stopped appearing on the show altogether and reports soon surfaced he was abusing drugs including meth and in 2018 he was arrested for violating a stalking order against his ex-girlfriend Brooke and was also arrested for domestic violence against his other ex-girlfriend Stasia Huber. On the parenting front, things have been as bad as ever for Lind after Chelsea confirmed she had full custody of their daughter Aubree when Adam failed to make child support payments again. He also reportedly signed away his parental rights for his second daughter, Paislee. At this point, it seems Adam has a lot of personal struggles he needs to overcome before he can attempt to be a proper parent.

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13. Matt Baier

Right from his first appearance on Teen Mom OG, fans questioned Amber Portwood’s relationship with Matt Baier. Age is only a number but with him being almost 20 years Amber’s senior and declaring he was moving in after only weekend of visiting her, many were shocked. As more was known about him, the more he raised questions and concerns including the fact he had five (maybe more) of his own children whom he did not care for or pay child support for. Fans also learned that their cute meeting on Twitter story only came about after he tried hooking up with both Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans over Twitter before moving on to Amber. From what was seen on Teen Mom OG, Matt was good with Amber’s daughter Leah, but unfortunately, in the end it seemed many were right and all Matt wanted was fame and money.

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12. Simon Saran

Simon Saran became somewhat of a regular on Teen Mom OG as the on-again, off-again boyfriend of controversial star Farrah Abraham. His sporadic appearances on the show landed him close to last on this list, that and the fact he seemed to have no real interest in Farrah or her daughter Sophia. He didn’t seem like a completely horrible guy but his attitude on the show was hard to read and although many weren’t really fans of Farrah, it seemed as though his real interest was only in reality TV fame which he momentarily gave up when he had had enough of Farrah, but then came back when he could stand her again.

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11. Nathan Griffith

For years it seems that Jenelle Evans has been making progress in her life only to fall three steps back. When she met Nathan Griffith it seemed she had finally escaped the cycle of drug-using and abusive boyfriends, but it was still shocking when the two decided to have a child together after knowing each other for under a year. Unfortunately, Nathan and Jenelle’s relationship also turned toxic and although he seems like a good father at times, Jenelle often states that he rarely sees Kaiser. Fans know that Nathan has abused alcohol and often becomes violent, and as he appears less on the show, all audiences know is what Jenelle says, and the reports in the media.

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10. Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards downhill spiral over the years on Teen Mom OG has been shocking. On 16 and Pregnant, he quickly had fans hating him for how disinterested he seemed in his new son Bentley with his now ex, Maci Bookout. Maci has done a fantastic job raising Bentley and has a better relationship with Ryan’s parents (who often spend Ryan’s time with Bentley instead of Ryan) than she does with him. Ryan has always seemed immature, and any filmed interactions between him and Bentley have been awkward, but as a parent, Ryan disappointed more than anyone could have imagined when he admitted to abusing heroin. The whole thing came around when in perhaps the show’s most shocking moment, Ryan seemed to almost fall asleep at the wheel while driving himself and Mackenzie to their wedding. Despite a short stint in rehab, Ryan’s sobriety is still heavily in question, and it is clear Bentley’s interaction with his dad is very much limited to his time with Ryan’s parents. While everyone would like to see Ryan get better and step up, it seems he is only regressing and with the news he and his wife Mackenzie who are expecting their first child together are no longer appearing on the show, it will  be difficult to see if he is getting better.


9. Andrew Glennon

At first, red flags were raised for Teen Mom fans when Amber Portwood introduced new boyfriend Andrew Glennon to the show very soon after her breakup from Matt Baier. Considering her track record with boyfriends, concerns continued when she explained she met him when he was working on the set of Marriage Bootcamp which Amber was on with her ex-fiance Matt Baier. Although the two quickly became pregnant, so far Andrew has proven to be great for Amber. She has credited him for helping her fight depression, get her life on track and helping her enjoy and experience life like she never has before. With their son James now in the family, everyone is hoping that Andrew is just as great as he seems to be both for Amber, their son, and of course, Amber’s daughter Leah.

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8. Javi Marroquin

After Kailyn Lowry’s stressful relationship and co-parenting of her son Isaac with her ex-boyfriend Jo, her husband Javi was the stability she needed. Unfortunately, Kailyn’s fiercely private nature and independent personality made it hard for Javi to always trust her, which led to some major fights, but he was always a fantastic stepdad to Isaac as well as a great dad to their own son Lincoln. More recently, after their breakup and sporadic hookups, fans have seen a different side to Javi, one that Kailyn has been trying to talk about for years when everyone blamed her for their relationship problems. Javi is still a fantastic dad and stepdad, but his attitude towards Kailyn is questionable and it is easy to see he is a little manipulative which isn’t healthy.

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7. Jeremy Calvert

When Corey and Leah didn’t work out, she found another awesome guy in Jeremy Calvert. It was very sad to see Leah and Jeremy’s marriage fall apart as well, but he seems to be a very committed dad. Even though Jeremy’s job had him away from his family for long periods of time he was a great stepdad to Leah and Corey’s twins and a great father to their own daughter Addison. While things have become complicated between Leah and Jeremy sometimes because they have admitted they have hooked up since their divorce, their main focus has always been co-parenting, and Jeremy ensures he doesn’t let his daughter down.


6. Taylor McKinney

After a couple other serious relationships, Maci Bookout has found her true love with Taylor McKinney. Taylor, like Maci, is very down-to-earth and sweet and had no problem settling in as a stepparent to Bentley and we knew he was great when even Ryan said he was awesome and awesome with Bentley. After welcoming their own daughter, Jayde, and son, Maverick, Taylor has been a doting dad and an awesome husband to Maci making him definitely one of the best guys on the show.


5. Jo Rivera

Jo Rivera and Kailyn Lowry have come pretty far from when they first appeared on 16 and Pregnant. At one point it seemed they would never get along but in the most recent seasons of Teen Mom 2, Jo has proven he only wants to be the best dad he can be for Isaac. He moved his whole life to able to be only minutes away from Kailyn’s in order to be able to be there for Isaac and now he and Kailyn seem to be friends. Even though things disintegrated between Jo and Kailyn at times, he never once faltered in his duties as a dad and has become quite the support system for his ex.

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4. Gary Shirley

A lot of fans don’t like Amber Portwood’s ex Gary Shirley for various reasons, but the fact of the matter is, he has had to step up in ways a lot of the other dads haven’t, and has done a great job. After they split, Amber was dealing with drug dependency issues which landed her in both jail and rehab and gave Gary primary full-time custody of Leah and he never faltered. He has provided a loving home for Leah and has made sure to keep her in a routine and on track with school all while marrying his girlfriend Kristina and welcoming their own daughter Emilee together. He may not always have the best approach to communicating with Amber, but Gary truly is a good dad.

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3. Cole DeBoer

After everything Chelsea went through with Adam, fans couldn’t be happier that she seems to have found the best guy ever. Cole DeBoer is now Chelsea’s husband and he is sweet, smart and very good-looking. He has really stepped up for both Chelsea and Aubree, and from everything seen so far, makes an excellent stepdad. Teen Mom fans can’t help but to be a little wary from any new man introduced on the show, but Cole has exceeded expectations, and it seems most audience members have fallen in love with him too. Aubree has now adopted his surname as well because of how close she is with him, and together Chelsea and Cole have welcomed two more beautiful children, son Watson and daughter Layne to the DeBoer household.


2. Corey Simms

It has been a difficult road for Leah Messer and Corey Simms after they found out they were pregnant only a couple of months into their relationship when they were both teens. After welcoming twins Aliannah and Aleeah, things did not get easier as they discovered Ali has a rare form of muscular dystrophy causing many, many doctors and hospital visits, but Corey has been there for his girls every step of the way long after his marriage to Leah dissolved. He is level-headed and willing to do anything to make sure his girls have everything they need and has made sure to commit to co-parenting with Leah for the benefit of the twins. He is one of the stars who are not too fond of the fame, as is his wife Miranda, but even with less camera time, there is no doubting that Corey is still as dedicated as ever to his children and coparenting with Leah to ensure they are getting the best lives possible.


1. Tyler Baltierra

Last but certainly not least is Catelynn Lowell’s husband Tyler Baltierra. Catelynn and Tyler are the only two to remain together since their episode of 16 and Pregnant and the only ones who decided to place their first daughter up for adoption when they were teenagers. Tyler has an unbelievable love for Catelynn that is so sweet to watch, and he has stood by her side through thick and thin and has matured so much since first appearing on camera. Now that they are married and parents to their second daughter Nova, Tyler has proved what everyone already knew… he is a great father and remains an amazing support system for his wife. With their second child on the way, everyone knows Tyler is going to step up like he always has to be a doting father and husband.

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