Teen Mom OG Season 7: 10 Things To Expect

Since December 2009, fans have been following all the highs and lows of Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham, and Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra on Teen Mom OG. Despite a break from 2013-2014 when Portwood was in jail, the show has been going strong, and even though the stars are far from teens, there seems to be no end in sight for the popular MTV series as it heads into its seventh season.  A new season means new ups and downs and a lot of drama, so here are 10 things we can definitely expect from Teen Mom OG season seven:

10. Cast Tension

It has been no secret to fans that the Teen Mom OG cast has been divided for sometime with it seemingly being Farrah Abraham against everyone else, and so we can definitely expect the cast tension to continue. Season five saw some major issues between Maci Bookout and Farrah but it was the season five reunion where Amber and Farrah almost physically fought that things got the most intense. Of course the season six reunion saw Farrah refusing to be on stage with her three co-stars, and Maci, Amber and Catelynn were not shy in expressing their opinion on the fourth Teen Mom star. Since the trailer seems to hint at the ladies attending some sort of Teen Mom OG event, we will most likely see some more issues erupt between the feuding cast members.

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9. Ryan’s Progress

There is no doubt that Maci Bookout’s season is going to be predominantly about her ex Ryan Edwards. Some of last season’s most shocking moments surrounded Ryan after he almost fell asleep at the wheel before a rushed wedding to his fiancee Mackenzie, and afterward it was revealed the wedding was rushed because Ryan was going to rehab for addiction issues. The season will pick up with Ryan out of rehab and hopefully trying to lead a healthy lifestyle not only for himself but for Bentley, and as seen in the trailer, Maci is making sure Ryan takes drug tests before he can see his son.

8. Catelynn and Tyler’s Changes

Season six of Teen Mom OG saw Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra taking on a lot. From renovating their own house to dealing with Catelynn’s mental health battle and tackling issues with Butch, it certainly wasn’t easy. The end of the season saw the pair move into their dream farm home, so fans can expect to watch the couple undergo that change, as well as the stress of starting their clothing line Tierra Reign which has been going strong all summer. Last but certainly not least, the season will probably include lots of discussion between the pair on when they are going to have their next child. Just recently Tyler responded to a fan who asked when fans can expect a pregnancy announcement from Tyler and Cate, and he responded with “Hopefully SOON” with a shocked face and a smiley face.

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7. Farrah’s Move

The sixth season of Teen Mom OG saw Farrah Abraham debate a move to San Diego and she seemed set on the idea to get away from her “nosy neighbors.” Although it seemed like it was going to happen, she quickly changed her mind and instead decided it made more sense to move to Los Angeles where more of her job opportunities were. The trailer for season seven opens with Farrah telling her young daughter that they are moving to L.A. so the big move will most definitely be a big focal point of Farrah’s story, and more than likely packed with drama.

6. Amber and Matt’s Split

After Amber Portwood and Matt Baier spent a lot of time — and even released a book — defending Matt as a person and their relationship, it seems Portwood couldn’t turn a blind eye any longer. In the dramatic last few episodes of season six, it was revealed that Matt had given Catelynn a Xanax and his own sobriety was quickly called into question. During the reunion show, Amber made it clear that her relationship with Matt was hanging by a thread, and now fans know the pair is most definitely broken up meaning season seven will definitely give fans details about their split after working so hard to try to make it work.

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5. Farrah vs. Family

It is no secret that Farrah has never had a healthy relationship with her mom Debra, but things got extremely bad during season six when Farrah and Debra’s fiance Dr. David declared their hate for each other. In the reunion, Farrah wouldn’t share the stage with Debra and David so fans know there is a long way to go for their mother-daughter relationship and Farrah’s acceptance of David, which we can expect to see in the new season. Since Debra and David were married on Saturday, November 5 in Omaha, we know now that Farrah did in fact attend, and while she wasn’t her mother’s maid of honor, she also shared a sweet speech welcoming David to the family.

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4. Catelynn and Tyler’s Business

After debating for quite some time about what they wanted to do for jobs, Catelynn and Tyler made a big step when they created their clothing brand for children, Tierra Reign. Along with the stress of moving, raising a toddler and possibly expanding their family, fans can expect to see the pair dealing with running their clothing brand as well.

3. Farrah vs. MTV

Over the years, fans of Teen Mom OG have seen Farrah’s feuds with not only her family and co-stars but also the MTV crew which included a screaming match with producer Larry Musnik. Shortly after the premiere date for season seven was released, Farrah went on a rant claiming she had been fired by MTV’s parent company Viacom because of her work in the adult entertainment industry, and while she later backtracked and said she wasn’t fired, she had some choice words about Musnik, creator Morgan Freeman, and her producer Kirsten Malone. Needless to say, it would not be surprising if season seven featured a lot of drama between Farrah and the MTV crew around her.

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2. Ryan and Mackenzie

After Ryan’s rushed wedding to Mackenzie and his immediate trip to rehab, season seven will most likely have more of a focus on the newly married pair’s relationship and life as Ryan continues his efforts to be sober. Immediately after their wedding, cheating rumors quickly spread where it seemed Ryan had been trying to hook up with other girls on Tinder, so hopefully, the season will include an update on how the pair dealt with all of the issues and rumors.

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1. Amber’s Second Pregnancy

Although filming wrapped for season seven before Amber revealed she was expecting her second child, we can hope she shared the news when she found out while filming the season. So, along with her break up with Matt, fans will also probably see Amber introduce her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon to Leah and to the show.

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