Teen Mom: 10 Most Popular Family Members Ranked From Worst To Best

For over seven years now, fans have followed the lives of stories of the eight stars of MTV’s Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2. In that time, however, others have become stars on the show including new boyfriends and friends, parents and family members. While some of the stars have great relationships with their family, others have had nothing but shocking fights. Now, some of the parents and family members have become just as important and beloved as the eight ladies! Here are Teen Mom’s 10 most popular family members ranked from worst to best:

10. Debra – Farrah’s Mom

Fans who have followed Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham’s story since her appearance on 16 and Pregnant back in 2009 know the rough road she and her mother Debra have been on. It is extremely hard to sympathize with someone like Farrah but more than once Debra has allegedly struck her, and the pair fight constantly. While Debra has tried a lot harder in recent seasons, their relationship is seemingly never in a good place, and for many, it would be a lot better if Debra, or Farrah for that matter, weren’t on the show anymore.

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9. Tonya – Amber’s Mom

While Farrah’s mother has become a regular star of Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood’s mother Tonya has only been seen a couple of times. During Tonya’s appearances on the show it has been obvious that she and Amber do not have the strongest of mother and daughter relationships, and often argue about what Amber is doing and what Tanya think is best for her daughter. For those who have read Portwood’s book “Never Too Late,” they also know that Tonya was not a reliable mother for Amber growing up which has led to their strained relationship now.

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8. Butch – Tyler’s Dad

There is no doubt that Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra’s dad Butch provides a lot of comedy during his segments on the show, but unfortunately his issues outweigh his humor. While Butch has been nothing but loving towards Tyler and Cate in recent seasons, earlier seasons and their 16 and Pregnant episode saw a much different side to Butch. It also can’t be overlooked that he spent most of Tyler’s childhood in prison, and one of his most recent incarcerations was for domestic violence against his ex-wife, April. Butch’s influence on his son’s life has been much more negative than positive and with another missed parole date recently, it seems he will never change his ways.

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7. Michael – Farrah’s Dad

When Farrah’s Abraham’s parents were still together, they were both featured often on Teen Mom OG, but after their split, Debra took most of the screen time. Now and again Michael makes an appearance on the show, and for the most part, it seems that he is much more capable of interacting with his daughter. While their relationship is far from stable, Farrah has made it known she trusts Michael more than her dad, and for fans they appreciate that he is someone who can talk logically to Farrah, or at least try. Still, there are always Farrah’s accounts that she was abused by her parents as a child, and Michael still lets her get away with saying outrageous things to him.

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6. April – Catelynn’s Mom

Admittedly, at first, it was really hard to like Teen Mom OG star Catelynn’s mom April. For Catelynn and Tyler’s 16 and Pregnant episode and early seasons of Teen Mom, it was clear that April still had issues with addiction and drinking which had caused a lot of problems in Catelynn’s childhood. Despite a lot of years of essentially raising herself because of her mother’s addiction, Catelynn and April have always remained close, and April has quit drinking, worked on her relationship with her daughter, got out of her abusive relationship with Butch and even got a new house. Now, when April is on the show, she is always there to lend a helping hand to babysit Nova, and is open to talking about Catelynn’s difficult childhood in order to help Catelynn get through her depression.

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5. Victoria – Leah’s Sister

While Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer’s mother Dawn used to appear on the show more regularly, now the family member seen most often is Leah’s sister Victoria. Throughout her appearances, it has become evident that Victoria is one of the most important people in Leah’s life and is always there to help Leah with anything to do with the girls and moving. She is also always there to talk through things when Leah gets stressed out, and while Victoria is often seen as a sounding board for Leah, it is clear that she is crucial in helping Leah keep her hectic life with three young daughters under control.

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4. Kim – Tyler’s Mom

When it came to Catelynn and Tyler’s story on Teen Mom OG, most of the focus was on their parents, April and Butch, mostly because of the drama that ensued when Tyler’s dad married Catelynn’s mom. After making smaller appearances, Tyler’s mom Kim has had a more prominent role on the show. Kim has always been endearing to fans because she is always so concerned about Tyler, but also is always looking out for him when he is too busy looking out for Cate. She is also one of the most real parents on the show because, while fans know that producers give them topics to talk about, Kim always looks ready for a round of gossip.

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3. Mary – Chelsea’s Mom

Unfortunately for fans, Teen Mom 2  star Chelsea’s mom Mary hasn’t been on the show as much as she used to. Although her appearances have lessened, for the time she has been on the show, fans have grown to love her. She never has any problem asking Chelsea the tough questions, and in all honesty just seems like the sweetest lady which has helped her become a fan favorite.

2. Barbara – Jenelle’s Mom

Of all of the parents and family members who appear on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans’ mom Barbara has become just as much as a star as the rest of them. As the guardian to Jenelle’s first son Jace, pretty much all of Jenelle’s story has also centered around Barbara, and while fans at first could not stand her, they have since really warmed up to the no-nonsense mom. Barbara has had some of the most hilarious one-liners, and since fans are well aware it cannot be easy dealing with Jenelle, they have come to appreciate Barbara’s ability to tell Jenelle how it is, even if it isn’t in the proper way. Hate her or love her, Jenelle’s Teen Mom 2 story wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining without Barbara along for the ride.


1. Randy – Chelsea’s Dad

There wasn’t probably any doubt about who was going to be number one. Chelsea Houska’s dad Randy has been a staple on the series since Chelsea’s 16 and Pregnant days, and fans wouldn’t have it any other way. At first many fans implied that Randy simply funded Chelsea’s way, but they both made it quite clear that isn’t the case, and instead he just acts as her biggest support system. Whenever she needs advice on anything, usually Adam-related, Randy is there and he knows the answer. He is also always good for a an epic dad joke.

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