Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For September 2021

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As Salem bids adieu to August and ushers in September, the little town will be a flurry of activity! Allie’s bitten by the jealousy bug, while Justin and Bonnie’s wedding is in jeopardy. Plus, a major character return is on the horizon! Learn about these storylines and others in the below Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for September 2021.

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13. Allie’s Jealous

Johnny and Chanel’s relationship will be in full swing come early September. Not only will these two be a bonafide couple, but it’ll also be revealed that Chanel’s “new man” is Allie’s twin. DOOL spoilers indicate that Allie will be quite jealous once she learns that her BFF is dating her brother; so much so, that it sounds like Nicole will take notice. Will she be the only one?

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12. Bonnie and Justin’s Wedding

Bonnie and Justin will be planning their wedding in early September; however, the event could be ruined by a relative of Lockhart’s. DOOL spoilers hint that Calista Lockhart, Bonnie’s sister-in-law, will enter the Salem scene in late August. She’ll come to town with secrets about Bonnie’s past. Sounds like the Bo-Ju wedding could be in jeopardy. This storyline will really unfold in September.

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11. Bonnie Is Blackmailed

Added DOOL spoilers reveal that Calista will hold Bonnie’s past over her head. In fact, she’ll promise to keep her secrets hush-hush, but for a price. Added teasers imply that Bonnie will have to break the law to avoid her past coming back to haunt her. Will Lockhart cross a line in the name of love, or will she do the right thing and come clean to Justin?

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10. Rex Returns

Actor Kyle Lowder (Rex Brady) hopped on Instagram recently to tell fans that he’s “back at work” on the Days set. Sounds like Rex is headed to the land of Salem come September! Will the truth about Sarah finally come out? How will Xander react when he realizes that Horton is not with Brady? Will Maggie get involved? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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9. Gwen Comes Clean

Speaking of Xandy, he’ll get closer to Gwen as August turns to September. Will he feel torn about knowing his ex-fiancé didn’t leave him, but is in fact MIA? Regardless, the good news is that Rizczech might turn over a new leaf next month. DOOL spoilers promise that Gwen will ‘come clean’ to her dad, Jack, about her latest schemes. Will Deveraux help Gwen turn this all around, or will he decide to walk away from his daughter once and for all?

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8. Brady and Chloe Caught In Bed

In other Salem drama, DOOL spoilers imply that Philip will be living a nightmare when he walks in on Brady and Chloe together… in bed! He’s skating on thin ice as it is when it comes to jealousy, so this picture could bring him over the edge! Plus, will Brady and Chloe have crossed a line, or could this all just be a major misunderstanding?

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7. Ava’s Announcement

Speaking of jealousy, Ms. Vitali will be beyond jealous as September rolls around. DOOL spoilers state that she’ll be eyeing Rafe and Nicole’s “friendship” like a hawk. Added teasers hint that she’ll make an announcement next month. Could this be an ultimatum, or is there a chance Ava is expecting a little bundle of Baby Hernandez? Rafe’s always wanted to be a father!

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6. Jarlena’s On A Mission

DOOL spoilers for September suggest a new mission for John and Marlena, as they head out of Salem for a little while. In other teasers, things will get tense when Jake and Gabi run into Chad. While Jabi’s looking to dethrone Philip, there’s still bad blood between them and Chad. Will DiMera catch them while scheming?

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5. Cin-ful Honeymoon

Ciara and Ben are finally living their “happily ever after”! Now that they are married, it’s time to embark on the next step of their reunion, which means enjoying a real honeymoon! DOOL spoilers indicate that Cin will jet-set off to Switzerland to enjoy a little rest, relaxation and other activities married couples engage in (wink, wink).

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4. Price Family Drama

DOOL spoilers seem to hint at continued family drama between Paulina and Lani. Things will run smoothly between these ladies; however, Mrs. Price is sure to feel guilty about keeping the truth from Lani. She promised she wouldn’t lie to either her or Abe ever again; however, Olivia’s keeping that pressure on.

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3. Carrie’s Got Marriage Issues

Across town, Days spoilers reveal that Anna will turn to Roman and inform him of some distress their daughter is going through. Added teasers suggest that Carrie and Austin’s marriage has hit a rocky patch. Can Roman or Anna help the couple get back to where they used to be?

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2. Beyond Salem Debuts On NBC’s Peacock

Time to double-up on Salem drama! Days has a spin-off series airing on NBC’s Peacock streaming service, come Monday, September 6th. Five episodes of Beyond Salem have been ordered, and many characters from DOOL’s past and present will be on the show. Expect to see old favorites like Billie Reed (Lisa Rinna), Carrie Brady (Christie Clark), Austin Reed (Austin Peck), Will Horton (Chandler Massey), Sonny Kiriakis (with the roll recast to Y&R alum, Zack Tinker) and Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart). Actress Eileen Davidson will also be a part of the spin-off; however, it has yet to be confirmed who she’ll play (she’s had multiple roles in Salem over the years). [Ed. note: we think we’ve cracked the case!]

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1. Premise Of The Show

In addition to some older characters, current Salemites will be seen on this spin-off series. This includes John and Marlena, Lani and Eli, Ciara and Ben, Chad, Abe, Paulina, plus Andre and Anna. The characters will all be intertwined in this mystery concerning stolen jewels, and be scattered all over the world. It’ll be a race against the clock, as characters aim to help ISA agent and friend, Billie Reed, solve her case!

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