New Days of Our Lives Characters Who Failed To Impress Fans


The land of Salem can feel like a revolving door at times. While there are characters who last the long haul, some spend a little time on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) only to be written off-canvas because they simply didn’t connect with viewers. Below are some new DOOL characters who failed to impress fans.

12. Mateo (El Fideo)

As far as bad guys go, Mateo (a.k.a. El Fideo) was a bit cringy. Sure, on paper he seemed dangerous, and he ran Teresa Donovan out of town in an effort to save her family, but overly impressive he was not. Makes sense as to why he didn’t have that much longevity on the show.

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11. Cassie Brady

Fans hear about Cassie Brady all the time; however, it’s been ages since she’s been in the land of Salem. Considering she is part of the Brady clan, it’s interesting that she didn’t last on DOOL for that long, and while she hasn’t passed away, there doesn’t seem like any rush to bring her back. She was certainly a character that didn’t really connect with Days’ fans.

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10. Faith Taylor

Rewinding through Days‘ history vault comes a new character, circa 1989. Faith had a cute romance with Scott Banning, where Eve Donovan tried to break them up. That Eve was always a bad one; however, both Faith and Scott only lasted a year on the show before they left Salem together, never to be heard from again! They made a fun couple but didn’t really leave an impact.

9. Drew Donovan

There’s nothing DOOL loves more than twin storylines! Moreover, evil twin storylines! Sometimes it feels like everyone in Salem has an evil twin (or good twin in the case of Stefan DiMera), and this was the case in the 1980s when Shane Donovan’s terrible twin brother surfaced. He was played by actor Charles Shaughnessy (obviously) and he just wasn’t as memorable as his brother Shane, despite returning to Salem in 2017.

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8. Deimos Kiriakis

Speaking of little brothers, Deimos was an interesting character with some intriguing storylines and romances; however, he was no Victor Kiriakis and never will be. Perhaps that’s why he wasn’t able to last as long in Salem as his older brother. He certainly did give Victor a run for his money during his tenure on Days.

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7. Haley Chen

When Salem jumped a year in November of 2019 viewers were taken aback by some unexpected news. Adrienne passed away, which was devastating; Jordan’s passing was filled with question marks, and hearing Haley was gone too left viewers sad, but not overly horrified. While she was involved in some solid storylines over the years, she didn’t make her “mark” in Salem.

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6. Melinda Trask

While there were some plot twists along the way with Melinda and Haley, much like her daughter, Melinda hasn’t connected with viewers. Sure, she’s not the nicest of characters, but it does seem as if her role on DOOL is a superficial one where Trask simply plays the “mean” lady who stands in the way of other people’s happiness.

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5. Christian Maddox (Evan Frears)

When “Evan” entered the land of Salem, he seemed way too good to be true. That’s because he was! While Maddox’s evil streak could eventually be explained by the fact that he was Orpheus’ son, he truly disappointed his dad by not being half the villain his father was. The only thing memorable about Maddox is his family tree.

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4. Zoey Burge

Speaking of Orpheus’ offspring, Zoey is another character that failed to impress. She had a little bit of unexplained chemistry with Rafe, but the fact that she flip-flopped so many times between “good” and “evil” was confusing. Plus, all those recasts in a short period of time also hurt her character.

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3.Eduardo Hernandez

Soap opera legend A. Martinez is always a welcome sight for fans, but Eduardo Hernandez lacked depth. It could also be because of the storylines he was given, and the lack of time he had to connect with fans. Either way, while Martinez was brilliant onscreen (as always), Eduardo wasn’t overly impressive.


2. Adrianna Hernandez

It was nice having the entire Hernandez clan together in 2016, but Adrianna didn’t last too long. She arrived in Salem the March of that year and was gone by the summer. Maybe the little town wasn’t exactly the perfect place for her, plus her storyline was a bit lame.


1. Gwen Rizczech

Gwen’s storyline is incredibly intriguing. From her connection with Jake to the questions around why she drugged Abigail, as well as her obsession with Chad. But is Gwen all that interesting, or is she an A-typical soap opera “bad girl” messing with Salem’s ultimate heroine? Many fans are thinking that once Gwen is exposed, she may be a thing of the past.

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Dorathy Gass

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