9 Days Of Our Lives’ Characters We Wish Never Left

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Soap opera fans grow quite attached to the characters in their favorite shows. Storylines change, plots do twist, and at times audiences will see their favorite characters leave. When it comes to Days of Our Lives (DOOL), Salem residents are known to leave town, fall in a coma and fall off the face of the earth, go to prison, or sometimes die. Below is a list of nine DOOL characters we wish never left.

9. Summer Townsend

Summer strolled into Salem with a very unique storyline in 2016. When Brady Black received Daniel Jonas’ heart, he began dreaming about a mystery woman. The woman turned out to be Daniel’s half-sister and Maggie Horton’s long-lost daughter, Summer. While the angle was intriguing and there was so much more to be told, Summer ended up leaving Salem later that year, almost as quickly as she arrived.

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8. Kimberly Brady

As sister to Kayla and Roman, plus daughter to Caroline, it’s shocking that Kimberly Brady has not grown roots back in Salem. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, she was an integral part of DOOL storylines, along with super couple side kick Shane Donovan. Kimberly does come back now and again, but many fans wish she never left in the first place.

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7. Theresa Donovan

Speaking of Kimberly, Theresa Donovan exited DOOL late last year in a storyline that saw her leave her son Tate and soul mate Brady behind in order to protect them. Many Days’ fans were devastated by her departure as Theresa and Brady finally seemed on the road to happiness together, overcoming so many obstacles. She was also a huge fan favorite. The good news is that she never died, just left Salem. The window to return is always open.

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6. E.J. DiMera

While Theresa could always return, it might be a little harder to come up with a storyline for E.J. because he was shot in 2014. Considering DOOL is a soap and others have come back from the dead before, it certainly is not impossible. DiMera still has tremendous roots in Salem and was quite the fan favorite in his day. Many fans would more than welcome a Sami and E.J. reunion with open arms.


5. Carly Manning

Carly was a DOOL staple character in the 1990s and even returned to the show in the late 2000s. She was a beautiful, smart, and strong woman who always seemed to be able to get out of any jam. Best known for her ‘buried alive’ storyline with Vivian Alamain, Carly was a dynamic character with solid roots in Salem. The little town has never been the same since she left. A return might be a bit hard, as her daughter and son no longer appear on the show and all three of her main love interests have since passed on.

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4. Billie Reed

While Hope may have been Bo’s soul mate, Billie Reed certainly gave her a run for her money. Billie strolls in and out of Salem now and again, but many fans wish she would stroll in and never leave. As a long-time character of the show, Billie is smart, sassy, strong, and quite beautiful. Her relationships on the show can be complicated, but they are always interesting to watch.

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3. Melanie Jonas

Fun, smart, beautiful, stubborn, and always a joy to watch! Why did Melanie ever have to leave Salem? Her love affair with Brady had chemistry beyond belief and her roots in the little town extend quite far. Grandma Maggie is still in town and her friendships could simply pick up where they left off. Melanie is missed by DOOL fans and really should never have left the show in the first place.

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2. Jack Deveraux

Plot twists and interesting storylines aside, why did DOOL ever decide to kill off Jack Deveraux? His wife Jenn and kids Abigail and JJ have all established real roots in Salem and are pivotal characters on the show right now. In fact, Jack and Jenn were once considered a pretty popular super couple all throughout their rollercoaster relationship. With Jack’s death being so final, there is a very small chance of him returning, other than coming back as a ghost.

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1. Dr. Daniel Jonas

Handsome, funny, and smart, Dr. Daniel Jonas had his fair share of relationships within Salem. He was linked to Chloe, Jennifer, and Carly, yet it was his relationship with Nicole that truly hit home with DOOL fans. Why he was killed off in such a final way is still a question that lingers on many people’s minds. Arianne Zucker’s near departure and Nicole leaving Salem soon means there is little chance Days‘ audiences will see a returning Daniel Jonas in the near future.

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