Days Of Our Lives: Mismatched Couples

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Mismatched couples can be a good thing in the land of daytime drama. With the right chemistry (and storyline), two characters that come from opposite backgrounds can create soap opera magic, but sometimes mismatched love affairs can be a disaster on screen, too. When it comes to Days of Our Lives (DOOL), the soap has had many mismatched duos that have turned into super couples, and some that have not. Below are some of DOOL‘s mismatched couples.

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12. Ben and Ciara Weston

Cin is certainly one of the biggest super couples on daytime drama right now, and their romance follows a traditional Salem recipe with the “good girl” falling in love with the “bad boy” in town; however, with a little twist. Ciara is far from naïve, and she’s a strong woman that has not only helped herself out of a sticky situation but Ben as well. Still, they work very well, despite different backgrounds and family roots.

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11. Brady Black and Kristen DiMera

Not sure if any fan ever pictured Kristen and Brady as a “thing,” especially considering all the lies and manipulation she’s pulled over the years, not to mention the fact that the only reason why she showed interest in him in the first place was to get back at his dad, John. With that said, being from families that mix like oil and water (the Blacks and the DiMeras have had some bad blood over the years), it’s nice that these two did find love.

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10. Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera

This was a whacky coupling circa the late 1990s, where Stefano impersonated Elvis Presley (of all people) to get a crazy Susan to fall for him and bear him a child. Let’s just say Susan was an odd character that couldn’t hold a candle to the powerful and rich Stefano DiMera, and they were complete opposites. To make things even weirder, she had an uncanny resemblance to his adoptive daughter Kirsten, except Susan had a ridiculous accent, horrible outfits, and terrible teeth. An entire storyline unraveled around the birth of Elvis Aron Banks, better known to fans now as E.J. DiMera. While E.J. was first pawned off as John Black and Kirsten’s child (she “faked” that she was expecting), the truth was eventually revealed. The romance between Banks and DiMera was a quick one, but nonetheless mismatched.

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9. Calliope Jones and Eugene Bradford

Two larger-than-life DOOL characters from the 1980s, the only thing these two shared in common was the fact that they were both very eccentric (in a wonderful way). She was a lover of fashion while he was an inventor. She was “out there” outrageous, while Bradford was a bit more reserved. They made it work and even though it has been a long while since Days‘ fans have seen them on screen, they are still a beloved couple that many long-time fans simply cannot forget.

8. Maggie Horton and Victor Kiriakis

When it comes to the land of Salem, these two represent complete extremes. Maggie was a gentle soul in town, someone that could be trusted, and always willing to help out a friend or family member. Victor was the Greek corporate tycoon, obsessed with business and controlling what his family did – not to mention some illegal activities in and around town. Since these two have come together, Maggie has certainly helped to soften Victor up (a little bit). Again, they might be mismatched, but they are also quite charming together.

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7. Sami Brady and Austin Reed

Austin has always been a perfect fit for Carrie Brady. Both are kind-hearted people, who value good friends and family. This is perhaps why they are still together, even after all these years. However, when Sami was obsessed with her sister’s better half in the 1990s, she was successfully able to pull these two apart. Sami’s changed over the years, but back then she was a manipulative, backstabbing, scheming little liar (okay, maybe she hasn’t changed that much). Regardless, she certainly was a mismatch to the moral compass that Austin possessed back then.

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6. Sami Brady and Rafe Hernandez

Speaking of Sami, she shared another mismatched relationship in the mid-2000s when she hooked up with Rafe Hernandez. The two did make an incredible couple, with a ton of chemistry, but Rafe being a cop and FBI agent – while Sami’s schemes always had her on the other side of the law – made this duo mismatched. Sadly, the two went their separate ways in 2012, and it was all thanks to an affair Sami had with baby daddy E.J. DiMera.

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5. Kate Roberts and Rafe Hernandez

Rafe certainly has a thing for bad girls, and no one could have ever predicted that he would end up hooking up with Sami’s nemesis, Kate Roberts. Yes, there was a bit of an age difference, but the reason behind the mismatch was that Kate wasn’t the honest person Rafe was. In fact, she walked a fine line between what was okay and what was illegal, and if she could get away with murder, she would most definitely try (and she has in the past). Besides, Kate’s always been aligned with corporate powerhouses (Victor, Stefano, and John … just to name a few). While they were mismatched, they were also an intriguing couple to watch onscreen.

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4. Jennifer and Jack Deveraux

One of DOOL’s best super couples of all time, Jenn and Jack were complete opposites when they first met, which is maybe why this relationship worked so well. When Jack met Jenn in the late ‘80s, he was messed up, spoiled, and came from an extremely dysfunctional family. Jenn, on the other hand, came from the Horton clan and grew up in a modest, but loving home. The two clashed a lot in the beginning, yet Jenn’s love and influence helped transform Jack from zero to hero in no time.

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3. Nicole Walker and Victor Kiriakis

The only thing these two had in common was their love of money. They came from different backgrounds, there was a huge age difference between them, and they shared no common interests. They didn’t last that long, and the good news is that both characters have come a long way since they were a couple in 2008.

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2. Hope and Bo Brady

Who misses this super couple? Yes, they shared a tremendous bond and romance, but when these two first met they were complete opposites. Hope’s parents didn’t quite approve of Bo initially, but would eventually warm up to him. She was a good girl while Bo was a motorcycle-riding bad boy. Seems like it couldn’t work, but it did … and for years.

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1. Kayla and Steve Johnson

These two continue to wow audiences to this day with a love story that spans time. But who would have thought goodie-two-shoes Kayla, nurse-turned-doctor, would fall for thug-now-private investigator Steve? They are an unlikely couple who do not share a common background, family life, and (at one time) values system. With that said, years later they are still together, and somehow through the ups and downs, they not only make it work but also create super couple soap opera magic on our television screens daily.

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