Days Of Our Lives’ 10 Most Mismatched Couples

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Mismatched couples can be a good thing in the land of daytime drama. With the right chemistry (and storyline) two characters that come from opposite backgrounds can create soap opera romance magic, but sometimes mismatched love affairs can be a disaster on screen. When it comes to Days of Our Lives (DOOL), the soap has had many mismatched duos that have turned into super couples … and some that have not. Below are 10 of DOOL’s most mismatched couples.

10. Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera

This was a whacky coupling circa the late 1990s, where Stefano impersonated Elvis Presley (of all people) to get a crazy Susan to fall for him and bear him a child. Let’s just say Susan was an eccentric character that couldn’t hold a candle to the powerful and rich Stefano DiMera — they were complete opposites. To make things even more odd, she had an uncanny resemblance to his adoptive daughter Kirsten, except Susan had a ridiculous accent, horrible outfits, and terrible teeth. An entire storyline unraveled around the birth of Elvis Aron Banks, better known to fans now as E.J. DiMera. While E.J. was first pawned off as John Black and Kirsten’s child (she “faked” her pregnancy), the truth was eventually revealed. The romance between Banks and DiMera was a quick one, but mismatched nonetheless.



9. Calliope Jones and Eugene Bradford

Two larger-than-life DOOL characters from the 1980s, the only thing these two shared in common was the fact that they were both very eccentric (in a wonderful way). She was a lover of fashion, while he was an inventor. She was “out there” outrageous, while Bradford was a bit more reserved. They made it work and despite the fact that it has been a long while since Days‘ fans have seen them on screen, they still remain a beloved couple that many long-time fans simply cannot forget.