5 Truly Toxic Days Of Our Lives Couples


Salem has seen some pretty incredible super couples over the years: Steve and Kayla, Chabby, Bo and Hope, Nicole and Daniel, not to mention the iconic soap couple of Doug and Julie (who are real-life lovebirds). Still, there have been plenty of toxic couples that have hit the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) set, adding some chaos, intrigue, and drama along the way. Below is an overview of five incredibly toxic DOOL couples, that fans have loved to hate.

5. Sami Brady and E.J. DiMera

Sure, Sami and E.J. could most likely top any DOOL super couples list, but when these two were together they were nothing but toxic for each other. While there was always a spark between them, their relationship didn’t start off that well. E.J. had forced Sami to be intimate with him in order to save Lucas. Sami tried killing E.J. not once, but twice and even married him simply out of revenge for his affair with Abigail Deveraux. Interestingly enough, most of their fights often turned into love scenes, adding to the toxicity of this relationship. We suppose the love and chemistry was always there, so we’ve put them at the bottom of this list. They still remain one of DOOL’s top couples as well.


4. Sami Brady and Austin Reed

Speaking of Sami, even though she has turned out to be one of Days most beloved characters, this was not the case when she was a teenager. She hated her mother, tried to sell her baby sister Belle on the black market, and for years schemed to tear super couple Austin and Carrie (here sister) apart. She was so infatuated with Austin, that she drugged him and took advantage, all while he thought he was making love to Carrie. They did get married in 1996, but that was because Austin thought he was the father of Will. When he realized he wasn’t the marriage was annulled. They found themselves in a toxic relationship once again in 2005, only to once again break it off once Austin found out what Sami was up to. Austin may have at one point felt sorry for Sami, his eyes were soon opened up to what she could and would do — thus all bets were off!

3. Vivian Alamain and Victor Kiriakis

Scheming and manipulation, plus some obsession on Vivian’s part, were all major themes in this relationship. Toxic doesn’t even begin to dive into the union of Vivian Alamain and Victor Kiriakis. Despite the fact that Victor had little to no feelings for Vivian, with some scheming tricks (and blackmail) Vivian managed to become Mrs. Victor Kiriakis on two separate occasions: once in 1995 and again in 2010. Alas, Victor’s heart really belonged to Maggie Horton, and after Victor and Brady buried Vivian in a sarcophagus in 2010, things have never really been the same for this couple.

2. Kate Roberts and Stefano DiMera

Kate Roberts seemingly has a thing when it comes to bad boys since she’s hit Salem, being linked with Victor Kiriakis, Clyde Weston, and now Deimos Kiriakis. But there was once a time when Roberts fell for the ultimate evil, when she shacked up with Salem’s enemy number one, Stefano DiMera. The DiMera money helped her once again start up her own corporate empire, and having ‘DiMera’ as a last name when it came to power and prestige. Still, their relationship was simply built on shallow feelings and there was little love (if any) between this scheming and toxic couple. Thanks to Rafe, Kate was able to come back to her senses and realize that good guys almost always make the best partners in life.

1. Kristen DiMera and Brady Black

Seems like the DiMera family is popping up all over this toxic couples list! Kristen DiMera has always had an unhealthy obsession with John Black. So much so, that in late 2012 she figured the best way to get him was to show some interest in his son Brady. Hiring someone to attack her so that Brady could come to her rescue was the initial scheme that got her the attention she needed from Brady, and soon their toxic relationship began. The foundation of their love was built on lies, schemes, and manipulation (solely on Kristen’s part) and DiMera even drugged and raped Brady’s stepbrother and BFF Eric Brady at one point. Still, once Brady woke up to what Kristen was all about (and it did take some time), he eventually realized he no longer wanted to be embroiled in a toxic relationship with her and has since moved on with Teresa.