12 Days Of Our Lives’ Couples Fans Don’t Want To See Get Back Together


Days of Our Lives (DOOL) has produced some amazing super couples over the years. Patch and Kayla Johnson are still going strong; Bo and Hope Brady made viewers swoon; and more recently, fans have simply fallen in love with Chad and Abigail DiMera. However, there have been some couples over the years that simply have not worked when it came to Salem’s love scene. Here are 12 DOOL couples that fans simply don’t want to see get back together.

12. Gabi and Eli

Gabi Hernandez and Eli Grant are a recent Days couple that broke up not too long ago, as Eli cheated on her with Lani Carver. Lani is now pregnant and Gabi is heartbroken. Most DOOL fans would love to see Gabi and Eli part for good and are hoping that there is potential for her to hook up with Stefan DiMera.

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11. Sami and Rafe

Their one-night stand resulted in the break up of Rope (Rafe Hernandez and Hope Brady), and while Sami Brady is gone from Salem, should she return, a majority of DOOL fans would like to see these two remain apart. With E.J. DiMera confirmed to be alive, should Sami come back to the show, most Days viewers would love to see him return as well so the super couple of E.J./Sami could reunite.

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10. Chloe and Brady

While Chloe Lane and Brady Black made an incredible super couple in the past, their love train has clearly passed. Brady is currently with Eve Donovan, a pairing most DOOL fans love. Plus, his baby momma Teresa Donovan is set to return to Salem this May, and many would also love to see Brady reunite with her. Perhaps she can help transform this evil Brady into the good guy he was always meant to be.

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9. Chloe and Lucas

Speaking of Chloe, she also had a pretty heated relationship with Lucas Horton back in the day. While the two remain friends and Chloe has been there for Lucas lately (helping him out with his alcohol abuse issue), it’s better they stay in the friends’ zone. After all, Chloe and Lucas both need a fresh and untainted relationship to dive into, versus going back to something that was never meant to be in the first place.

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8. Vivian and Victor

Victor Kiriakis and current love Maggie Horton seem to have some issues that need ironing out as of late. With Vivian Alamain back in the picture, could this mean there is a potential for a Vivian/Victor reunion? Anything is possible in the land of Salem! While Vivian has always been obsessed with Victor, he is so much better suited with Maggie. She simply brings out the best in him.

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7. Marlena and Roman

When Hattie was parading around as Marlena Evans last year, there was an awkward moment when she tried to kiss Roman to re-ignite a relationship. Roman set Hattie/Marlena straight, declaring that they were just friends now and reminded her that she chose to be with John Black all those years ago. Marlena and John have a timeless romance that has evolved through the ages, while Roman and Marlena were only really together during the 1980s. There aren’t many DOOL fans out there that would like to see John and Marlena break up so Marlena and Roman could get back together.

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6. Adrienne and Lucas

Longtime fans felt a little weird about the Adrienne and Lucas pairing last year. After all, Lucas was a young teenager when Adrienne and Justin were starting a family. Regardless of the age difference, the two just never seemed to have good chemistry together. The aftermath of the Adrienne/Justin/Lucas love triangle resulted in a Justin/Adrienne reunion, leaving poor Lucas out in the cold. For many Days fans, this was a blessing. Viewers simply don’t want to see this twosome back as a couple.

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5. Gabi and Chad

Gabi and Chad DiMera are a controversial couple. There’s a group of Days fans, affectionately known as Team Chabi, who love these two together. Then there are a group of DOOL viewers known as Team Chabby, supporters of Abigail DiMera, who would love to see these two remain a super couple forever. Therefore, Team Chabby never wants to see Gabi and Chad get back together again.

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4. Claire and Theo

Theo Carver recently left Salem to head to South Africa to get the rehab he needed after he was accidentally shot. Girlfriend Claire Brady was devastated, but many DOOL fans were happy about the exit because the two broke up due to the distance between them. Claire is a manipulative brat, and Theo could do so much better. Here’s hoping that if and when Theo does return to Salem, he stays clear of Claire.

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3. Paul and Sonny

There’s an interesting love triangle going on right now on DOOL and it involves the trio of Paul Narita, Sonny Kiriakis, and Will Horton. While Paul and Sonny made quite the couple before Will returned in late 2017, now that Horton is alive, it seems like Sonny is smitten on a WilSon reunion. Regardless of what Sonny wants, Will and Paul currently have some tremendous chemistry on that small daytime screen. Many Days fans want to see Will and Paul hook up right now, rather than a Sonny and Paul reunion.

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2. Will and Sonny

Speaking of WilSon, this DOOL super couple trailblazed for same-sex couples on Days, as the first male-male relationship and wedding to happen in the land of Salem. There are many fans of these two; however, as mentioned above, the chemistry between Paul and Will right now is on fire. Many DOOL viewers want to see Will and Paul come together and it seems that a WilSon reunion is on the back burner.

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1. Hope and Rafe

The wedding and relationship between Hope and Rafe was recently called off when Hope learned that Rafe had a one-night stand with Sami back last November. Technically Rope was on a break, but the fact that Rafe hid the affair from Hope is what really stings. Even though DOOL fans should be sad about the breakup, most are not. Rafe and Hope have never had that ‘it’ factor together and many viewers love the idea of these two remaining apart.

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