Days Of Our Lives Couples Fans Don’t Want To See Get Back Together

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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) has produced some amazing super couples over the years. Patch and Kayla Johnson are still going strong; Bo and Hope Brady made viewers swoon; and more recently, fans have simply fallen in love with Chad and Abigail DiMera. With that said, there have been some couples over the years that simply have not worked when it came to Salem’s love scene. Here are some DOOL couples that fans simply don’t want to see get back together.

12. Gabi and Eli

Gabi Hernandez and Eli Grant have had quite a romantic history together. While their first relationship lacked luster, their second try was incredibly toxic. Most Days fans love seeing Elani as a couple, so the thought of Eli and Gabi reuniting again (ever) is something many don’t want to see anytime soon.

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11. Vivian and Victor

Victor Kiriakis and current love Maggie Horton have had their ups and downs, but continue to go on strong. With Vivian Alamain flipping back and forth into the little town, could they ever reunite? Anything is possible in the land of Salem! While Vivian has always been obsessed with Victor, he is so much better suited to Maggie. She simply brings out the best in him.

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10. Marlena and Roman

When Hattie was parading around as Marlena Evans some time back, there was an awkward moment when she tried to kiss Roman to re-ignite a relationship. Roman set Hattie/Marlena straight, declaring that they were just friends now and reminded her that she chose to be with John Black all those years ago. Marlena and John have a timeless romance that has evolved through the ages, while Roman and Marlena were only really together during the 1980s. There aren’t many DOOL fans out there that would like to see Jarlena break up so that Marlena and Roman could get back together.

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9. Claire and Theo

Theo Carver has long left Salem, but there’s always a chance he could return. While Claire Brady was devastated, many DOOL fans were happy about the exit because the two broke up due to the distance between them. Claire has changed significantly, but does that mean they could make a good couple in the future if he does ever come back? It’s hard to say, but most viewers would like to see him steer clear of Claire.

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8. Chad and Gabi

There was once a point in time where Gabi Hernandez tried to do just about anything to get Chad. While the two don’t even like each other at this point, a major plot twist could change all that. But does any DOOL fan want to see Gabi and Chad together at this point? Most are Team Chabby all the way!

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7. Abby and Ben

Speaking of Abby, remember when she and Ben Weston were a “thing”? This was during Ben’s darker days; however, now that he’s reformed, could this couple even stand a chance? It would be hard to make it happen on so many fronts. First off, their negative history together and how Weston truly triggered Abby’s mental health issues, and another reason is the fact that Abby’s super couple status with Chad is far too strong to sway fans at this point.

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6. Lucas and Bonnie

Technically these two weren’t a couple; however, perhaps in Bonnie’s mind, they were. With that said, there seems to be an interesting spark happening between Lockhart and Justin. Sure, it doesn’t hurt that she looks identical to his soul mate Adrienne, but the idea of Bonnie and Lucas even trying to rekindle any magic would be rejected by DOOL fans at this point. Even if Bonnie redeemed herself.

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5. Sami and Lucas

Sami is still quite smitten with E.J. to make any reunion plans with Lucas. While these two continue to co-parent well and are pretty good friends, the strong romance and chemistry between them have faded over the years. E.J. played a major part in their break-up initially, and with him being alive, he essentially thwarts any idea around a reunion.

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4. Lucas and Nicole

Much like Sami, Nicole had an interesting relationship with Lucas in her younger years; however, the chemistry between them has fizzled tremendously as time has passed. Nicole makes a better pairing with Eric, and even Brady at this point. No one wants to see Lucas and Nicole ever get back together.

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3. Brady and Eve

Speaking of Brady, the relationship he had with Eve some years back was an interesting one at the time. While the two had chemistry, they missed that “it” factor when it came to super couple status. Brady has a thing for older women but seems so much better suited with Kristen at this point.

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2. Justin and Kayla

Raise your hand if you were more than taken aback when it was revealed that these two were together during Days’ flash-forward storyline! Most fans love seeing Steve and Kayla together; however, in Johnson’s absence, Justin did step things up, and the two made a cute couple, even though the idea of them together seemed awkward. Regardless, if Steve were ever to go missing again, then fans might be swayed into a Kay and Justin coupling, but Patch and Sweetness make a way better duo.

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1. Hope and John

Speaking of awkward coupling, whenever Hope is Princess Gina, she becomes infatuated by John Black, and the two have a deeply rooted romantic history that stems back decades. When Black isn’t being brainwashed, he’s smitten with Marlena; however, it’s undeniable that Hope/Gina and John have chemistry. With that said, it’s all shallow and fake, not to mention toxic.

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