Days Of Our Lives’ 8 Shortest Marriages

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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is known for some of its amazing super couples — Patch and Kayla, Bo and Hope, Chad and Abigail, Jack and Jennifer. The list of love affairs goes on and on! As much as DOOL loves to tell a good love story, the show is also known for romances that sometimes go wrong. While people get married on soaps all the time, sometimes weekly, that doesn’t mean all of the marriages in Salem have been successful. Below are eight of the shortest DOOL marriages of all time.

8. Vivian Alamain and Victor Kiriakis

Vivian had always had a “thing” for Victor and was actually able to snag the Greek tycoon in marriage twice. Neither were successful unions, especially the one that took place in 2010. Heading down the aisle in May of that year, Victor agreed to marry Vivian to protect Carly Manning from Alamain’s revenge. About nine months after the fact they divorced. Victor had fallen for Maggie Horton and the two are still together to this very day.



7. Sami Brady and Lucas Roberts

Sami could have a list of her own when it comes to quickie marriages that have ended up being annulled. However, the one in 2007 was done out of love and ended out of love. Sami and Lucas have had a complicated relationship over the years, but when they decided to get hitched while she was pregnant with Ali and Johnny, they were in a good place. As we all know, E.J. DiMera had blackmailed Sami into having sex with him early that year and Sami was left pregnant with twins. The rape resulted in the fact that E.J. was the father of Johnny, while Lucas had fathered Ali. In late October of that year, in an effort to protect the Brady clan from the wrath of DiMeras and bring peace to the two families, Sami had her marriage to Lucas annulled so that she could marry E.J.

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