Days Of Our Lives’ 8 Shortest Marriages

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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is known for some of its amazing super couples — Patch and Kayla, Bo and Hope, Chad and Abigail, Jack and Jennifer. The list of love affairs goes on and on! As much as DOOL loves to tell a good love story, the show is also known for romances that sometimes go wrong. While people get married on soaps all the time, sometimes weekly, that doesn’t mean all of the marriages in Salem have been successful. Below are eight of the shortest DOOL marriages of all time.

8. Vivian Alamain and Victor Kiriakis

Vivian had always had a “thing” for Victor and was actually able to snag the Greek tycoon in marriage twice. Neither were successful unions, especially the one that took place in 2010. Heading down the aisle in May of that year, Victor agreed to marry Vivian to protect Carly Manning from Alamain’s revenge. About nine months after the fact they divorced. Victor had fallen for Maggie Horton and the two are still together to this very day.

7. Sami Brady and Lucas Roberts

Sami could have a list of her own when it comes to quickie marriages that have ended up being annulled. However, the one in 2007 was done out of love and ended out of love. Sami and Lucas have had a complicated relationship over the years, but when they decided to get hitched while she was pregnant with Ali and Johnny, they were in a good place. As we all know, E.J. DiMera had blackmailed Sami into having sex with him early that year and Sami was left pregnant with twins. The rape resulted in the fact that E.J. was the father of Johnny, while Lucas had fathered Ali. In late October of that year, in an effort to protect the Brady clan from the wrath of DiMeras and bring peace to the two families, Sami had her marriage to Lucas annulled so that she could marry E.J.

6. Sami Brady and E.J. DiMera

Speaking of Sami and E.J.’s 2007 wedding, these two have had a roller coaster of a relationship as well. They not only had a quickie marriage that year, which ended about seven months later, the two would also get hitched in 2014. The thing about E.J. and Sami was that they had tremendous chemistry, challenged each other, and had the same level of thinking. Sadly, while things were rocky in 2014 due to an affair E.J. had with Abigail Deveraux, their final marriage dissolved quicker than expected due to E.J.’s passing in October of that year.

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5. Chloe Lane and Lucas Roberts

Lucas and Chloe became friends in 2008 and eventually a little bit more as the year progressed. Chloe worked hard to be a great mother-figure to his daughter Ali and even bonded with his mom Kate after she donated her bone marrow to save her life. But Chloe also started getting to closer to the handsome Dr. Daniel Jonas during that time as well. Sadly, she was going to break things off with Lucas to pursue a relationship with the good doctor until an accident almost cost Lucas his life. Chloe ended up marrying Lucas in early 2009 out of sheer guilt, only for the marriage to be annulled months later in October of that year.

4. Chloe Lane and Daniel Jonas

After Chloe’s quickie marriage to Lucas, she jumped right into another short-lived union with Daniel. The two were happy together for a while, until Carly Manning entered the picture. Carly and Daniel were old friends, who also happened to share a daughter together. Chloe’s jealousy got the best of her one night and she ended up sleeping with Philip Kiriakis. Chloe would later get pregnant and hide the affair from Daniel and the fact that there was a small chance the child she was carrying was Philips. While Parker ended up being Daniel’s son when all was said and done, when the truth came out about Chloe’s affair, Daniel dropped her like a bad habit only about six months into their marriage.

3. Gabi Hernandez and Nick Fallon

When Nick Fallon was released on parole in 2012, everyone in Salem was a bit weary on whether or not the ex-convict, who was a little unstable, had reformed. He seemed like he had and Nick caught the eye of Gabi Hernandez. Pregnant with Will Horton’s son at the time, Nick took her under his wing and she thought she had found her happily ever after. The two got married in March of 2013, but the marriage was annulled about five months later when it had turned out Nick wasn’t as perfect has he was making himself out to be.

2. Teresa Donovan and Brady Black

Super couples have to endure some ups and downs before making it work. Such was the case with Teresa and Brady. When they first met, Teresa was a party girl looking to score big with richy-rich Brady. They engaged in drinking, drugs, partying, and other unmentionables. The two got hitched in a Vegas wedding in 2014, but the wedding was annulled three months later when Brady realized that he wanted to get clean and that Teresa was a gold-digging schemer.

1. Sami Brady and Brandon Walker

Sami met Brandon in the early 2000s and the young and dapper man helped her forget about her obsession with Austin Reed. While he did settle her down tremendously, Sami was still a little schemer back then. The two got married in 2003, and within hours after their wedding, Brandon left her and had the marriage annulled when he found out that Sami messed with some paternity results at the hospital.

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