8 Days Of Our Lives Villains Ranked From Worst To Best

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What would the land of daytime drama be without those terrible villains? They scheme, plot, and cause all-around chaos in the soap opera world. When it comes to Days of Our Lives (DOOL), Salem has seen some nasty bad guys (and gals) over the years. Still, these villain and villainesses have made life interesting for our Days’ heroes. Below is a list of 8 DOOL villains ranked from worst to best.

8. Sami Brady

Before Sami became the heroine DOOL fans know and love today, she had a terrible past of scheming, lying, and making people’s lives miserable. As a teenager, she worked hard to break up her sister Carrie’s relationship with Austin Reed so she could have him all to herself. She’s lied about her children’s paternity, manipulated men into marrying her, and even tried to sell her baby sister on the black market! Still, she lands low on the list because Sami has more than redeemed herself over the years. Sure, she’s still a bit sneaky but, nowadays, it is generally for the greater good.

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7. Victor Kiriakis

Much like Sami, Victor has redeemed himself a tad over the years, but this could also have do with the strong influence his better half Maggie has on him. Still, in the 1980s and ‘90s, Victor did a lot of bad, bad stuff. From blackmail, to threats, to leading a drug ring, and consistently meddling in his family’s life to control them, Victor lands on this list for being one of the top villains Salem has seen, despite his evolution into a good guy.

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