Popular Days Of Our Lives Couples Ranked

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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) has always known how to assemble the perfect super couple … they’ve been doing it for years now! For over five decades, audiences have marveled at watching Salem residents fall in and out of love. DOOL couples make up, then break up, only to get back together again. So, the question remains — who has been the best of the best over the years? Below is an overview of popular DOOL super couples ranked.

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14. Marlena Evans and Roman Brady

These two were a huge super couple in the 1980s and 1990s. But the fact that they were both presumed to have passed at differing points of their relationship really caused a major rift between them. While they did go their own separate ways, they were eventually able to maintain a friendship and co-parent their children together.

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13. Maggie Horton and Victor Kiriakis

These two are proof that love and super couple status can occur at any age. While Maggie did have an incredible love affair with Mickey Horton, she certainly has achieved something special with the Greek tycoon. They came together later in life, and after having to deal with Vivian Alamain’s schemes, Maggie and Victor eventually said “I do” in 2011. While Victor has always been a hard (and sometimes vile) nut to crack, there is definitely a softer side to him now that he is with Maggie.

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12. Melanie Jonas and Brady Black

Melanie and Brady started off as “just friends” and this friendship would eventually turn into a bona fide romance. In 2014, they decided to take the leap; however, thanks to Teresa Donovan they never officially got hitched. They still made an incredible super couple, and maybe someday, if the planets align and both head back to Salem, they can rekindle their epic DOOL romance.

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11. Nicole Walker and Daniel Jonas

Speaking of Melanie, her dad Daniel had quite a few romances in the land of Salem. From Jennifer Horton to Chloe Lane, Kate Roberts, and others, he was quite the ladies man in the little town. When he and Nicole Walker got together, the two created super couple magic on daytime drama screens. He helped to reform the town schemer, and the couple shared a beautiful romance until his untimely passing in 2016.

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10. Sami Brady and E.J. DiMera

It is undeniable that Sami and E.J. had a ton of chemistry between them, but they were also quite toxic for one another. Despite this, they managed to walk down the aisle together three times and raised two beautiful children together (along with Sami’s two other kiddos with Lucas Horton). Sadly, this union ended with E.J.’s passing in 2014, but they seemed to have picked up where they left off (offscreen) since it turned out that he was very much alive.

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9. Abigail Deveraux and Chad DiMera

Affectionately known to Internet fans as Chabby, this DOOL couple has sure had their fair share of ups and downs. These two have suffered through mental health issues, other Salemites interfering in their marriage, and then there was that time when everyone thought Abby had passed away! Alas, they do have two children together, and love clearly still exists between this couple despite their rollercoaster of a relationship!

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8. Ciara Brady and Ben Weston

Certainly, one of the most popular super couples in recent times, Cin (as fans love to refer to them as) are the epitome of soap opera romances, with a little twist. With them, bad boy meets good girl and falls in love; however, while Ciara is considered a heroine, she’s a tough girl with a ton of attitude that oftentimes does the “saving” in the relationship. They have had their ups and downs (with plenty more to come in the future), but it does seem as if these two will last the long haul.

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7. Nicole Walker and Eric Brady

As much as these two try to stay away from each other, something always pulls them back together! From teenage love to friendship to Nicole trying to persuade Eric to turn away from the priesthood, they’ve battled exes keeping them apart, among other things. Seems as if they are finally on the road to living their “happily ever after,” but how long will that last?

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6. Carrie and Austin Reed

These two make an incredible super couple, and at the end of the day, the only thing that has come between them are other people trying to scheme their way to the top and rip the relationship apart. Carrie and Austin have been together since the early ’90s and it is comforting to know that they are still going strong today, no matter where DOOL storylines may go.

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5. Jennifer and Jack Deveraux

Mixing a bit of comedy with daytime drama (not to mention a ton of romance), Jack and Jenn have been through it all! Regardless of where life takes them, they seem to always end up in each other’s arms when all is said and done. Deveraux’s explosive return to Salem in 2019 once again proved that even memory loss can’t keep these lovebirds apart.

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4. Marlena Evans and John Black

Speaking of still going strong, there is such beauty in the staying-power that exists between Marlena and John. Even when Marlena thought John was actually Roman, she still loved him. When she found out he wasn’t Roman, she loved him anyways. Despite him not even knowing exactly who he was, Marlena has stuck by his side. This romance has spanned over three decades now, and even in the midst of uncertainty in Salem, fans can always rely on John and Marlena.

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3. Hope Williams and Bo Brady

Opposites attract in the world of soaps, and no one did this better than Bo and Hope. They embarked on adventures, did plenty of romantic getaways, and had that certain spark that some daytime drama couples lack nowadays. Sadly, Bo passed away in late 2015, but not before he was able to save his Fancy Face from one final disaster (after she married Aiden). Many DOOL couples come and go, but not many are like Bo and Hope.

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2. Kayla and Steve Johnson

After all these years, Patch and his Sweetness still know how to turn on the romance in Salem. The couple got together in the late ‘80s and since then DOOL fans have been drawn to them and their story. While Steve “passed away” in 1990, fans of the soap waited 16 years for his return and he and Kayla would eventually reunite in 2006. They’ve had plenty of ups and downs since, but when all is said and done, these two belong together.

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1. Julie and Doug Williams

Before there was John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, or even Steve and Kayla – there was Julie and Doug Williams, soap operas’ very first super couple. These two created so much of stir on daytime screens in the ‘70s, they landed on the cover of Time Magazine in 1976, the first and only time this would happen for a daytime drama couple. What’s the secret to their on-screen chemistry? Perhaps a lot of practice, as this real-life couple has been together for about four decades now.

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