Days Of Our Lives’ 10 Most Iconic Moments

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For over fifty years now, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) has been delighting its fans with intrigue, adventure, mystery, and a ton of romance! Audiences have fallen in love with the Hortons, wished they were part of the Bradys, and despised the DiMeras (for the most part). As DOOL celebrates 52 years on daytime this November, here are 10 iconic moments from the incredibly popular soap opera.

10. Marlena Is Possessed

One cannot even utter the words ‘Days of Our Lives’ without immediately thinking about the storyline that involved heroine Dr. Marlena and the Devil. She was possessed by him at one point in time, but thankfully love interest John Black was once a priest and he was able to rid her of her demonic woes. Only in the land of soap operas!

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9. Carrie Punches Sami

Sami unleashed a whole lot of manipulation back in her late teens and early twenties. One source of her frustration was the ever-wanting need to steal her sister’s boyfriend. Sami was obsessed with Austin Reed, but his heart always belonged to Carrie. Sami persisted and was even about to marry Austin (for the 2nd time) at one point. To the delight of many, Sami did not get away with marriage number two. In the end, Carrie not only stopped the wedding, but was able to smack her sister in the process! She then stepped in her place at the altar and married Austin herself!


8. He’s Coming Out!

One of the most iconic moments and a huge milestone for the LGBT community was when Will Horton revealed he was gay. There weren’t many same-sex relationships on daytime dramas at that point in time, so his story was pretty groundbreaking. Will and Sonny Kiriakis had a beautiful romance that defied gender stereotypes. It also broke down barriers and proved to soap opera audiences everywhere, that same-sex relationships go through the same drama as heterosexual ones.

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7. Roman Dies

A pivotal moment for a lot of long-time DOOL fans occurred in 1984 when Roman Brady fell off a cliff (while fighting rival Stefano DiMera) and was presumed dead. Days’ fans mourned and Salem was devastated. His wife Marlena tried to move on, but while the moment was shocking, it also opened a door for another new storyline.


6. John Black Is Born

After Roman’s death, Marlena struggled to raise twins Sami and Eric, as well as her step-daughter Carrie, she didn’t have to wait that long for a reprieve. Roman returned from the dead in 1986 in the form of a bandaged up John Black. It would turn out that John was really Roman. While about a year later, Marlena would die (not really, it would end up that she was in fact alive), John lived the Brady life for about five years until the real Roman returned. Alas, on that day John Black was officially born. Who is he really? Fans still really don’t know the answer to that question.

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5. Julie And Doug Get Hitched For The First Time

Forget General Hospital’s Luke and Laura, Doug and Julie Williams were the real first official super couple of daytime drama and fans could not wait to see them say ‘I do.’ The wedding took place in 1976, the very same year that Bill and Susan Hayes splashed on the cover of Time Magazine — the first and last time any characters from the land of soaps would be granted this honor. About sixteen million Days‘ fans watched on as everyone’s favorite soap opera couples got hitched.


4. Marlena … A Killer?

Amidst lower ratings in the early 2000s, DOOL writers decided to stir the pot with an interesting storyline that saw many long-time and beloved characters get axed. Who could the serial killer be? Fans were shocked to learn that it was Marlena Evans, DOOL’s resident heroine. Good news on multiple levels: Evans was not the killer and all these characters were alive and well, living the tropical life on an island and Stefano was behind the entire scheme!

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3. Bo And Hope’s Love Story

Days loves its dramatic wedding stoppers! Carrie Brady hit the list at number nine and her Uncle Bo lands at number three. In the 1980s, as love of his life Hope was about to marry the sleaze-ball Larry Welch, Bo (on his motorcycle and all) rode on in to save the day, stop the wedding, and rescue Hope from a life of misery. It was a tad over the top, but back then everything was over the top.

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2. Removing The Patch

The Steve and Kayla love story is so timeless that DOOL fans still revel in the romance that unfolds between these two to this very day. Back in the late ‘80s when they were first falling in love, fans fell hard for this scrappy thug from the wrong side of town who was smitten with the DOOL’s girl next door. An iconic moment for these two was when Kayla helped take care of a beaten down Steve, thus removing his patch to help clean a wound of his. Fans were never shown what lay behind the patch, but the enduring part of this moment was how Kayla was not at all affected by whatever she saw and simply carried on with her nursing duties. What would follow is a beautiful love story between these two and many incredible romantic memories.

1. Carly In A Box

It is many people’s worst nightmare: being buried alive in a coffin six feet under which makes this DOOL moment so iconic and memorable. An evil Vivian Alamain was so desperate for revenge, she plotted a scheme where she was able to convince Salem that Carly was dead. While she was still alive, Carly had a funeral and was buried in the ground. However, Alamain made sure to somehow place a radio transmitter in the box, to allow her to communicate with Carly during her so-called last hours of life. Thankfully Carly would be rescued in the end. Years later Vivian got a taste of her own medicine when she would plot that same plan of revenge on Maggie Horton, but fall victim to it when she was trapped in a sarcophagus instead.

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