Days Of Our Lives Couples Fans Didn’t See Coming

Love rules the roost in Salem, and Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is famous for its love stories. Creating such super couple phenomena like Patch and Kayla, Hope and Bo, John and Marlena, as well Chad and Abigail, DOOL fans love watching the romance unravel. Some of the best love stories in the land of Days are the ones that are unexpected, and below are DOOL couples that fans didn’t see coming.

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12. Hope Brady and Rafe Hernandez

While it seems like Rafe has been smitten with Hope for years, fans thought she’d never come around. In fact, there was a time where Hope only viewed Rafe as a friend and colleague. First, she had fallen for Aiden, then a returning Bo occupied her thoughts, then she took her time recovering from his demise. It seemed like she’d never look at Rafe in that light.

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11. Kate Roberts and Rafe Hernandez

Maybe it’s the age difference or the fact that they come from two very separate walks of life, but the relationship and love that developed between Kate and Rafe literally came out of the blue in 2013. After a drunken one-night stand, these two would engage in a secret love affair, much to the surprise of many DOOL viewers.

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10. Will Horton and Paul Narita

When Will Horton came back to the land of the living late last year, most DOOL fans automatically thought that he and Sonny would resume their love affair. At the very least, there were those that believed Paul and Will would fight for Sonny’s attention. Who knew that Will and Paul would ditch Sonny and end up together in the end!

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9. Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera

A very odd couple to say the least. Susan is a hot, eccentric mess and Stefano DiMera was public enemy number one. No fan ever expected that these two would make a connection, let alone have a baby together. Thanks to a lot of manipulation, and plenty of Elvis gear on Stefano’s part, Banks and DiMera ended up as a couple, for a short amount of time anyway.

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8. Kate Roberts and Clyde Weston

How someone as distinguished as Kate Roberts ever ended up with a slime-ball like Clyde is beyond comprehension. Kate has been linked to some of Salem’s most powerful men like John Black, Victor Kiriakis, and Stefano DiMera. No fan ever saw a love connection happening between her and criminal Clyde Weston.

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7. Nicole Walker and Deimos Kiriakis

Deimos was smitten from the moment he met Nicole as she was the spitting image of his former love Helena. She was disgusted by him, so who knew that over mere months she’d end up risking it all to be with him? The love affair between these two seemed to come out of nowhere and was completely unexpected, especially since she was still getting over Daniel Jonas passing away earlier that year.

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6. Carly Manning and Lawrence Alamain

Back in the early 1990s, Carly and Lawrence were certainly an odd couple. There was very little love between them; Lawrence was a controlling husband and all-around villain, and Carly was far more hung up on Bo than she ever was on Lawrence. Which made it that much more shocking in 1993 when she decided to head to Europe with Lawrence, choosing him and a new life over Salem.

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5. Kate and Andre DiMera

Their relationship seemed much more like a business deal than a real marriage, but this is how love goes when you are dealing with a DiMera sometimes. However, as time would wear on, business would turn into love and it’s unfortunate that Andre ended up passing away before these two could really see their relationship blossom.

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4. Adrienne Johnson and Lucas Horton

These long-time DOOL characters have been on the soap at the same time for decades, with their romantic paths never truly crossing — which made it that much more shocking when they came together last year. The relationship happened quite quickly and got serious fast. DOOL fans not only didn’t see this couple coming, viewers didn’t take to the relationship that well. Lucas and Adrienne lacked chemistry.

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3. Chloe Lane and Lucas Horton

Speaking of Lucas, his relationships with Chloe have always been steamy and exciting, which makes their recent romance a beautiful thing. It did totally come out of nowhere though. Chloe reached out to Lucas as a friend to help him through a hard time and it seems that these old lovebirds have fallen back into couple status.

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2. Sami Brady and EJ DiMera

For the longest time, Sami and EJ were literally at each other’s throats. Sure, DiMera was always smitten over Sami, but the two certainly had a love-hate relationship, with both trying to ruin each other at differing points of their lives. Who knew mortal enemies could not only become friends but lovers as well? Sami and EJ not only hooked up, they also turned into one of DOOL’s most popular super couples.

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1. Eve Donovan and Brady Black

Speaking of mortal enemies, Brady and Eve were just that after Eve stormed into town earlier this year. That is until Brady turned on the charm in an attempt to try and trick her into falling in love with him to regain power over Titan. At the end of the day, the plan backfired on him and Brady would end falling in love with Eve. Wonder what’s going to happen with these two now that Teresa is back in town!

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