Days Of Our Lives Characters We Wish Would Come Back To Life

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In the land of soap operas, characters come and go every week. Some leave town, others simply stop showing up onscreen (but are still mentioned now and again), and some pass away. Alas, characters who do leave end up coming back (in some fashion), and it is not uncommon for a character that has passed on to return, despite the circumstances around their demise. As such, below are some Days of Our Lives (DOOL) characters we wish would come back to life.

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12. Baby Mackenzie Horton

When DOOL flashed forward in November 2019, it felt as if the entire land of Salem flipped upside! Plot twists flew out of nowhere, and the Mother’s Day 2020 debacle had fans realizing that Sarah and Eric were taking care of Brady and Kristen’s baby, and sadly, the real Baby Mickey had passed away. With so many revelations along the way with this storyline, from Eric realizing he was Mickey’s dad to the accident, baby swap, Maggie at the helm of it all, and then the news coming out that it was Orpheus who caused the crash, maybe something can come pop out of the woodwork around Baby Mickey really being alive?

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11. Adrienne Kiriakis

Speaking of that infamous Mother’s Day, DOOL viewers were also taken aback to learn that Adrienne had passed away. She has a rich history in Salem, and with Jack and Steve returning to the little town, the only thing missing is their sister Adrienne. While actress Judi Evans has a spot on the show as Bonnie Lockhart, this simply doesn’t feel the same. #BringBackAdrienne

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10. Arianna Hernandez

Arianna Hernandez may not have been in Salem long, but she created a major fan base during her tenure. She still has roots in the little town, and Gabi really could use a friend to talk tom and potentially someone who could keep her from getting in trouble so much. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see actress Lindsay Hartley back on DOOL? Her recent (temporary) stint as the recast for Sam McCall on General Hospital has been phenomenal!

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9. Haley Chen

Haley Chen was building up a ton of momentum in Salem before Days flashed forward one year, and fans realized she had passed on. Chen had tremendous chemistry with J.J. Deveraux, and it really seemed as if she was on her way to becoming a staple character within the soap opera. Plans changed, Haley’s was thrown down the stairs by Kristen during an emotional scene, and DOOL viewers were all taken aback! J.J. has never been the same, but could that all change if Haley returned?

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8. Jordan Ridgeway

Another character to meet their demise during the DOOL jump in time storyline was Jordan Ridgeway. Thankfully, the truth came out that Ben was innocent in her passing; however, it’s still sad that Jordan is gone. Not only because she was a semi-love interest for Rafe, but because of the dynamics of the character.

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7. Abigail Deveraux

DOOL fans were dismayed in the spring of 2022 when rumors began spreading that Abigail Deveraux was about to perish in a very permanent way. While the details weren’t 100% accurate — she was stabbed, not beheaded — the fact that Abigail was axed (and that Marci Miller departed the soap with a shrug) was an awful event for viewers. Granted, DOOL did reportedly offer Miller a chance to come back in the future, but whether or not she’d still be playing Abigail is anyone’s guess.

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6. Isabella Toscano

Jarlena is in a really good place right now, so nothing would be more explosive than if Isabella Toscano returned to the land of the living. John has had two great loves of his lifetime, and one has to wonder what things would look like if Isabella had never passed away. As a fan favorite, many long-time viewers would love to see her come back! In terms of plot twists and drama, Isabella returning would offer up some must-see daytime drama TV.

Days of Our Lives

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5. Alex North

Alex North was an interesting character. He was the first husband of Dr. Marlena Evans, and while he seemed all nice and sweet initially, he ended up being a manipulative person who was up to no good. Perhaps the most interesting dynamic to the North character was the fact that actor Wayne Northrop initially played the original Roman Brady, another huge love interest for Evans. He is one that could easily come back because he passed away in 2006 after he fell off a cliff, but his body was never found. While he’s not one who would be considered a fan favorite, he is certainly evil enough to stir up some drama between John and Marlena should he re-enter the land of Salem.


4. Paige Larson

Mom Eve Donovan has not been the same since daughter Paige Larson passed away at the hands of the Salem Necktie Serial Killer (a.k.a. Ben Weston) in 2015. Paige had tremendous roots in Salem, was a fan favorite, and a return would cause quite a stir. Linked to not only the Donovan/Brady clan, after Paige’s passed it was be revealed that she also had ties to the Hernandez family, with her bio dad being Eduardo and half-siblings Gabi, Dario, and Rafe in tow. If Will could come back, why not Paige?

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3. Lexie Carver

Who else misses Lexie? She certainly walked a fine line between what was right and wrong over her tenure on DOOL, but there wasn’t a dry eye in any fan’s house the day that Carver passed away from brain tumors – in the arms of the man she loved. Abe is still quite prominent in DOOL storylines today, and if Lexie could be resurrected, it would sure make an explosive storyline. It could happen; she is the daughter of Stefano DiMera. Having nine lives is part of her DNA.

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2. Dr. Daniel Jonas

DOOL fans were devastated by the passing of the handsome and charming Dr. Daniel Jonas in early 2016. His love story with Nicole Walker had been incredible, and Jonas was a staple character on the show. Alas, he met his demise after a drunk driving accident where his heart still beats in the chest of BFF Brady Black. It would be hard if he did return, but with ties in Salem, he could easily blend back into the world of Days.

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1. Bo Brady

What a letdown it was for DOOL fans when after years of waiting for Bo Brady to return. He came back only to die of brain tumors shortly afterward. His return did add a lot of closure for viewers and Hope, but seeing Bo back in Salem, only to be ripped away, was devastating. Much like many on this list, it could be hard to have him return, but in the land of soaps, coming back to life can be easily explainable!

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