Days Of Our Lives Character Returns That Totally Underwhelmed Fans

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There is nothing more exciting for a soap opera fan than learning their favorite character is set for a return! The only downer is, will the character return for a short or long time? If they have passed away, does their return mean they are alive, or just coming back as a ghost? Sometimes comebacks can be epic; other times, they can be a letdown. Below are some Days of Our Lives (DOOL) character returns that totally underwhelmed fans.

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12. Chloe Lane

Days has been on a trend lately, bringing older characters back for a brief storyline, and then shipping them back off. Makes it exciting to see them in Salem; however, it can be a real letdown knowing that a character’s comeback has been hyped up for nothing. Such is the case with Chloe Lane this past summer. She was in a scene or two, helping Hope and Ciara try to locate Eve and Ben. A hugely underwhelming result for fans of Chloe eagerly anticipating a bona fide return.

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11. Eve Donovan

Speaking of Eve, she too had a brief comeback this past summer, where some DOOL fans were expecting more. It’s a shame that a dynamic and complex character like Eve could get caught up in a plan to try and brainwash Ben into murdering his new bride. Seems a bit over-the-top, even for Days! Eve has always been a schemer, but this storyline crossed a line. As quickly as she returned, she was whisked off away to jail. It would have been nice to see Eve return, and truly settle back into Salem, but it is what it is.

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10. Lucas Roberts

While Lucas has had more of a lengthy return to Salem, he’s played second-fiddle to his daughter Allie. Did he just come back to usher in Allie’s SORASed character, or is there any real purpose to Lucas’ 2020 return? This doesn’t seem like the case. He’s had no romance and no storyline of his own (aside from the doting dad/grandad story).

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9. Steveano

When Days’ fans caught wind that Stephen Nichols was returning to the soap in 2019, there was excitement in the air. Having said that, when the actor came back as Stefano DiMera in Steve Johnson’s body, there was a bit of backlash online by fans. Not only were viewers underwhelmed that Steve hadn’t returned, but many also didn’t like the idea of anyone playing Stefano other than the late and great Joe Mascolo.

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8. Sami Brady

Sami Brady has been strolling into Salem for quick stints for a while now. Every time she storms in, she brings the drama with her; however, probably one of the biggest complaints around her “returns” is the fact that they don’t feel long enough! Days is promising a prolonged and extended visit from Sami, come late 2020 into 2021, so fans of the character should gear up for a more permanent storyline with her, coming soon.

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7. Rex Brady

Rex’s return to Salem lacked luster both in 2018 and 2020. The only real unexpected twist in his first return was the fact that actor Kyle Lowery (ex-Brady Black) had been recast in the role. Meanwhile, his summer 2020 return was far too short. Add him onto the list of character returns that were random and misplaced this past summer.

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6. Carrie and Austin Reed

Super-couple Carrie and Austin do everything together, so they might as well hit this list side by side, too! It’s always great to see the Reeds return to Salem, but in the last few years, it feels as if they aren’t really being brought back for a purpose or a storyline, just really for the hype of a “Carrie and Austin” return.

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5. Eduardo Hernandez

Actor A. Martinez is a soap opera legend, so when word got out that he was returning to Days this past summer, many fans were excited to see A. and Eduardo back in the land of Salem. Sadly, he simply returned to help with the storyline exit of Gabi and Rafe, which was a huge letdown.

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4. Anna DiMera

It’s always great to see Anna DiMera in Salem, and her recent reunion with Tony undeniably helped her get over harbored feelings of loss over the years. Rewinding a couple of years, her return in 2018 seemed like it was going in a fun direction, and finally added some romance in Roman’s life, but this all quickly fizzled because Anna couldn’t get revenge for Tony’s passing off her mind. So underwhelming!

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3. Vivian Alamain

A little Vivian is way better than nothing, but as quickly as she returned in July 2020, she was gone again. Sure, she found out that Stefan had a twin and she got to meet Jake, but surely she could’ve stayed a tad longer, and there had to be a better way for her to exit than faking her passing (again)? The only silver lining around all this is that she could have another comeback.

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2. Billie Reed

Back in 2018, Days’ fans were excited to see OG Billie Reed back in Salem as actress Lisa Rinna reprised the role. Sadly, if you blinked that week, you missed her appearance. She was helping John Black and Steve Johnson with some ISA stuff, but as quickly as she arrived in the little town, she was gone. Major letdown.

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1. Bo Brady

When the prodigal son of the Brady family finally returned to Salem in 2015, fans everywhere were gearing up for a major Bope reunion. The two did come together, but soon after his arrival, everyone learned he had a brain tumor. While the storyline did add some closure for the couple and character, his passing was devastating to many viewers.

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