7 Popular But Forgotten Days Of Our Lives Actors

For over 50 years now, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) has been entertaining soap opera fans with the daily trials and tribulations of Salem residents. While the daytime drama has been known to capitalize on the popularity of many characters that made them famous in the ‘80s with storylines revolving around fan favorites Patch, Kayla, Hope, Victor, John, and Marlena — the soap has also proven to be a revolving door for many actors along the way. We’ve seen characters come and go (and return), but there is also a vast number of popular Salemites that have left the show that are missed, never to return again. Below is a list of seven popular, but forgotten DOOL actors.

7. Billy Warlock

When one mentions the name ‘Billy Warlock’ visions of Eddie Kramer running down a beach may come to mind. While he may be best known for his Baywatch character, Warlock was also a huge soap opera actor at one point, appearing on shows like As the World Turns, One Life to Life, and The Young and the Restless. His two most famous daytime drama roles included a run as the infamous AJ Quartermaine on General Hospital, as well as Frankie Brady on DOOL. Playing the character on-and-off from 1986 all the way to 2010, Frankie was a popular staple on the show at one point and the love interest of fan favorite, Jennifer Horton. With no real love interest currently in Jenn’s life, DOOL fans can only hope that a return by Frankie could change all that and rekindle an incredible romance.

Barnard / Rex Features

Barnard / Rex Features

6. Darin Brooks

Speaking of Frankie, his little brother Max was quite the character. While he was little when the Brady family adopted him, thanks to soap opera rapid aging syndrome (SORAS), by 2005 Max was quite the man. Darin Brooks entered the role at that point and would have a solid run with the character, leaving the show in 2010. Max was involved with some pretty high-profile leading ladies, but sadly due to his adoption, he was almost kind of related to most of them. He was in a relationship with Chelsea Brady (niece via adoption), Stephanie Johnson (niece via adoption), and Abby Deveraux (his future step-niece at the time). No blood relation to any of these ladies, of course, but Max did ride a slippery slope when it came to love and family. Brooks can now be seen on another popular daytime drama, The Bold and the Beautiful, playing Wyatt Spencer.

Peter Brooker / Rex Features

Peter Brooker / Rex Features

5. Kyle Lowder

While DOOL fans adore Eric Martsolf as Brady Black, he hasn’t been the first actor to play this incredible role. Kyle Lowder originated the part in 2000. It was said that NBC and Ken Corday decided to bring back an adult Brady (via that ever-popular SORAS transformation) when Jensen Ackles (ex-Eric Brady) was leaving the show. The idea was to build up the Brady character to fill in that young hero void that Eric was leaving. Sadly, Kyle left the show in 2005 which gave way to Martsolf to enter the wacky world of Salem. Lowder has also enjoyed soap opera fame on the Bold and the Beautiful playing Rick Forrester from 2007 to 2011. However, even more interesting is that he left that show to pursue a career in music. Lowder released a CD later on that hit the number three spot on the iTunes chat in the category of Classic Crossover.

4. Michael Sabatino

Who doesn’t miss Lawrence Alamain? He was manipulative, deceptive and a terribly controlling husband. Michael Sabatino played the villainous son of the rich and well-to-do Alamain clan from 1990 to 1993 and he made quite a mark on Salem. He also made sporadic appearances on the show after his leave. Still, for one reason or another, it seems that perhaps his wife Carly and Aunt Vivian would move to much more DOOL storylines in the future and a longer run with the show. The bad news is, fans don’t get to see much of Lawrence anymore. The good news? Michael Sabatino snagged the love of his life on set during his Days tenure. He and actress Crystal Chappell (ex-Carly) fell in love and got hitched in 1997. They are still happily married today.

3. Michael Easton

Before he played a vampire on Port CharlesJohn McBain on One Life to Life, or entered the world of General Hospital as Silas Clay and now Dr. Hamilton Finn, Michael Easton played a young Tanner Scofield on DOOL. Portraying this character in the early ‘90s, Tanner had a fling with Carrie Brady, but it was his romance with Molly Brinker (played by Shannon Sturges) that really captivated DOOL audiences. While Tanner and Molly ended up riding into the sunset together, and out of Salem, there are those long-time fans that still missing seeing these two on their daytime screens.

2. Wayne Northrop

Whether he was playing Roman Brady or the evil Dr. Alex North, former DOOL actor Wayne Northrop was always a pleasure to watch. He originated the Roman Brady role in 1981 and then left the show in 1984. When he left, John Black was born, but audiences may not have realized this at the time (maybe the writers did not foresee this happening as well). Drake Hogestyn was recast as Roman later on, and an entire storyline would unravel around Roman Brady and his new face. Northrop would return in 1991 as Brady, which launched the John Black storyline in full force. John Black was confused, Roman was perplexed, and it took a while for everything to sink for Marlena. In fact, to this day, DOOL fans still don’t know who the real John Black is. While Northrop remained as Roman for another short stint (leaving in 1994), he did return to DOOL for another interesting storyline as a new character, Dr. Alex North. Regardless of what character he is portraying, Northrop is a popular DOOL actor of the past, who is still quite missed by fans, even today.



1. John de Lancie

Anyone else miss Eugene Bradford? Digging far into DOOL history vaults comes a quirky Days character from the ‘80s. John de Lancie played Eugene from 1982 to 1986, and the character enjoyed a nice romantic run with partner-in-crime Calliope Jones. Not only was there a ton of spice in this relationship, the duo also offered fans a tremendous amount of comedic relief. The interesting thing about Lancie is that Days fans might also recognize this stand-up comedian from the vast number of other projects the actor has dove into since his DOOL run. He’s been on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Breaking Bad, Stargate SG-1 and if you have little ones you may also recognize his voice from the cartoon show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.