Days Of Our Lives Couples Who Should Never Get Back Together

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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is famous for its super couples. Patch and Kayla, John and Marlena, Bo and Hope … the list can go on and on. In Salem, love always seems to be in the air, regardless of whether or not a little bit of drama is mixed in there too. While there are a ton of DOOL couples that fans would love to see reunite, there is also a handful out there that have broken up and should stay that way! As such, below is an overview of Days couples who should never (ever, ever) get back together!

12. Victor Kiriakis and Vivian Alamain

Vivian has always been obsessed with Victor, and in years past she tried to do just about anything to be with him. Sadly, the love wasn’t mutual, even though these two have been married in the past and have had affairs. Should they get back together someday? Unless Maggie passes on, there really would be no reason for Victor’s eye to wander in that direction.

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11. Roman Brady and Marlena Evans

Roman and Marlena were a massive super couple in the 1980s. So much so that DOOL fans had their hearts broken when Roman was thought to have passed away. While they did once have chemistry, it was nothing compared to what Evans shares with John Black. Any hopes of a rekindled romance vanished once Marlena fell into John’s arms.

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10. Justin Kiriakis and Kayla Brady

It was an interesting plot twist in 2019 when DOOL fans jumped a year ahead and found that Kayla and Justin were a couple. They hopped out of the friends’ zone and into romance after Adrienne passed away and Steve skipped town. With that said, once the truth around Johnson’s disappearance surfaced, it was clear that Kayla’s heart belonged to Steve. In many ways, watching them together just felt so wrong.

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9. Lucas Roberts and Chloe Lane

Lucas and Chloe have tried to make it work as a couple multiple times! Every time they get together, it ends terribly, and they go their separate ways. The first time around, Chloe cheated on Lucas. The second time around, Lucas skipped town to take care of Allie. Perhaps they both need a fresh romantic start with someone completely new.

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8. Lucas Roberts and Carrie Brady

Speaking of Lucas, he’s had his fair share of relationships in the land of Salem, plus heartbreaks. While he once fancied Carrie in a big way, it was clear that she belonged with Austin. Should they ever decide to revisit this relationship? Sure, Lucas is looking for love; however, Carrie is still content with Austin (despite their ups and downs over the years).

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7. Philip Kiriakis and Belle Black

Whenever Belle, Shawn, and Philip are all in town at the same time, Days decides it is time to rehash their love triangle from decades ago! Everyone has since moved on, so why is it that Shawn still has a tinge of jealousy when it comes to Philip? Belle and Philip have tried to make it work in the past, but at the end of the day, she always chooses Shawn, so what’s the point?

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6. Jack Deveraux and Eve Donovan

Jack and Eve have been married a couple of times over the years, and the first one was for paper purposes only, while the second time around, the two were a bona fide couple. Jack was smitten until he got his memory back and realized that Jennifer was the woman for him. J&J has reunited, and Eve’s in jail at the moment, so there’s little chance these two will get back together at this point.

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5. Chad DiMera and Gabi Hernandez

When these two lovebirds were younger, they had quite a thing going on. While they have been more like rivals recently, a plot twist could pop up that brings them closer together. Should these two ever think about getting back together someday? Not if Chabby fans have their say …

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4. Rafe Hernandez and Sami Brady

Rafe and Sami had quite a love affair from about 2009 to 2012. In fact, it seemed that Rafe was the fresh-face Sami needed to get over her troubling past and failed relationships with E.J. DiMera and Lucas Horton (just to name a few). Sami did cheat on Rafe, and in many ways, her scheming and manipulation placed a wedge in the relationship. With Sami in and out of Salem on the regular, could these two rekindle their old flame? That’s a hard no. She hurt the handsome cop so much during their time together, and he deserves some happiness.

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3. Brady Black and Chloe Lane

In their younger years, these two made quite the super couple. They were married at one point in time and Brady was incredibly smitten with the singer. While the marriage ended due to Brady’s addiction, the two haven’t been able to re-connect after their 2008 divorce. Chloe has always struggled with poor decisions and manipulation, and Brady walks a fine line between good and evil all the time. They would make a poor match these days.

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2. Austin Reed and Sami Brady

Can anyone say that Austin and Sami were ever a couple? Sami was obsessed with Austin in the late ‘90s and as such, convinced him to marry her, not once, but twice. Their first marriage was a mere technicality and a plot to get their son Will back, but the second time Austin proposed on his own accord. Sami lied, manipulated, and schemed her way into Austin’s heart. Thankfully, Austin saw the true Sami for all she was and dumped her. Austin’s a better match with Carrie. Things should stay the way they are.


1. Victor Kiriakis and Nicole Walker

Nicole has evolved since her gold-digger days, but there was a time when all she cared about was money. No one was wealthier in Salem than the infamous Victor Kiriakis and a creepy relationship was born. The two even got hitched at one point, with Nicole scheming to get rid of Victor and become a wealthy widow. Sadly, there was no love in this relationship at all and Victor soon came to realize this. Thankfully, he has moved on to a better half in Maggie Horton. Nicole has moved on too, turning her back on her scheming ways, and is now trying to live a good and decent life in Salem.

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