Days Of Our Lives News Round-Up For The Week (July 25, 2022)

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Thanks to social media, Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) viewers have more access than ever to their favorite soaps stars. Find out who said what and keep up with the latest off-screen drama with our DOOL News Round-Up for the week of July 25th, 2022.

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9. Reflecting On Arianna’s Demise

While chatting with about the likelihood of reprising her role on DOOL, Lindsay Hartley reminisced about her character’s sudden fate. “It was very quick,” Hartley recalled. “We were on this train, and then I found out that I was going to die. Oh no! Okay, alright, I guess…” So what does Hartley envision for Arianna’s resurrection? “I would love to come back with a little bit of a vengeance,” she said. “It would be fun! I don’t mind coming back and blowing things up… That’d be great.” It’s always a possibility in Salem!

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8. A Happy Ending For Gwen

We’re all well aware what happened to Gwen on her wedding day, but thankfully, art doesn’t imitate real life for portrayer Emily O’Brien. The DOOL star shared a wild wedding video on Instagram to celebrate the bride, Angela, who is her friend of 15 years. “I am so incredibly honored to have been part of your and Derek’s special day!” O’Brien wrote in the caption. “We will always keep dancing.” That’s how true friendship works!

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7. Carson Boatman’s Anni

While his character, Johnny DiMera, is nervously waiting to find out if Chanel wants to be with him, actor Carson Boatman’s love life is much more stable. To mark his first wedding anniversary with model Julana Dizon, he posted a quick video to his Instagram. “I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you in my life,” the actor wrote in the caption. “You are my rock, my heart, and really my everything.” Wow, Johnny should crib some of these lines to use on Chanel!

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6. Elia Cantu’s First Impression 

Actress Elia Cantu did a lot of prime time before coming to DOOL as Jada Hunter, appearing in Black-ish and This Is Us. But none of that prepared the actress for daytime television, which she sees as closer to stage work. “It reminds me a lot of theater,” Cantu told Soap Opera Digest. “The prepping is important. You’ve got to really be ready, because when you go on set, you’ve got to be ready to go. You get one take, maybe two. Then you have a lot of dialogue to get through and work on.” Makes prime time sound like a breeze!

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5. A New Side Of Robert Scott Wilson

One month ago, Robert Scott Wilson announced his DOOL departure alongside Victoria Konefal – but his farewell was largely a symbolic one. Yes, Ben Weston has driven off into the sunset with Ciara, but the actor is already back. Wilson will debut as a new character, Alex Kiriakis, on Tuesday July 26th. Get the actor’s take on the transition here!

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4. Dr. Rolf Has Been Recast

Viewers likely noticed that Dr. Wilhelm Rolf looks a little different since he returned to stir up trouble. That’s because the character, played by William Utay since 1995, has been recast with Richard Wharton in the role. It is unclear why Utay left DOOL, although it’s rumored that Wharton’s recast is a permanent one. So, what brings Dr. Rolf back to Salem?

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3. Who Will The Grim Reaper Take?

DOOL spoilers are teasing that “the Grim Reaper” will claim the life of another Salemite over the coming weeks. Moreover, added teasers suggest that the DiMera family will be “rocked” by tragedy. Many viewers are suspecting that Jake DiMera will be the victim. Does that mean actor Brandon Barash, much like several other cast members, will be bidding adieu to the NBC soap? Not so fast!

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2. Sharing The “Shelle” Love 

Brandon Beemer has been named Performer of the Week over at SoapHub. Having just taken his character, Shawn, through a journey of anger, confusion and resentment, Beemer deserves the recognition; so much so, even his estranged, on-screen wife is congratulating him! “Shining like the star he is,” co-star Martha Madison tweeted upon seeing the accolade. The moment clearly made Beemer a bit wistful, as he later tweeted a throwback photo of “Shelle” during happier times!

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1. Could Brandon Barash Switch Roles?

From one Brandon to another… With a DiMera set to fall and Dr. Rolf back in town, speculation is buzzing that Brandon Barash will pull a Robert Scott Wilson, so to speak, by dropping his current character and reprising another. Viewers are connecting the dots and sensing that Stefan DiMera will return to the canvas in the near future. As with all things in Salem, there’s logic within the insanity of it!

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