Fame10’s Ultimate Disney Quiz Collection


Disney has been entertaining audiences for decades, and now thanks to Disney Plus, all the classics are being loved by a whole new generation. From Disney Classics, to brand-new hits, fans of every and any age are still enjoying the adventures, the romance, the humor, the music and of course, the magic of Disney. Now is the time to test your knowledge on everything from the Classics to lyrics, and of course Princesses and Princes with Fame10’s ultimate Disney quiz collection!

1. How Well Do You Know The Disney Princesses?

What better way to start things off with a Disney Princesses quiz? From Ariel to Aurora and more, find out if all those countless hours spent watching Disney movies has paid off! Test yourself by taking the quiz here.



2. How Well Do You Remember Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?

2017 saw the arrival of Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast with a fantastic cast and magic all of its own, but nothing can ever compare to the original. Take a trip down memory lane with 1991’s Beauty and the Beast and dive back into the world of Belle, Gaston, Maurice and of course the Beast by taking the Beauty and the Beast quiz here.

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3. Can You Match These Disney Sidekicks To The Correct Film?

Where would any Disney hero or heroine be without their trusty sidekicks? Let’s face it, all those amazing Disney heroes we’ve come to know and love wouldn’t have been able to snag the girl, defeat the enemy, and basically save the day without the help from their trusty sidekicks! In some cases (ahem, Olaf) the sidekicks have become just as popular as the leading characters! Match the Disney sidekick to the correct film by taking the quiz here. 

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4. Can You Guess What Disney Film These Lyrics Are From?

The magic of Disney lies in the stories and the adventure, but most of all the magic is in the music. Disney fans have an entire arsenal of Disney hits locked away in their memory, and each film has one or several standout songs! Now is your time to put that knowledge to the test by matching the lyrics to the right Disney film! If you just can’t wait to be King (or Queen) of the quiz, take the quiz here.



5. How Well Do You Remember The Little Mermaid?

If you wish to be part of Ariel’s world, and Prince Eric is your favorite Disney prince then this is the quiz for you! Disney’s The Little Mermaid was first released in 1989 and won two Oscars for Best Original Score and Best Original Song — “Under the Sea”– and is without a doubt one of the Disney Classics that gets the most attention from fans. More than 30 years since its release, see how well you remember the beloved film by taking the quiz here.

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6. Which Disney Character Said This?

There is no doubt that Disney fans can recite Princesses and hit Disney songs from heart, but how far does that knowledge go? Meaningful messages are key to any Disney film and can be delivered by anyone from the villains, to the sidekicks of course the feature characters. Match the Disney character to the quote by taking the quiz here.

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7. How Well Do You Remember Disney’s The Fox and the Hound?

Disney Princesses might be the faces of the Disney franchise, but some of the most underrated Disney films don’t have Princes or Princesses, simply just animals. In 1981, Disney released The Fox and the Hound which is remembered as one of the most heart-wrenching of Disney classic films. Find out how well you remember the tale of an unlikely friendship and coming-of-age by taking this The Fox and the Hound quiz here.



8. What Disney Song Are These Lyrics From?

Now that you have tried your hand at matching the Disney lyrics to the correct film, it is time to dig a little deeper by matching the lyrics to the Disney song! If you know “Just Around the Riverbend” off by heart and know every melody of “Hakuna Matata” then it is time for the real test with this quiz!

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9. Can You Guess Which Disney Sidekick Said This Quote?

“Well, there’s the usual things. Flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep…” No Disney film is complete without a trusty sidekick or two, and more than one memorable line. Disney sidekicks have made us roar with laughter, feel the energy of a motivational speech, and the true power of friendship as they stood with their hero or heroine every step of the way. If you have a soft spot for Disney sidekicks, match the sidekick to the quote by taking the quiz here.




10. How Well Do You Remember The Lion King?

Disney’s The Lion King has stood the test of time and even was one of the first to receive the live-action treatment. The Lion King was a childhood favorite of many who are now overjoyed to share the film with their own children, or simply continue to enjoy the movie in adulthood. If “Hakuna Matata” is your life motto and you know everything there is to know about the Pride Lands, put your knowledge to the test by taking the quiz here.

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11. Which Disney Film Are These Minor Characters From?

Everybody knows Belle, Mulan, Elsa, Simba and more, but there are a lot of characters that make-up all the amazing Disney films! Minor characters add their own little magic to every Disney story, and are definitely not so minor in the minds of Disney fans. Find out how well you know your favorite Disney movies by matching these minor characters to the correct film with this quiz!

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12. How Well Do You Remember Mulan?

Mulan was quite unlike any Princess that Disney had presented so far. Mulan was fierce, strong, and on the lookout for her family, not for a man. With the live-action Mulan coming to theaters soon, what better time to revisit the beloved film? Find out how well you remember Mulan by taking the quiz here.

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13. Can You Match These Disney Villains To The Correct Movie?

Where would any Disney hero or heroine be without a nemesis? Even though Disney villains aren’t well-liked, they are certainly well-known and Disney just would not be the same without them. As we get older we get to understand the villains just a little more, which often makes the movies that much more entertaining in adulthood. Take a walk on the dark side and test your Disney villain knowledge with this quiz.

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14. How Well Do You Remember The Aristocats?

The Aristocats was yet another animal based Disney film that doesn’t get as much love as it should. The 1970 film is one of the true classics with the iconic Eva Gabor voicing the gorgeous Duchess. If you are ready for another adventure with Duchess, Toulouse, Marie, Berlioz, and Thomas O’Malley, take a trip back in time (and back in your memory) and try The Aristocats quiz here.

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15. Which Disney Movie Does This Quote Belong To?

Quoting Disney films and characters is a true art, and one that only the most dedicated Disney fan has mastered. There are a lot of iconic characters to have come out of the Disney franchise all with their own memorable lines. Find out how well you know some classic lines by matching them to the Disney movie they belong to with this quiz!

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16. How Well Do You Remember Aladdin?

There have been countless Disney feature films, but Aladdin is one that definitely stands out. Upon its release it became the highest-grossing film of 1992 and also became the first animated feature to reach the half-billion dollar mark and was even the highest-grossing film of all time! If you think you know everything there is to know about the Disney hit, take the quiz here.

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17. How Well Do You Remember Dumbo?

Dumbo was one of Walt Disney’s earliest productions, and despite its age it remains one of the most beloved films. Dumbo is one of the more emotional and heart-wrenching Disney tales that tells a story way bigger than one would expect from an animated film. Take the ultimate Dumbo quiz here.



18. Can You Match These Disney Heroes To The Correct Film?

Disney heroes are now cultural icons, and there isn’t one Disney film without a lead whether it is a Princess, animal or something else! This Disney Heroes quiz should be a breeze for any Disney fan. Try it here!

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19. The Ultimate Mickey Mouse Quiz

What better way to celebrate Disney knowledge than with the mouse that start it all? 2018 marked the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, and he has become the hallmark character to the Disney franchise and all that has built our around it. This Disney quiz is for only the most serious of Disney and Mickey Mouse fans. Try the quiz here.

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