Ranked: Comatose Soap Opera Romances Of 2022

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Soap opera fans can disagree about the chemistry of celebrated super couples, but it takes a special pairing to draw the ire of virtually everyone! Instead of swooning with our favorite characters, viewers spent much of 2022 wondering what The Young and the Restless (Y&R), The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), General Hospital (GH) and Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) saw in these couples! Here are the soap opera romances that put us to sleep in 2022.

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12. Katie And Carter — B&B

Katie and Carter had a real chance to connect on an organic, believable level back in the fall of 2021, but B&B writers scrapped it. At the time, Carter had other love interests but they all went south over the subsequent months. After an unpopular coupling with Paris and the sudden departure of Quinn, B&B came back full-circle to Katie. Unfortunately, seeing them make out at the Hope For The Future fashion preview felt rushed and thrown together.

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11. Sally And Nick — Y&R

Sally and Nick are two very likeable characters to watch, and they have a fair amount of chemistry between them. However, they make this list because Y&R is clearly positioning Nick to be the obstacle preventing Sally and Adam’s reunion – which is so going to happen in 2023. Is that why Sally and Nick’s dialogue feels so sedate and passive? Who can forget Nick’s soul-stirring words to Sally after they first slept together, “I’m hungry”? They don’t connect on the level that she and Adam do, and it’s very intentional.

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10. Carly And Drew — GH

GH has fallen into a strange habit of doubling-down on couples that viewers don’t want. A few of them make this list, but we start with Carly and Drew because the effort GH is putting into this pairing isn’t commiserate with the general shrug fans are giving back. When these two finally sealed the deal in Jacksonville, and GH had aerial cameras swooping in on their cliffside kiss, it couldn’t make up for the fact that these two lack chemistry. The more epic they try to make this romance, the more inadequate it feels.

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9. Nate and Elena — Y&R

Again, we have two likeable characters who just don’t bring passion into the equation. Before Elena left for a conference in Hawaii, the two had a bedroom scene which was okay, but it wasn’t nearly as impactful as their break-up scene. These two are solid characters who deserve a true romance, but it just isn’t with each other. It’s a shame that Imani disappeared, because that coupling had promise.

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8. Paris And Zende — B&B

The hardest romantic pairings to watch are the ones in which one partner is making all the effort to keep the sparks alive. If not for Zende’s commitment, we’re not sure he and Paris would’ve been considered a couple. Back in 2021, Paris surprised him with a vocal performance at Dodger Stadium, but since then she has kept him on the backburner. Now that Carter has rebuffed her, she and Zende will likely start up again in 2023 – but will her heart be in it?

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7. Noah And Allie — Y&R

Long before Noah and Allie had even met, viewers knew that Y&R writers were going to pit them together. Contrary to the soap’s title, Genoa City didn’t have a lot of young, restless and single alternatives at the time, so it felt inevitable. To that end, the pairing felt mechanical from the get-go. Both characters are serious-minded, but Noah is full-on maudlin most of the time. Perhaps these two will have more fun elsewhere.

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6. Taylor And Ridge — B&B

Here’s a super couple that should be enjoying a new chapter of their historic romance, thanks to Krista Allen’s welcome recasting of Taylor Hayes. She and Ridge have chemistry, too – arguably more than he has with Brooke – but their storyline has been torturous. Surely, Taylor should have more self respect than to sit around waiting for a married man who’s in no rush to make a decision. Despite a million red flags, this successful psychologist prepared to remarry the man who always breaks her heart… and he’ll do it again.

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5. Finn And Elizabeth — GH

Finn and Elizabeth, much like Y&R’s Nate and Elena, seem good together on paper: both couples feature intelligent and respectful medical professionals. However, Finn and Elizabeth’s regard for one another, while tender, lacks any excitement. Perhaps they would’ve made a good couple had they not gotten together shortly before Liz’s meandering storyline about repressed memories. It will be a challenge for these two to rebound in 2023.

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4. Chance And Abby — Y&R

The coupling of Chance and Abby had a fairytale-like quality to it, and viewers were totally on board. However, if Y&R’s dismissal of actor Donny Boaz , Chance’s long stretch being “MIA”, and the eventual recasting (with Conner Floyd) didn’t wear on the patience of “Chabby” fans, the writing for this couple has definitely sunk their potential. Sure, it was weird when Chance was pronounced deceased and didn’t bother to tell his wife he was alive. It was also unusual when Chance was cool with Devon’s hostile takeover of Dominic’s custody arrangement. But when Chance showed that same relaxed attitude after he caught Abby with Devon, it signaled that this couple had no romance left to lose.

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3. Rafe And Nicole — DOOL

While DOOL viewers were in favor of Rafe and Nicole – especially because it was a healthier, sturdier relationship than the detective had with former mob princess Ava Vitali – nobody expected it to last for very long. Even if Ms. Walker’s relationship with EJ hadn’t been a distraction for this couple, the ever-looming “What if” about Eric Brady would’ve haunted this couple forever. Eric and Nicole still have a lot of drama ahead of them, but fans should be relieved that Rafe checked out when he did.

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2. Brooke And Ridge — B&B

Brooke and Ridge are one of the most celebrated super couples in all of daytime television, so it’s really saying something that they’re so prominently placed on this list. Fans are absolutely sick of the unfair power dynamic between these two, which has played out since last New Years Eve. All year, Ridge has punished his wife for perceived crimes against their marriage by retaliating with far worse indiscretions. He’s finally made his bed by annulling their marriage over an accusation, which will soon be revealed as false. As far as fans are concerned, good riddance!

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1. Austin And Maxie — GH

Of all the pairings that GH seems headstrong about pursuing, none of them have been as tone-deaf or unconvincing as Austin and Maxie. Viewers were open to the possibility when Dr. Austin arrived in time to deliver Maxie’s baby in the woods. But somehow, that first meeting has been the least awkward interaction between these two! Will Maxie and Spinelli finally reunite in 2023? Will Austin find his place in crowded Port Charles? Let’s hope so!

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