Bold And The Beautiful Characters Who Should’ve Never Been Axed

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Soap opera fans care about the characters they see, day in and day out, on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). So when one of those characters perishes in a dramatic or sudden way, it forces viewers to grapple with the “why” and “how”. Sometimes these questions answer themselves, because the demise provides a satisfying end (or beginning) to a storyline. But in these cases, fans were left disturbed and annoyed. Below are B&B characters who should’ve never been axed.

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9. Vincent Walker

Vincent Walker wasn’t a beloved character during his brief two-year run on B&B, but his passing was still met with sadness. Why? Because it didn’t make a lick of sense! His demise was set up to be a murder mystery, but unlike most mysteries, this one lacked a clever ending. At first, Liam and Bill thought they were responsible for ending Walker’s life after hitting him with Bill’s car, but later it was revealed that Vinny was already mortally wounded before he was struck. In the end, it was determined that Vinny ended his own life as a way of getting back at Liam. How did we learn this? He filmed it on his phone. Ooph.

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8. Macy Alexander

Macy Alexander has an unusual badge of distinction on this list, as she’s been declared deceased not once, but twice. In 2000, Macy and Brooke’s rivalry over Thorne Forrester was reaching a climax. The two women were arguing in a car when Macy lost control of the vehicle and crashed it. Brooke, a passenger in the car, was saved, but Macy was considered a goner after the car exploded. It was later discovered that Macy had been pulled clear of the flames by her father, and started a new life in Italy. She really should’ve stayed there, too, because when she returned to L.A. to be with Thorne in 2003, a chandelier fell on her head!

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7. Darla Einstein

Darla had always been a background character, toiling away as Sally’s assistant — that is, until she married Thorne. After that, she was a prominent member of the Forrester family and mother to Aly. Sadly, her life came to an abrupt end when she stopped her car to help Phoebe change a flat tire. Out of nowhere, Taylor’s car came screeching around the corner and collided with Ms. Einstein. This moment was hard for B&B fans to swallow, as Darla was wiped from the canvas just as she was finally coming into her own.

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6. Storm Logan 

Much like Vinny, Storm did some low-down and dirty things during his last few years on the canvas. And much like Walker’s demise, Storm’s passing was too dark and too weird. When Katie saw Storm with a gun in his hand and misinterpreted the scene, she wound up getting shot (accidentally) during the struggle to disarm him. Later at the hospital, upon learning that Katie would perish without a heart transplant, Storm was overcome by guilt. He went into a private hospital room and shot himself so that his sister could have his heart. Fans were disturbed by this dramatic leap, as Storm Logan could never return to B&B.

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5. Taylor Hayes

Taylor Hayes is another unique entry on this list because, well, she’s still alive. But the CBS soap has let viewers believe that she’s perished – not once, but twice! The first time, Taylor was presumed deceased after she was on a plane that crashed in the Middle East. While her belongings had been recovered from the wreckage, she was never on the flight because she had been violently robbed at the airport and left with amnesia. Years later, Taylor was once again declared deceased after being shot by Sheila Carter. Jeez, can’t L.A.’s finest take a pulse properly?

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4. Caroline Spencer II

Named after her late aunt, Caroline Spencer (the second) was an interesting character who got caught up in a few memorable storylines. Of particular significance was the love triangle she had with Ridge and Thomas, which resulted in Caroline having Thomas’ baby (Douglas). So when she left Los Angeles for a while, viewers figured she’d return in due time with another story to tell. Alas, news eventually traveled from New York that Caroline had suddenly passed away from a blood clot. Viewers were let down by this development and questioned why B&B writers had to make her absence so permanent.

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3. Phoebe Forrester

Phoebe may have survived Taylor’s erratic driving on the night Darla perished, but she wasn’t so lucky on the night she and Rick got into a car accident. Rick was driving with Phoebe when she learned that he had kissed her twin sister, Steffy. In one of those moves we can file under “poor life choices”, Phoebe physically attacked Rick and he lost control of the car. This fatality was a major one in B&B history, and Phoebe’s name still comes up frequently. Each year, fans wonder if Steffy’s twin somehow survived the car crash (like Macy), simply because her return would be such a major moment.

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2. Stephanie Forrester

If Stephanie Forrester was the matriarch of the Forrester family, then portrayer Susan Flannery could be viewed as the matriarch of B&B. The character was so intertwined in iconic storylines that when Flannery decided to leave the soap in 2012, viewers couldn’t handle what happened next. Stephanie opted out of treating her terminal lung cancer and passed away at Big Bear cabin. As much as viewers wish that Stephanie hadn’t been axed, the decision to have her pass away (and in her long-time rival’s arms, no less) was bittersweet.

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1. Beth Logan

It’s amazing that fans love Stephanie Forrester so much, considering her role in Beth Logan’s demise. The rival had thrown a special lace belonging to Beth in the swimming pool, knowing full well that Logan had been diagnosed with Alzheimers. The Logan family matriarch subsequently drowned in her attempts to retrieve the lace. Such a tragic end. Beth lives on today as the namesake of Maya and Rick’s daughter, Lizzie, and Hope and Liam’s daughter, Beth. 

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