Celebrities That Look Exactly Like Disney Characters

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As children, we all had a favorite Disney character we looked up to and aspired to be (and look) like. For some celebrities, whether they realize it or not, they grew up to look just like Disney characters, and for a few, the resemblance is uncanny. Follow along as we roundup the most noteworthy comparisons of celebrities and their timeless character look-alikes:

20. Pocahontas – Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell could definitely be compared to Pochantas with her dark features and long, flowing brunette hair. While Pocahontas is of native American descent and Shay Mitchell is a combination of Irish, Scottish, and Filipino, it’s remarkable how similar these two look. We’d love to see Mitchell take the stage as Pocahontas in a live-action remake.

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19. Peter Pan – Justin Bieber

With his baby face that never seems to grow up, we could definitely make a comparison between Justin Bieber and Peter Pan! From the floppy brown hair to the devilish grin, Justin Bieber is a clear Peter Pan look-alike in our books!

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18. Queen Elsa – Dakota Fanning

If Queen Elsa were to be played by an actress in real life, we’d definitely suggest Dakota Fanning! From their icy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, there’s no denying that these two characters definitely have quite a few physical features in common.

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17. Aladdin – Zayn Malik

Musician Zayn Malik is the perfect real-life comparison to the beloved Disney character Aladdin. While Zayn is of Pakistani and English descent, Aladdin is of a Middle East descent. The resemblance between these two is obvious with their bushy brows, warm brown eyes and inviting smiles!

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16. Prince Hans – Sam Claflin

Sam Claflin could definitely pull off a real-life version of Prince Hans from Disney’s Frozen! With the red-tinted locks, upturned nose and chiseled face structure, the resemblance between these two is definitely very apparent!

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15. Princess Merida – Sophie Turner

For a live-action version of Brave, we’d absolutely love to see Sophie Turner take the big-screen as Princess Merida. With Turner’s long wavy hair, green eyes and round face, she could definitely pass as a real-life version of the beloved red-headed Princess.

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14. Prince Eric – Tom Welling

With his striking blue eyes, upturned nose and messy black hair, we could definitely image Tom Welling playing Prince Eric in a real-life remake of The Little Mermaid! The resemblance between these two is mind-blowing.

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13. Stepsisters Anastasia & Drizella – Princess Beatrice & Eugenie

Princess Beatrice and Eugenie received quite a bit of criticism for the attention-seeking outfits they wore to Kate and William’s Royal wedding. They were even compared to the evil stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella in Cinderella with their over-the-top ensembles. We have to admit, we can definitely see the comparison!

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12. Princess Anna – Emma Stone

When it comes to Princess Anna from Disney’s Frozen, we could definitely see actress Emma Stone playing her in a real-life remake of the film. Their resemblance is remarkable! The heart-shaped face, wide green eyes, and red tresses undeniably make Emma the spitting image of Princess Anna!

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11. Tinkerbell – Michelle Williams

With her petite figure, cropped pixie cut and dainty features, it comes as no surprise that Michelle Williams would make the ultimate Tinkerbell if Peter Pan were to come to life on-screen! The two share a striking resemblance that would translate perfectly in a real-life version of the film.

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10. Flynn Rider – Jake Gyllenhaal

In a live-action remake of Tangled, we’d love to see Jake Gyllenhaal take center stage as Flynn Rider! The two could almost be carbon copies of each other, minus the differing eye colors and senses of fashion.

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9. Princess Jasmine – Kim Kardashian

Princess Jasmine with her warm olive skin, perfectly arched brows and rich dark silky hair, takes a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian. While the character of Jasmine is of Arabic descent, and Kim comes from Dutch, English, Irish and Scottish and Armenian-American ancestry, it’s remarkable how much the two look alike! Kim must have known this herself, as she went in a Jasmine costume for Halloween in 2009, and stunned as the real-life version of the cartoon princess.


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8. Snow White – Selena Gomez

With a round cherub-like face, dark hair and red lips, and a look of innocence, there’s no denying that Selena Gomez could easily pull off being a reality version of Snow White. While they may be look-alikes, their personalities aren’t similar at all. With Selena’s raspy voice and edgy side, Snow White is much softer and innocent, and that may be their biggest contrast. They do, however, share those Disney roots, as Selena rose to fame with her role on the Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place.


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7. Princess Aurora – Blake Lively

Long flowing blonde locks, and fair skin, with a quiet and sweet personality that often leaves you wondering and wanting more, perfectly describes both Blake Lively and Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora. Blake takes a striking resemblance to Sleepy Beauty, in both personality and looks.


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6. Rapunzel – Amanda Seyfried

This one is a homerun doppelganger. Those big blue-green eyes, perky personality, smile and long straight hair (okay, maybe Amanda’s isn’t Rapunzel-long, but still). They even share that same side smile and whimsy to their looks. It’s almost as if the Disney animators used Amanda’s photo for a reference in designing Rapunzel’s look.


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5. Princess Tiana – Anika Noni Rose

This one is a fun comparison, because Anika, was actually the voice of Tiana in the movie Princess and The Frog. She was actually blown away when she first saw the character in color and the resemblance between them. She was quoted saying “I had no idea that she would look so much like me. It was such a great, great honor.” Anika rose to fame after her appearance in the movie Dreamgirls, alongside Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson, in 2006.


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4. Belle – Anne Hathaway

With rich chestnut hair, bold eyebrows, and a fair skin tone, it’s easy to see the doppelganger that is Anne Hathaway in relation to Princess Belle of Beauty & The Beast. They also share intelligent character traits, and a strong, friendly and caring demeanor.


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3. Ariel — Madelaine Petsch

When it comes to the character Ariel from The Little Mermaid, the first physical attribute everyone thinks about is her long, flowing mermaid hair in a bright shade of red. Riverdale actress Madelaine Petsch has the exact same hair, which is why she would make the perfect Ariel in a live-action version of the film.

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2. Cinderella – Taylor Swift

The sweet innocent look, humble beginnings, and transformative style from down to earth to downright glamorous, Taylor Swift seemingly IS the real-life Cinderella story. Taylor spent her early years on her parent’s tree farm in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Later, she became the youngest songwriter ever signed by Sony/ATV, before being discovered by a music exec from Big Machine Records while performing at the Bluebird Cafe. While the Disney story of Cinderella is much crueler in its beginnings, it still tells a story of a girl who rises to Princess status, after years of being unrecognized for her beauty and kindness. Taylor strikes a resemblance with her classic blonde hair and blue eyes to Cinderella herself.


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1. Mulan – Lucy Lui

This comparison is truly uncanny. Down to the high strong cheekbones and large lips, these two could easily pass as reality-to-cartoon morphs. The story of Mulan follows a girl who risks her own life to save her father’s by taking his place in the war and becomes a heroine to China in the process. Lucy, is also of Chinese descent, sometimes in the past, having used a pseudonym name Liu Yu-Ling (her Chinese given name) for her artwork.


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