Ranked: Greatest Soap Opera Christmas Miracles

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Soap operas have a long history of celebrating the festive season, but that doesn’t mean they dole out the same ideas, year after year. Some of the most heartwarming and fantastical moments in The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), General Hospital (GH), The Young and the Restless (Y&R) and Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) have occurred during the holidays, so let’s take a look at the greatest Christmas miracles in soap opera history!

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10. Pediatric Ward Christmas Parties (GH)

GH‘s iconic tradition of reading Christmas stories in the pediatric ward began decades ago, and continues to this day. It all began when Dr. Steve Hardy would tell Christmas stories to the children, while major characters stood by, listening. In later years, Alan Quartermaine took on the job, which gave viewers warm and fuzzy holiday feelings each year. Lately, the position has fallen to Monica.

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9. Danny’s Christmas Miracle (Y&R)

Who could forget when famous singer Danny Romalotti lost his voice, as a result of being poisoned by Shawn Garrett? The ailing performer was struggling to appreciate the holidays until he attended a church service on Christmas Eve. That’s when, miraculously, he realized that his velvety voice had come back, and he joined in on the chorus!

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8. Spotlight On Homelessness (B&B)

Back in 2010, B&B’s holiday storyline raised awareness around the massive issue of homelessness in Los Angeles. Dayzee had been a homeless person working in Skid Row before she befriended Stephanie Forrester, who had just developed stage four lung cancer. The unusual friendship culminated on Christmas Day when Stephanie gave Dayzee the Insomnia Café. What a gift!

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7. Bo And Hope’s Christmas Wedding (DOOL)

A minor miracle occurred prior to Bo and Hope’s Christmas Day wedding in 2000. The bride-to-be had gone to Burger Barn with Jennifer and Julie – cause that’s what brides do on their wedding day, no? – when she got ketchup all over her dress. Luckily, Doug was able to think on his feet and ensure that Hope was in pristine shape by the time she walked down the aisle.

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6. Hanukkah Shout-Out (Y&R)

Soap operas have been slow to embrace holidays outside of Christmas, which is partially why it was so unexpected when Y&R flipped the script. Brad Carlton, who had revealed his true identity as George Kaplan, invited Ashley, Abby and his mother, Rebecca, over to his place to enjoy a Hanukkah celebration. It was touching to see Brad reunite with his mother, a concentration camp survivor, and his heritage.

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5. The Krampus (GH)

Remember GH’s festive habit of telling Christmas stories to children in the pediatric ward? Well, that tradition got a serious makeover once Liesl Obrecht became Chief of Staff! She made a grand (and sort of terrifying) entrance as the Krampus, a demon who is believed to eat children in certain cultures. Needless to say, it took the kids a while to warm up to Krampus!

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4. Nikki’s Guardian Angel (Y&R)

Nikki Newman was a bit of a train-wreck in 2011. Her drinking had spiraled out of control – and so had her vehicle, leaving her on the side of the road when she was due to arrive at her daughter’s wedding. At her lowest, she stumbled into a church pew and met a guardian angel, who showed her just how important she is to everyone around her.

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3. Christmas Caroling (B&B)

There’s nothing like a caroling session in the Forrester mansion to let B&B viewers know it’s Christmas time. Although Eric is always on piano, each year features a slightly unique guest-list caroling around him. If seeing these characters put aside the drama and focus on some festive good vibes isn’t a miracle, we don’t know what is!

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2. Michael’s Wonderful Life (Y&R)

Back in 2000, Michael Baldwin channeled It’s a Wonderful Life when he wished that he had never been born. Granted, Baldwin had been a vile character on the CBS soap up until that point, and his future looked just as grim. Luckily, he was granted an opportunity to see how the lives of everyone he knew would change without his presence — and it was intense. Paul, Christine and Danny lost their lives in this alternative reality, while Lauren, Gloria and Kevin were miserable. In a way, this Christmas episode helped set Baldwin onto a higher path, where he’d eventually redeem himself.

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1. Ornament Hanging (DOOL)

One of the great Christmas traditions on television belongs to the Horton family. Each year, Julie, Doug, their children, grandchildren and friends celebrate by hanging special ornaments on the Christmas tree. For decades, viewers have cherished this ceremony, which always manages to drive home the meaning of Christmas. After all, the greatest miracles always come from family.

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