General Hospital News Round-Up For The Week (October 3, 2022)

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Thanks to social media, General Hospital (GH) viewers have more access than ever to their favorite soap stars. Find out who said what and keep up with the latest off-screen drama with our GH news round-up for the week of October 3rd, 2022.

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9. Emma Samms’ Return Date Confirmed

Good news, GH fans! Emma Samms’ long-awaited return to the ABC soap is set to begin on Wednesday, October 19th, according to Soap Opera Network. (And yes, that’s keeping the October 7th Major League Baseball preemption in mind.) As previously reported, Samms’ return was pushed back when she came down with a long-term illness. With that obstacle now behind her, Samms is ready to reprise the character of Holly Sutton in a storyline that GH spoilers claim will kick off immediately.

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8. Is Rena Sofer Coming Back To GH?

In his latest State of Mind interview, Maurice Benard (Sonny) sat down with Rena Sofer, who used to portray Lois Cerullo in the 1990s. The two former co-stars chatted about her recent exit from The Bold and the Beautiful, and hinted at the possibility of Lois returning to Port Charles. “She was the best person I’ve ever known,” Sofer said of her GH character (courtesy of Daytime Confidential). “She just was honest and straightforward and smart and best friends with Sonny.” Sounds like these two want an on-screen reunion!

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7. Jeff Kober’s Return

Viewers were stunned when Cyrus Renault appeared on-screen this week and saved Spencer Cassadine from a dangerous situation. As previously reported, actor Jeff Kober has been spotted on the ABC set in recent months, but how long can we expect Cyrus to remain on the soap? There are fresh hints that the criminal could make an unusual allegiance that brings the two-time Daytime Emmy winner to the forefront of a future storyline.

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6. Day At The Races

Several members of the GH cast took a day-trip to the horse races on the weekend. Chad Duell (Michael) posted several shots to Instagram, featuring himself with Katelyn MacMullen (Willow), Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), Tajh Bellow (TJ) and Wally Kurth (Ned). Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) also posted a shot to Instagram, featuring herself, Kurth, Maura West (Ava), Genie Francis (Laura) and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia). It looks like some excellent “team building” went on!

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5. Carolyn Hennesy On The Hook Slasher

As speculation about the identity of the hook slasher builds, GH viewers are debating whether Esme, Victor, Dex, or even Ryan Chamberlain could be behind the brutal attacks. However, actress Carolyn Hennesy just revealed to Soap Opera Digest that her character, Diane, believes the slasher to be a woman. “She can remember that the serial killer had bracelets,” Hennesy revealed (courtesy of “They were jangling. And then she came face-to-face and it was a woman, not a gentleman!” This development will put the eye of suspicion firmly on Esme and Finn’s thought-to-be-deceased first wife, Reiko.

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4. Wild New Theories

With the hook slasher collecting more victims, this storyline is begging for a significant payoff. Therefore, could the hooded murderer be someone totally unexpected? Some GH fans have offered up Morgan as an ideal candidate. Sonny recently name-dropped him while consoling Sasha over Brando’s demise. Plus, Morgan has the motive to commit these awful crimes. Another theory points to Brad being the culprit. Although he was squeamish about poisoning Peter August, he’s proven himself willing to do terrible things in the past. Plus, with Britt Westbourne leaving town, Brad’s got nothing else going on!

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3. Goofing Around In The Car

In the latest escalation of their goofy competition, Marcus Coloma (Nik) and Maurice Benard have taken to “car dancing”, which as you can see in the video below, is exactly what it sounds like. “Having fun is therapy,” Benard wrote in the caption. “Laughing is medicine.” With all due respect to the State of Mind host, we have to give this round to Coloma. He is positively busting out of his seat by the end!

2. “Lack Of Respect” On The Set?

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind interview with Chad Duell covered a lot of ground. However, one exchange between the two co-stars has made many GH fans wonder if there are tensions on the set. When the conversation turned to the younger generation of actors, Benard remarked, “They’re very confident but there’s a lack of respect.” Although Duell added that they were “not necessarily” talking about anyone on GH, he knew what Benard was referring to. “It’s like almost privileged,” Duell agreed. “It is strange when you see it.” If both actors (whose schedules are full with GH) are seeing it, there’s a good chance this “lack of respect” is happening on the set.

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1. A Living Legend Returns

And we thought Emma Samms’ two-year absence was a long wait! Actress Robin Blake, who portrayed Judy Clampett on the soap from 1964 to 1976, made a sneaky return to the canvas in the September 30th episode of GH. “Nearly 60 years later and actress Robin Blake is still happy to visit Port Charles,” a statement on GH‘s Instagram confirmed. “You might have caught a glimpse of her today in the Metro Court. Help us give a true #GH legend a round of applause!” So cool when the ABC soap taps into its incredible history like this!

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