Young And The Restless News Round-Up For The Week (October 3, 2022)

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Thanks to social media, The Young and the Restless (Y&R) viewers have more access than ever to their favorite soap stars. Find out who said what and keep up with the latest off-screen drama with our Y&R news round-up for the week of October 3, 2022.

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10. James Hyde Has Joined The Y&R Cast

Passions alum James Hyde has come aboard the Y&R cast. The actor will portray Jeremy Stark, a character who “shared a connection” with Diane Jenkins (according to the soap). First Tucker, now Jeremy…? Sounds like Diane was really living the high life in Los Angeles, after all! Interestingly, Hyde’s co-star on Passions, Dana Sparks, was also brought to Genoa City to portray Dr. Lena Cavett back in 2021. Look out for Hyde’s first appearance on Friday, October 21st!

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9. No Confirmation, No Denial

When reports emerged that Courtney Hope (Sally) and Mark Grossman (Adam) could be dating in real-life, viewers reacted strongly. Many insisted that Grossman was engaged to Sharon Case (Sharon) — which is what we thought — while others were under the impression that Hope was still married to General Hospital (GH) star Chad Duell (um, no). However, a week after many soap opera outlets picked up on that story, neither Hope, Grossman nor Case have said peep about the rumors. Wouldn’t one of them step forward if the rumors were untrue, since all three work together? The jury is still out on this possible real-life soap opera couple!

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8. Daniel Goddard Flies Home

Even though Daniel Goddard hasn’t appeared on Y&R since 2019, many viewers still consider him part of their daytime family. So it struck home with fans when the actor took to social media to share some sad news. “I wanted to let you know that I’m back in Australia,” Goddard began. “My mom had a stroke on Thursday, and I jumped on the first flight I could get on.” In the Instagram video, filmed just outside his parents’ house in Sydney, the Cane portrayer tried to find a silver lining in the scary situation. “Life has this way of dealing us surprises but it’s how you deal with these surprises and what you learn from them that matters the most, isn’t it?” Goddard suggested. “I’ve kind of learned to appreciate the good when the good is good, because when it gets bad, you know, it gets bad.”

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7. Victor’s Titanic Tirade

When Eric Braeden sat down with TV Insider to talk about Y&R‘s 50th anniversary, he revealed a funny bit of trivia: that he once stormed out of his audition for James Cameron’s mega-blockbuster, Titanic. “I was there at 11 a.m. At five past, I said, ‘One more minute and I’m out.'” Nobody keeps the Moustache waiting… not even when it’s a major Hollywood film trying to give him the bit part of the century! “It was a power game they were playing,” Braeden insisted. Thankfully, his family persuaded him to return for the interview, months later, and Braeden scored the role.

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6. Memories Of Kristoff

When her phone randomly selected a photo of Kristoff St. John, Michelle Stafford decided to share her love of the fallen co-star with the world. “This was when I was not on Y&R,” Stafford wrote in the caption. “I was on GH and I had lost touch with some folks at Y&R during that time.” Adding that it’s hard to keep in touch with people you don’t see each day, Stafford highlighted a personal reason she loved St. John. “You really need to make the effort to stay connected. Kristoff always did,” she continued. “He made it a point to stay in touch with me. And I with him. I loved him so much.” This isn’t the first time Stafford has shared her feelings for St. John. Likewise, Y&R continues to honor the late actor on-screen by making frequent mention of his character, Neil Winters.

5. The Y&R Whistleblower 

When Stafford isn’t giving shout-outs or tributes to her co-stars, she’s developing quite the reputation for blowing the whistle on their contract statuses. Last year, she confirmed Hunter King’s exit before the actress had spoken up about it. And last week, she did the same thing about Mishael Morgan’s status with the soap. “I have had so much fun with you the past 3 years,” Stafford wrote to Morgan on Instagram. “SO many amazing things are happening for you and I am beyond excited! The future is yours!” Fans were unsure what to make of Stafford’s post until a day later, when Morgan came clean about her plans.

4. Mishael Morgan Drops To Recurring 

True to Stafford’s hints, Mishael Morgan has decided to drop down to recurring status with Y&R while she looks for other opportunities in Hollywood. The star came forward on Instagram and revealed that it was her choice to leave. “I just feel like at this point in my life and at this point in my career, I wanted to mix things up a little bit,” the Daytime Emmy winning actress said in the video, “but Y&R will always be home.” Now that Amanda Sinclair will be leaving town for a lengthy spell, viewers are curious to learn what will happen to her romance with Devon. Could he and Elena wind up back together, much to Nate’s dismay?

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3. Cady McClain Can’t Talk About Y&R

A few weeks ago, Heather Tom (ex-Victoria) hinted that the work culture at Y&R couldn’t compare to “the oasis” of working across the CBS hall at The Bold and the Beautiful. Interestingly enough, Days Of Our Lives actress Cady McClain (Kelly) has also offered some vaguely unsettling things about her time at Y&R. While discussing some of the funniest people she’s met in the business on Soap Opera Digest’s podcast, the Daytime Emmy winning actress fell silent upon the mention of her time in Genoa City. “Y&R, I did not find to be a very funny set,” she said (as per “I found it to be pretty… Gosh, you know, it’s hard to talk about Y&R, that experience.” Yikes… will somebody please speak up and let us know what’s happening behind the scenes?!

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2. All About The Abbotts

When Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) found out that the Abbott family was being re-established to honor Y&R’s 50th anniversary, the actor couldn’t have been happier. “It has been joyously rewarding for me,” Bergman told “For a while there, it was about the juggernaut Newman family and a few families in the vicinity.” And in case his decades with the CBS soap weren’t an indicator, Bergman remains very invested in the Abbott legacy. “We lost the Jabot set for nearly two years,” Bergman lamented. “And that’s back now!”

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1. Trevor St. John Leaks Tucker’s Agenda

Nothing brings a family together like a common enemy, and the enemy who appears to be targeting the Abbotts is Tucker McCall. While he has already opened up about his first few days on the Y&R set, actor Trevor St. John recently hinted at what viewers can expect from his character. “Since Tucker has been away from Genoa City, it’s safe to say he has a lot of ground to cover when it comes to reestablishing relationships — most importantly with his son, Devon,” St. John told Michael Fairman TV. What else can fans expect from this unexpected character return? “We will also see Tucker form some new alliances as well,” St. John revealed, adding, “In general, I think you’d better strap in!”

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