Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For April 2020

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Salem has been a pretty intense little town as late! March certainly roared out like a lion, and as the flowers start to bud in April, the drama will definitely continue to bloom on Day of Our Lives (DOOL)! What will come to be in the next month? Below are some DOOL plotline predictions for April 2020.

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12. Leo Returns With A Proposal

Just when fans thought Leo was a thing of the past, he’ll return to the land of Salem in early April to cause some chaos! DOOL spoilers tease a short comeback for Leo; however, he will come with a friend and proposal (of sorts) for Will and Sonny. Could he have a business venture he needs a hand with? Or could he be holding something over their heads that will get them to move forward with a favor for him?

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11. Zoey’s Role In All Of This

Actress Alyshia Ochse is set to join the Days cast, and she’ll play the role of “Zoey,” a friend that has come along with Leo for the ride. She very well could be a lawyer to oversee the details around the offer Leo had laid out for WilSon. DOOL spoilers indicate a multi-episode arc for Zoey, so she won’t be in town forever, just long enough to sprinkle some drama here and there.

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10. Daniel’s Return

April 1st will be a busy day in Salem, as not only will Leo return, but another character favorite. DOOL spoilers suggest that Nicole will be taken aback when she sees Daniel and her doorstep. This isn’t the first time Daniel has been seen since his untimely passing in 2016, so this may be a ghostly intervention on his part to get through to Nicole about the secret she is keeping from Eric.

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9. Eric’s Reaction

It seems like, despite any intervention from Daniel, Nicole will continue to keep the Mickey baby swap to herself until she can fully prove that the child is, in fact, Rachel. DOOL spoilers indicate that Eric will eventually find out that Walker is hiding something; however, when he figures out just exactly what she’s been keeping from him, this may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for their relationship.

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8. Eric Spirals

No ifs, ands, or buts — Eric will undoubtedly end things with Nicole for good once he finds out the truth. He could also spiral into a huge depression, and risk turning to alcohol to soothe all the pain. He’ll hide the fact that he’s fallen off the wagon, and may even gravitate towards Sarah for some sort of support.

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7. Sarah’s World Comes Undone

Sarah will probably be the last one to find out that Mickey is not her daughter. The very idea that someone will have to take the child away from her at this point will be devastating, especially all she’s been through with Mickey’s cancer. Sarah won’t even have her mother around to console her, and her entire world will come shattering down once she realizes that she not only lost her child shortly after birth, but that Xander was behind it all.

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6. Misery Loves Company

Eric and Sarah will undeniably bond during this time, and console each other. In the same breath, Sarah has a family history of alcohol abuse, so there is a very good chance that she and Eric could spiral down a negative path in their mourning together. Could Eric turn Sarah into a substance abuser? Possibly.

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5. Brady and Kristen Reunited With Rachel

Onto some good news around the baby switch reveal! At least Brady and Kristen will finally be reunited with their Rachel. They’ll be over the moon that they officially have their baby back, and won’t waste any time in celebrating together with as much family time as possible. With that said, it’ll be far away from the Kiriakis mansion.

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4. Goodbye Stefano

Stefano’s going down in a big way in April, as his scheming is sure to be stopped by John. With that said, Stefano will exit the canvas; however, not without some sort of tease that he could return in some capacity. It would just seem weird any other way.

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3. Dr. Rolf Linked In It All

Dr. Rolf is the person responsible for bringing Stefano back, as well as a slew of other characters, so he’ll be connected to a tease around DiMera’s potential (future) resurrection. With that said, Dr. Rolf could escape Salem with a microchip in hand, offering audiences that “possibility” around Stefano returning. Stefano’s nickname is “The Phoenix” for a reason, and much of that has to do with Rolf’s help.

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2. Hello Steve?

Once actor Stephen Nichols hit the DOOL screens, most fans could see a Steve Johnson comeback at some point. Sure, he was Stefano at first, but audiences knew there would be something put in place to bring back “Patch” after DiMera was brought down. Days spoilers tease that Kayla will work on a risky procedure to bring her ex back to life.

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1. Steve’s Condition

DOOL spoilers also tease that while Steve will wake up after the surgery is done, there is a hitch to it all. There’s a chance that Steve could wake up still thinking he’s Stefano; after all, he had been DiMera for months now. There’s also a chance he has amnesia. Then again, he could suffer from another type of impairment. Perhaps he is unable to speak, or is deaf. Kayla once had that condition, and the way the two could reconnect is the fact that Kayla will be probably one of the few people he can truly communicate with.

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