Days Of Our Lives: Greatest Couples Of All Time

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Since its inception on November 8, 1965, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) has provided its daytime viewers with entertaining storylines that have made audiences laugh, cry, and think about the world around them. Of course, there have been plenty of love stories along the way with couples that were born to be together and others that may not have always seemed like the perfect fit. Here are the all-time greatest DOOL couples.

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15. Ben Weston and Ciara Brady

Compared to others on this list, these two are a fairly new super couple in Salem, but Ben and Ciara still keep DOOL fans glued to their seats weekly. They have that certain spark that viewers can’t resist. While momma Hope had her reservation about the relationship at first, she was eventually convinced they make a good pair, thanks to Ben’s love for her daughter.

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14. Brady Black and Melanie Jonas

Who else wishes that Melanie would pop back into Salem? These two made an extraordinary super couple until an expecting Teresa popped into the picture. Melanie did the honorable thing and left town in 2015 so that Brady could be there for his child, but with how things turned out, perhaps she could return and reunite with him?

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13. Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis

This super couple has a love story rich in history with breakups, makeups, divorces, and multiple marriages. Justin and Adrienne fell in love in the late ‘80s, and while both were gone from the canvas for about 15 years, when they returned to Salem in 2009, they continued to delight fans with their romance. They are just a couple that can’t stay away from each other.

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12. Doug and Julie Williams

Truly the first super couple of the soap opera world, Doug and Julie’s romance started in the 1970s, and is proof that some love affairs go beyond the boundaries of time. They have incredible chemistry, which makes sense if you consider the actors that play the characters are also happily married and still very much in love.

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11. Chad DiMera and Abigail Deveraux

These two have had a roller coaster ride of a love affair over the years with Chad being Abigail’s first real boyfriend. Despite the fact that Chad is a DiMera, and Abigail happens to come from one of the more honest families in Salem (The Hortons), these two have an undeniable chemistry and seem to always end back up in each other’s arms. Kate DiMera and Gabi Hernandez have tried to keep them apart, and Chad’s lies and deceptions have also built a wedge between these two in the past. While these two were always able to make it work, Abigail’s demise in 2022 stopped this romance in its tracks.

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10. Jack and Jennifer Deveraux

Speaking of the Deverauxs, as the offspring of one of Salem’s most popular super couples, Abigail probably learned a little bit about love growing up over the years by simply looking at her mom and dad. Jack and Jennifer’s love story spans over decades, starting from 1989, and they are affectionately known by Internet fans as “J&J.” Jennifer’s calm, stable, and rational personality has always been a perfect balance for Jack’s impulsive and quirky demeanor. They have travelled all over the world together while trying to make their relationship work and, despite Jack’s schemes and lies over the years (which has thrown him in and out of her life), Jenn has always had a soft spot in her heart for him.

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9. Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis

As DOOL’s first same-sex super couple, Will and Sonny (or WilSon as some may refer to them), have had their fair share of relationship woes. They have had to deal with doubtful family members, cheating, babies (and baby mommas), murder investigations, as well as past friends and former lovers entering the picture. Despite the ups and downs, affairs in between, and longing for old flames, they share an incredible connection.

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8. EJ DiMera and Sami Brady

While many would categorize this as a love/hate relationship, EJ DiMera and Sami Brady still top the fan favorite list when it comes to DOOL super couples. Their relationship started off terribly, with EJ taking advantage of Sami; however, in an interesting twist, he also turned out to be one of the fathers of her twins (with the other father being Lucas Roberts). Sami has tried to kill EJ twice during their love affair (once via a poisonous lipstick kiss and the other time she tried to shoot him), and EJ has blackmailed Sami a few times over the course of their relationship. While it’s clear these two do love each other and have fought hard to keep things together over the years, it’s the underlying hate in their relationship that has kept things interesting with these two strong personalities in the past.

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7. Victor and Maggie Kiriakis

As the longest-running current DOOL cast member, fans have watched Maggie’s love affair with late husband Mickey Horton unfold over the years, until his untimely death in 2010. Enter billionaire, and all-around evil guy, Victor Kiriakis. Victor himself has been known for his controlling actions around his family, terrible plots of revenge within the city of Salem, and other dastardly deeds. He seemed to soften up a whole lot once he fell in love with the sweet and kind-natured Maggie. While Maggie initially struggled with Victor’s past, once she got past all that, the two have been able to maintain a successful relationship despite some bumps along the way. Their classic bad boy/girl next door relationship proves that true love has no age boundaries and that everyone can be given a second chance when it comes to romance.

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6. Eric Brady and Nicole Walker

When Nicole Walker first strolled into Salem in the late ’90s, Eric Brady caught her eye and the two experienced a wonderful relationship filled with passion, love, and understanding. Unfortunately for Eric, Nicole had suffered a terrible past and a terrible family life that left her hungry for money, fame, and fortune. However, it was Eric that helped Nicole come to terms with her daddy issues, and he also brought out the softer side in her. Here’s hoping this recent reunion between the two will last.

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5. Belle Black and Shawn Brady

At a young age, Belle and Shawn practically grew up loving each other. Starting off as childhood friends and then turning into a puppy-love high school couple, these two were simply born to be soul mates. Despite both having a squeaky-clean image (how can you not with Bo/Hope Brady and Marlena Evan/John Black as your parents?), they still managed to have their fair share of ups and downs, which included other marriages, affairs, baby embryo swaps, and so much more. Though many have tried to keep them apart, their true love always draws them back together.

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4. Bo and Hope Brady

One of DOOL’s most legendary couples, Bo and Hope Brady, fell in love in the early ‘80s and had an on-again/off-again relationship that lasted decades. The rough and rugged motorcycle-loving Bo seemed like an odd pairing to the rich and well-to-do Hope; however, when they came together, their romance became a love story of great proportions. Sure at one point, Bo thought Hope was dead (thanks to Stefano DiMera), but the two quickly reunited. Sadly, Bo passed away in 2015, and Hope never truly had that same spark with someone else. Luckily, they were reunited in heavenly circumstances in 2022!

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3. Marlena Evans and John Black

In the early ‘80s, Marlena Evans was drawn to the mysterious John Black. When it was later revealed that John was in fact Roman Brady, her ex-husband, it seemed that the love story between Marlena and John (wait … Roman … no wait, John) seemed complete. It was later revealed that John was not Roman, but in fact a priest, mercenary, army doctor, super-spy … and everything else in between. Still, no matter who he is or what he has done, one thing is for sure — he loves Marlena and Marlena loves him. Their love story spans over years, and regardless of who John Black really is, DOOL fans simply love seeing this super couple together. #JarlenaForever

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2. Steve and Kayla Johnson

Younger fans may not be aware, but the truth is Steve “Patch” Johnson donned his infamous patch thanks to a fight where Bo Brady (Kayla’s brother) gouged his eye out. His need for revenge on Bo brought him to Salem and that is when he fell in love with girl-next-door Kayla Brady. Their love story unfolded in a typical ‘80s fashion way – bad boy softens thanks to the persistence of a good-hearted woman, and despite some unusual adventures over the years, they still continue to have some incredible chemistry together to this day.

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1. Alice and Tom Horton

They may not be considered a super couple in the world of daytime soap operas, but Alice and Tom Horton had an incredible love story filled with romance and love that still lives on today through their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. While both characters have passed away, the family legacy they have left behind is sometimes overwhelming, and the traditions they made famous on the soap, like the named ornaments on the Horton family tree on Christmas Eve, is something audiences young and old still enjoy to this today. They were the glue that held the Horton family together and the best part of the footprint they have left on the show is that they are still written in current storylines and mentioned regularly. Their memory continues to be celebrated and honored, which is a wonderful thing for long-time fans to see.

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