Days Of Our Lives Storylines That Annoyed Fans

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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is a soap opera that is known for its crazy and over-the-top storylines. Some can be amazing to watch, hitting the nail on the head while others can stir up frustrations thanks to unbelievable or over-the-top plot twists. As such, below is an overview of some DOOL storylines that have annoyed fans over the years.

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12. Kristen Parades As Nicole

DOOL fans were shocked in 2019 to see Nicole Walker alive and well when actress Adrienne Zucker returned to the land of Salem. While it does turn that she is alive and well, this first time around was a charade launched by Kristen DiMera to try and take over DiMera Enterprises. Considering both women have very different body types, it seems more than ridiculous that Kristen got away with this for as long as she did. Especially while trying to seduce Brady!

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11. Buried Alive 2

When Vivian Alamain buried Carly Manning alive back in the 1990s, it was a storyline fans had never seen before. The very thought that Viv could get away with having everyone believe Carly was dead, and then taunt the poor woman while she was locked in a casket six feet under evoked a ton of emotion from viewers. Fast forward some years, and Vivian tried the same thing on Maggie Horton. Recycled storylines can be so annoying.

10. Abigail’s Mental Illness

Sometimes soap operas can create compelling and realistic storylines around mental health to truly help increase awareness and break stigma while other times they can be annoying to the point where fans just don’t care anymore. One such case was Abby DiMera’s bout with a multiple personalities disorder, one where Days viewers watched her woo Stefan DiMera as “Gabby.” Not only was the storyline unbelievable, but many viewers also found it disgusting when DiMera took advantage of “Gabby” in the bedroom.

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9. Gabi’s Scheming

Speaking of, the aftermath around the “Gabby” debacle saw Gabi Hernandez once again dive into her darker side in search of some revenge against Stefan and Abby for sending her to prison. From trying to get with Chad to hiding Baby Charlotte’s true paternity, many DOOL fans simply got sick of watching Gabby continue to cross lines (and get away with it) in the name of vengeance.

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8. Sami’s Obsession With Austin

Some fans love to hate watching wicked characters get away with evil plots, and Sami had some crazy schemes when she was younger, including trying to sell her baby sister (Belle) on the black market! Having said that, her obsession with Austin Reed was an interesting watch at first, until it dragged on and on for years. Thankfully, everyone is over all of that now.

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7. Bonnie’s Baby

Speaking of babies, an ongoing storyline theme in soaps (and DOOL) is mistaken paternity, and sometimes these arcs can keep fans on the edge of their seats if done well. When Bonnie Lockhart proclaimed that Lucas Horton was the father of her baby, Days viewers could see from a mile away that it was all a load of crap. Perhaps it was Bonnie’s age, her reputation, or the fact that she’s simply annoying herself, but the storyline irritated many.

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6. Claire Is A Brat

Annoying characters can create annoying storylines. While Claire Brady’s exit storyline did end with a bang, when she was in a love triangle with Ciara and Theo years ago, she just came off as an infuriating little brat. Even schemes she organized after that storyline ended, left a very bad taste in many a fan’s mouths.

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5. Victor’s Turn

Victor has recently turned on the aggression, trying to kill Ben to keep him from granddaughter Ciara. While Kiriakis has done some terrible things in the past, it’s been a very long while since DOOL fans have seen this side to him, and he literally seemed to snap overnight. What’s going on with Victor? And why can’t Days writers slow the entire thing down and notch; after all, rather than speeding up storylines, they could’ve spent a few weeks explaining why Victor hates Ben so much (and all of sudden) to help fans get invested.

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4. Hope’s Actions

The same annoyingness can be applied to Hope. She was once a reasonable heroine, who always did the right thing, and was sensible. Having said that, her actions against Ben when she didn’t approve of him dating Ciara were completely out of character. Plus, kissing Ted while she was still married to Rafe just didn’t seem right for her. Fans can get completely annoyed when a favorite character does a 180 without a good explanation.

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3. Marlena’s Passing

The storyline around Marlena’s health condition a little while back brought the idea of living wills to the forefront, and when loved ones have to let go of a family member that may never recover. With that said, the very idea that John would go to the extreme of bringing Hattie back to Salem to switch her up with Marlena, whose children were all set to pull the plug on her, was insane. Plus, if her health condition was so dire, where pulling the plug on her life support system was the only way to go, how did she come back?

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2. Steve Johnson’s Goodbye

An iconic character like Steve Johnson should never exit the canvas without a proper goodbye; however, this was the case in the summer of 2018. One day he was in Salem celebrating the Jarlena wedding, the next he was arrested for espionage and never seen again. This annoyed so many DOOL fans to no end.

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1. Melaswen Island/Salem Stalker

It’s an infamous storyline that annoyed fans, but still remains in everyone’s memory despite the fact that it did happen about 15 years ago. Shocked turned to outrage in the early 2000s when longtime characters were being killed off one by one, and many Days felt like the soap was losing sight of what made the show popular to begin with. What was even more annoying was that in the end, it turned out that Maggie, Alice, Jack, Roman, and others were really alive and just living on an island. So lame on so many different levels.

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