7 Days Of Our Lives’ Characters We Wish Would Come Back To Life

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In the land of soap operas, characters come and go on a daily basis. Some leave town, some simply stop showing up on screen (but are still mentioned now and again), and some die. Alas, characters who do leave will come back and it is not uncommon for a hero/heroine or villain/villainess to return from the dead, despite the circumstances around their demise. As such, below are seven Days of Our Lives (DOOL) characters we wish would come back from the dead.

7. Alex North

Alex North was an interesting character. He was the first husband of Dr. Marlena Evans and while he seemed all nice and sweet initially, he ended up being a manipulative character that was up to no good. Perhaps the most interesting dynamic to the North character was the fact that Wayne Northrop, the actor in the role, initially played the original Roman Brady, another huge love interest for Evans. He is one that could easily come back from the dead because he died in 2006 after he fell off a cliff, but his body was never found. While he’s not one we would consider a fan favorite, he is certainly evil enough to stir up some drama between John and Marlena should he re-enter the land of Salem.

Source: Days of Our Lives Wikia


6. Paige Larson

The J.J. Deveraux character has not been the same since his love interest Paige Larson died at the hands of the Salem Necktie Serial Killer in 2015. While her death was quite final, Paige had tremendous roots in Salem, was a fan favorite, and a return would cause quite a stir. Linked to not only the Donovan/Brady clan, after Paige’s death it was be revealed that she also had ties to the Hernandez family, with her bio dad being Eduardo and half-siblings Gabi, Dario, and Rafe in tow. Paige coming back from the dead would be a hard feat, but crazier things have happened in Salem.

Source: Days of Our Lives News