Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (April 13 – April 24, 2020)

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Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Wonder what is going to unravel in the next couple of weeks in the land of Salem? Sarah will make a questionable decision; Hope and Steve will have an interesting connection; and a new face will pop up in town! Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for the April 13 to April 24, 2020.

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12. Sarah’s Choice

According to DOOL spoilers for the next couple of weeks, Sarah will make an unexpected decision. As the baby switch continues to make its rounds around Salem, it seems as if when Sarah tries to digest the information around Baby Mickey really being Baby Rachel, she’ll make a choice about something that will take everyone aback.

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11. Does She Steal Mickey?

DOOL spoilers for the following week hint that there may be a good chance that Sarah skips town with Mickey in fear that she’ll lose the baby she has helped raise since birth. Teasers for the show state that Nicole, Eric, Brady and Kristen will sit and wait for news about Sarah and Mickey. Would she really leave Salem with Mickey, knowing that the child might be Rachel?

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10. Rex Returns

A DOOL spring preview video has indicated that Rex Brady, played by actor Kyle Lowder, is set to return to the show sometime in the next couple of weeks/months. While no official aird ate has been revealed, could he be linked to the unexpected decision Sarah makes? Or could he return to Salem to help find her if she has left town?

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9. Kristen Has A Meltdown

While talking about baby switch spoilers, one DOOL teaser suggests that poor Kristen may just lose her mind when she finds out exactly what has gone done. According to spoilers for the show, Kristen will attack Victor the following week. If she learns he was behind the big baby switch, she may lash out on him. Who could blame her?

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8. New Face In Salem

Actress Kelly Thiebaud, known to most General Hospital fans as Britt Westbourne, will pop up in the land of Days this April 13th. As per DOOL spoilers, she has been recast into the role of lawyer Zoe, who is representing Evan currently within storylines. Actress Alyshia Ochse was originally cast into the role; however, it seems as if Kelly will now be taking on the part for the duration of Zoe’s time in Salem.

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7. Rafe’s World Gets Flipped Upside Down

Speaking of, while actress Kelly Thiebaud joins the DOOL cast in the coming days, her character will have some upsetting news for Rafe next week. Seems as if she’ll announce to Hernandez that she has legal plans to launch against him over the custody of baby David. Does Rafe stand a chance to keep David, or will Zoe’s scheme work?

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6. Hope and Steve

DOOL spoilers indicate that Hope will continue to battle demons around what she did as Princess Gina. In an interesting twist, teasers for the show relay that she and Steve will connect in the coming weeks and bond over what they both have gone through. After all, both were fooled by Dr. Rolf, and both were little pawns in Stefano DiMera’s plans.

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5. Steve’s Decision

Speaking of, DOOL spoilers hint that Steve makes a decision around Kayla that will be quite unexpected. Does he back off on the idea of a reunion? He may feel as if he doesn’t want to upset her life right now. After all, he may love her enough to see that stepping back is the best thing for her. She does seem quite happy with Justin.

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4. Marlena Learns About Orpheus

DOOL spoilers reveal that John will inform Marlena around Orpheus being very much alive this week. How will she take the news? She has to be reeling over all that has gone down recently, and Orpheus among the land of the living is sure to throw her for a loop.

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3. Kate’s New Job

Across town, Kate will have hopes around working with Abe Carver. DOOL spoilers tease that she’ll apply for a job with him, but, will she get hired on? While Kate did all that she could to help Jarlena against Stefano, the truth is, she did hide the plans DiMera had initially, and for quite a while. Will Abe forgive her, or will he deny her a job because she is simply untrustworthy?

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2. The Fight For DiMera Enterprises

On to the fight for DiMera, DOOL spoilers state that Chad and Gabi’s hostility towards each other will continue to boil; however, with Tony now in the picture, he’ll be leaning towards Team Chad for the power win. Will Tony ultimately be the factor for Chad to gain control? In other related spoiler news, actor Remington Hoffman will appear on the show next week, playing Li Shin, son of Mr. Shin (DiMera board member). Wonder what news he’ll have for the DiMera clan?

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1. Ben’s World

By the end of the following week, something major is going to go down for Ben. DOOL spoilers indicate that he will have an unexpected encounter near the end of April, and this incident could be DOOL’s Friday cliffhanger for the week. Could this have to do with Ciara, Clyde, or potentially Orpheus? Only time will tell.

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