Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For January 2020

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Now that the holidays are all but a distant memory, time for Days of Our Lives (DOOL) to gear up for what’s to come in January! While this month can seem like a drag sometimes, things will undoubtedly heat up in the land of Salem. Learn more about what will happen in the coming weeks to Kristen, Brady, Marlena, Stefano (“Steve”), Kayla, Justin, and others, in the below DOOL spoilers for January 2020.

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13. Emotional Week

DOOL spoilers tease that fans of the show will receive a lot more answers about the time jump, during a highly emotional week this coming January. Here’s hoping Santa placed some tissues in viewers’ stockings this holiday season, as it seems like they will need them! In other related teasers, it turns out that Adrienne passed away from a car accident, with her organs donated. Could these two spoilers be related?

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12. “Steve’s” Return

DOOL spoilers hint that Kayla, Justin, and Marlena will be taken aback by “Steve’s” return in early January. In fact, Kayla will take the time to confront her ex-husband, shortly after New Year’s Day. Is seems as if she’ll have plenty of questions she wants to be answered, but can Stefano keep up the charade by offering the information she needs or wants?

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11. Kayla Feels A Pull

As January progresses, DOOL spoilers indicate that Kayla will be drawn to “Steve.” She’ll demand answers around why he didn’t come back to Salem for her, or a reunion. Sadly, Stefano feels nothing towards Kayla, and while she may try to enter his orbit, he’ll continually shoot her down. That’s good news for Justin.

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10. The Plan

While Kayla will be infatuated with “Steve” this month, DOOL spoilers indicate that Stefano will be busy with Gina conjuring up a scheme to split up Jarlena. Stefano has his sights set on Marlena, and Gina wants John, so these two will be up to no good to ensure that they get the person they want in the end. In related teasers, “Hope” will show a little bit of her Gina side in early January, when she lashes out at Rafe.

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9. The Big Meeting

Chad has been looking forward to seeing his father face-to-face for some time now, and it seems as if he’ll finally get the meeting he’s been waiting for, come January 2020. DOOL spoilers tease the Stefano-Chad meeting is set for some time this month, so fans will finally get to see Chad’s reaction when he sees his father for the first time in years. Will he be willing to keep Stefano’s true identity a secret?

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8. Nicole Lashes Back

According to DOOL spoilers, in early January, Nicole will tell Kristen that she and Brady are a couple. This little fib will take care of two birds with one stone: gaining some payback against Kristen for parading around like her for months and to keep DiMera far away from Brady. Will Nicole succeed in this?

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7. Kristen Won’t Back Down

Despite what Nicole says, it seems as if Kristen won’t back down an inch when it comes to her splashy return to the little town. In fact, Days spoilers suggest that DiMera will attack Walker at some point early on in the month. As per DOOL teasers, Kristen will also approach Brady and tell him that she wants to reconcile. Will Nicole win this battle over Brady, or can Kristen persuade him towards a reunion? Only time will tell!

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6. Gabi Scrambles

DOOL spoilers indicate that Gabi will be taken aback when she realizes that nemesis Lani is back in Salem. She won’t like knowing that Eli’s ex is back in town, especially with all that Lani knows about Gabi, not to mention the history she has with Eli. However, Hernandez will still have the upper hand, and it seems as if she may play the Julie card to keep Lani’s mouth shut.

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5. Julie In Jeopardy

DOOL spoilers hint that all bets could be off between Lani and Gabi, if Hernandez finds out she’s spilled the beans. This doesn’t stop Lani from confiding in J.J., sometime in early January, about how far Gabi has gone with her schemes. Days teasers imply that if Gabi finds out about this, and that J.J. will now be in the “know,” it would be the end of Julie, for good.

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4. A Couple Gets Engaged

While Gabi may worry a little bit about Lani in January 2020, it seems as if she won’t be too overly concerned. DOOL spoilers state that Gabi will get proposed to this month, by none other than Eli. He’s pretty smitten with Hernandez; however, could Lani end up stopping their wedding when it rolls along later this year, as Gabi did?

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3. The Jig Is Up

DOOL spoilers indicate that Victor and Xander will finally put two-and-two together and realize that they have been played by Ciara all along. But, do they stumble across information that reveals this, or will Ciara confess what she’s done to her grandad and Xander? It seems like there is more to this spoiler than meets the eye.

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2. Ciara Supports Ben

Nothing out of the ordinary with this teaser, as Days spoilers reveal that Ciara will support her boyfriend, Ben, as he moves forward with his final appeal in early January. With that said, spoilers suggest that if he loses this appeal in his case, Ben could face capital punishment when all is said and done. Can Ciara do something to save him?

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1. Ciara Turns To Victor

Desperate to help Ben, DOOL spoilers state that Ciara will confront her grandad. It seems like she’ll be doing this in hopes that he can help get Ben released from prison, or charges dropped. Teasers indicate that the meeting between Ciara and Victor will be a set-up for a confession, so she may tell him what she’s been up to, or he may spill the beans about what he’s been up to. The spoiler also indicates that Victor loves his granddaughter, so he may ultimately forgive her, and do all in his power to help her and Ben.

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