Days Of Our Lives Couples That Fans Didn’t Like

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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) has had fans laughing and crying over the years while watching their favorite characters go through their daily trials and tribulations around life and love. While there have been many super couples that have graced Salem, there are also those couples that viewers weren’t so fond of. Below is an overview of Days couples that fans didn’t like.

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12. Eve Donovan and Jack Deveraux

Let’s face it, most DOOL fans didn’t like Jack and Eve together (both times they were in a relationship) because Donovan was keeping Deveraux away from Jennifer Horton. Well, that reason plus Eve isn’t the nicest of characters and was using Jack as a ploy in her rotten schemes. They just didn’t make a great couple.

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11. Eve Donovan and J.J. Deveraux

Eve seems to really get around when it comes to the Deveraux men! But, could one even call what Eve and J.J. had a relationship? While she didn’t think he was boyfriend material for her daughter Paige, Eve couldn’t resist the young J.J. and this affair not only hurt a ton of people, including Jennifer, but also broke a mother-daughter bond.

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10. Will Horton and Paul Narita

Under any other circumstances, Paul and Will would’ve made a great couple, and they did have a spark between them when they first got together. But, their relationship was complicated from the get-go. Paul was with Sonny, who was originally with Will, and when Horton returned to Salem alive, many DOOL fans wanted to see a WilSon reunion. What viewers got was an obstacle in the form of Paul and Will hooking up first.

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9. Gabi Hernandez and Chad DiMera

When Gabi played nice, there were a ton of Chabi fans out there rooting for Hernandez to hook up with DiMera; however, when she worked overtime to scheme, manipulate, and lie, sadly Team Chabi faded fast. The worst of it all was when she had Chad and Abby believing that Baby Charlotte was Stefan’s daughter. For these reasons and many others, DOOL fans simply did not approve of this pairing. 

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8. Claire Brady and Tripp Dalton

Much like the above couple, many DOOL viewers didn’t like seeing Tripp and Claire together because of Claire’s antics. While she did leave Salem with a bang, and it was clear she had mental health issues, Brady initially came off as a spoiled and bratty teenager/young adult. At one point, she became quite obsessed with Dalton, and this turned fans off.

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7. Kristen DiMera and Brady Black

Speaking of being a tad obsessed, Kristen’s infatuation with Brady over the years has been beyond creepy, especially since she once shared this type of fascination over his dad, John Black. The amount of lies and schemes that Brady ate up (many times over) has had DOOL fans continually shaking their heads.

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6. Nicole Walker and E.J. DiMera

Way back in the day, Nicole Walker was desperate to make things work with E.J. DiMera. They were a bona fide couple, lived together, and were about to have a baby when Nicole lost it before full term. Unfortunately, she would end up covering all that and even pulled off a baby switch on Sami. It was truly sad to watch the lengths Nicole went through to keep E.J. to herself.

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5. Sami Brady and Austin Reed

During her younger years, the ever-scheming Sami Brady was utterly infatuated with her sister’s boyfriend, Austin. So much so that she drugged and took advantage of him, and along with other schemes, placed a wedge between Carrie and Austin’s relationship. While Sami and Austin did walk down the aisle once in 1996 (it was quickly annulled), and were again engaged in 2005, they were never really able to make it as a couple.


4. Abigail Deveraux and Ben Weston

These two were a wrong fit from the get-go, getting together while Ben was dealing with severe mental health issues, and while Abigail still had feelings for Chad DiMera. The couple lacked chemistry, and it’s too bad that they didn’t just skip their entire courtship, considering how it all ended. Hindsight is always 20/20, but everything happens for a reason too, so perhaps without Ben starting that cabin fire with Chad and Abby in it, there would be no Chabby today.

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3. Hope Williams and Aiden Jennings

Hope only had eyes all these years for the love of her life Bo, but that all changed quickly once Aiden rolled into Salem. Thought to be abandoned by Bo, it seemed as if she was wearing rose-colored glasses during her entire courtship, engagement, and wedding to Aiden. Thankfully she was able to see him for the scum that he was in the end, and it was a good thing her knight in shining armor (Bo) rescued her from Aiden in time.

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2. Vivian Alamain and Victor Kiriakis

Yet another fine example of a DOOL couple not really liked by the fans, and brought together through some manipulation and scheming. For one reason or another, Vivian has always had her sights set on Days’ Greek tycoon Victor Kiriakis. She snatched Kate’s eggs that were fertilized by Victor years ago and had them implanted into her just so she could get closer to him. While one might think they were a match made in heaven, as they both love to meddle and destroy lives, it seems opposites do attract. In 2010, sweet Maggie Horton suddenly became single again after the unfortunate passing of her husband Mickey, with Victor smitten on getting her attention. Unfortunately, no amount of scheming could help Vivian tear his eyes away from Maggie.

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1. Kate Roberts and Stefano DiMera

Kate Roberts has always been a strong woman, able to build take care of herself, her kids, and build her own legacy. She has done a tremendous job over the years, evolving from a woman who could not escape the grasps of her abusive husband, into a corporate executive ready to take on the world. That’s why the relationship between her and Stefano simply did not make sense. Sure, he provided her money to help her get back on her feet and start her own business, not to mention the power that she inherited with the DiMera name, and we all know Kate has always had a thing for ‘bad boys,’ but Stefano’s plotting and scheming was even too much for her (at that point in time). She power-tripped big time while living in the DiMera mansion, and thankfully a relationship with Rafe (post-Stefano) was able to ground Kate once again.

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