Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (May 11 – May 22, 2020)

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Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Wondering what will happen to some of your favorite characters in the next two weeks? Will Rachel be returned? Will Kristen have to face the music for what she did to Victor? Will Abby find some relief around her hallucinations? It’s hard not to speculate! As such, below are some DOOL plotline predictions for May 11 to May 22, 2020.

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14. Baby Rachel Is Reunited With Kristen

Seems like all arrows are pointing towards a reunion between Rachel and Kristen. DOOL spoilers not only suggest that Sarah will return the baby to her bio mom, but the two ladies are also set for a confrontation this week. With that said, this is Days, so fans should expect a twist of sorts to unravel before all is said and done!

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13. Kristen Takes Off With Rachel

What could this plot twist be? It seems as if Kristen very well could head out on the run with Rachel. DOOL spoilers hint that Brady will have a difficult choice ahead of him, one in which Eric will not agree with. Days teasers also indicate that actress Stacy Haiduk (Kristen DiMera) is set to leave the show in May. With that said, could the decision be made that it is best for Kristen to stay undercover with Rachel, and not return to Salem at this point in time?

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12. Brady Gives The “OK”

Seems like Brady might give the “okay” for Kristen to take the baby and go in hiding. If she heads back to Salem, she’ll be placed in the slammer, and won’t get to enjoy the child she has been so desperate to have all these years. Brady may give his blessing around the entire thing as he knows how much Kristen has always wanted a baby. If she goes in hiding with Rachel, she’ll get to be with her baby. It’s a sacrifice he may be willing to make.

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11. Sarah Lands In Jail

It only makes sense that Sarah could land in jail for kidnapping Rachel once she returns to Salem. DOOL spoilers state that Sarah and Maggie will have an emotional confrontation this week, so could it be that she visits her mom when she returns to the little town, or the two ladies talk after she is sent to prison (because of what she’s done)? Brady could drop the kidnapping charges, or he could force them to stick, especially since she held Rex hostage during her entire stay in Paris. It’s hard to say at this point.

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10. Summer Linked To Adrienne’s Passing

DOOL spoilers hint that more secrets are set to be revealed around the infamous Mother’s Day of 2020. Seems like a plot twist is on the horizon, and fans can only wonder if Summer, Maggie’s other daughter and Sarah’s half-sister, is truly behind the car accident that took Adrienne and Mickey’s life. Summer’s name was recently mentioned during a talk that Sarah had with Rex about Mackenzie’s passing. There is definitely more to this, and Summer may be involved in it all.

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9. Could Something Happen To Justin?

DOOL spoilers for the week of May 18th state that WilSon will get some unexpected news from Kayla. This could be about Victor and his condition, or could something happen to Justin? As his girlfriend, it would make sense that if he were in danger, she would want to tell his son and son-in-law about what is going on.

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8. Dr. Rolf Tells Gabi That Stefan Is Alive

DOOL spoilers state that Dr. Rolf will get a visit from Gabi in the next couple of weeks. She’ll probably let him know about Jake, and have plenty of questions for him. Days teasers for the following week seem to imply that Hernandez will continue to push the idea of trying to “jog” Jake’s memory, and he’ll push back. Could Rolf tell Gabi that Stefan is alive? Why else would she continue to try and persuade him to remember Jake is Stefan?

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7. Gabi Won’t Back Down

Knowing how Gabi’s mind works, if Dr. Rolf has stated that Stefan is alive, or there is even potential that he is alive, she won’t back down. DOOL spoilers for the week of May 18th suggest that Lani will arrest Hernandez at some point. Could Jake call the cops on Gabi if she doesn’t let up on the fact that he is Stefan. This could fall into harassment at this point.

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6. Abigail Takes A Turn For The Worse

As per DOOL spoilers, Abigail DiMera will attack Kate Roberts, so it’s clear that her hallucinations won’t back down at all. This will undoubtedly have Jack, Jennifer, and Chad reeling, and all three will do what they can to help. In fact, Days teasers state that Chad will locate a therapy option for Abigail, but will she be open to the idea?

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5. Abigail Skips Town Over Fear Of Being “Locked Up”

DOOL spoilers for the month tease that Abby will leave the hospital sometime soon, and Chad will do all he can to find her. Actress Kate Mansi, who plays Abigail DiMera, is slated to leave the soap opera in May, so could Abby leave Salem in fear of being “locked up” for her hallucinations?

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4. The Court Decides Evan Is Innocent

Evan’s court case will wrap up this week, and the decision on whether he is guilty or innocent will be released in the coming days. Another major piece to all this is that Orpheus is set to kidnap David soon, and it could be something that he moves forward with after Evan’s verdict is in. But, what if the young man is proclaimed “innocent.”

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3. Orpheus Wants David

In fear of losing his grandson for good, Orpheus may snap at the “innocent” verdict and kidnap David. He may worry that Evan and Zoey will ensure that he never sees David, and that is the reason he takes the child and runs. Somehow, John will be brought along for the ride, but this may be a good thing for David, at least he will be around one sane adult.

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2. Zoey Continues To Manipulate

DOOL spoilers indicate that it’ll seem as if Zoey will try and help Rafe in his search for David; however, she won’t be trustworthy when all is said and done. She has ulterior motives, and they’ll come shining through in all this. She may act like she wants what is best for Rafe and David, but she’ll show her true colors in the end. While she may go against Orpheus, she may also have something up her sleeve to snag David from Rafe for good, so she can gain full custody of her nephew.

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1. Cin Engaged! But Someone Doesn’t Approve

The good news is that Ben will ask Ciara to marry him this week, and she’ll say yes! She’ll be so excited that she’ll run to tell her mother first! While Hope does approve of Ben at this point, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that she may also believe that things are moving too fast for her daughter. Marriage is a big step, and Ciara is still very young. Momma bear may not approve.

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