Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For December 2019

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December can be such a busy and festive month in the land of Salem! As residents gear up for the holidays, the drama is sure to unfold as well. What will happen in the last weeks of 2019 on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)? It’s hard to tell, especially with the time-jump storyline, but fans can always speculate! Below are some DOOL plotline predictions for December 2019.

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13. Hints Of Stefano

It’ll be hard to bring back Stefano DiMera (despite the idea that he is alive). After all, the iconic actor (Joseph Mascolo) who made the part legendary has passed away for quite some time now, and a recast seems highly unlikely. Stefano will probably linger in the shadows, playing a quiet role in storylines, but potentially setting up the return of another character.

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12. Stefan Comes Back

Sure, Stefan passed away earlier this year and Gabi had his heart donated to Julie Williams; however, other soap characters have done the same and come back in a similar fashion, so why not Stefan? Stefano’s presence may be a storyline setting up the return of his son Stefan, especially with Dr. Rolf in the picture, someone who is known for breathing life into those who were thought to be long gone.

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11. Twinning?

There has been a buzz that actor Brandon Barash (who played Stefan) might be returning to the soap. Could Stefan be one part of a twin? Could Barash return to play Stefan’s brother? This could certainly add an interesting twist to this entire storyline as there wouldn’t only be another DiMera sibling in the picture to fight for the rights to company, but Gabi’s eye could turn away from Elia and onto this new character.

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10. Eli, Lani, and Gabi

Back to the idea of Stefan potentially returning, which could drastically change the entire storyline centering around Lani, Gabi, and Eli. DOOL spoilers suggest that Lani will come face-to-face with a familiar face from Salem. Could it be Stefan? Could she find out he is truly alive? What if both of them head back to Salem to reclaim their old loves, right before Christmas?

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9. Chabby Versus Gabi

If Stefan comes back and is alive, then this could change the power-struggle game over at DiMera Enterprises. Right now, Chad, Abby, and Gabi (with Eli in the mix) are fighting for controlling rights over the company; however, Stefan returning could change the game. Sure, Gabi is with Eli, but if Stefan is really alive, she’d dump him in an instant. If Eli finds out the truth about Gabi too, he would run back to Lani in a heartbeat.

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8. Ari Becomes A Problem

Ari has had a ton to deal with, over the past few years. The father she thought was gone forever returned back to the little town; her mom was locked in prison for a bit; her stepdad was shot by a police officer; her dad is now in prison; and she lost her adoptive grandmother. Ari may start to act up for Sonny and Gabi, causing some issues for her blended family. Maybe she starts scheming to create problems for Sonny and Evan’s impending romance?

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7. Baby Mackenzie’s Custody Agreement

Now that Eric knows the truth, nothing will stop him from spending some much-needed time with his daughter, especially since he’s missed so many pivotal moments in the baby’s life as it is. DOOL spoilers suggest that he’ll be open to shared custody with Sarah, with a condition that is. He’ll probably want Xander out of Mickey’s life. Will Sarah agree to this?

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6. Goodbye Xander

After the baby was kidnapped recently, Sarah may ditch Xander without batting an eyelash, despite all he’s done for her and Mickey. She knows the feeling of not having her baby around, and she’ll worry about losing custody of her child and may very well agree to Eric’s demands. Shared custody is better than no custody at all, and with Xander’s shady dealings, Sarah could fear losing her baby girl for good to Eric.

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5. Steve Pursues Kayla

Steve will officially be back in Salem before fans know it, so what will he be up to in December? While Kayla is with Justin, for now, he’ll want his Sweetness back. There has to be a good reason as to why Johnson never returned to the little town – perhaps a misunderstanding — and he will do everything in his power to try to win Kayla’s heart.

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4. Hints Around Adrienne Being Alive

With Hattie back on canvas, it might not be too long before Bonnie pops back up. But, what if Bonnie is the one that passed away and not Adrienne? What if Bonnie did something to provoke Will, causing him to do what he did to Sonny’s mom, but Adrienne is really alive? It could be the Christmas miracle that the Kiriakis family deserves. It would also move Justin’s eyes away from Kayla, and back to his wife.

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3. Ben Home For The Holidays?

Ciara is doing all she can to prove Ben’s innocence right now. Could the unthinkable happen right before Christmas hits? Could Ciara prove that Xander was behind Jordan’s demise and not Ben so that Ben can be home for the holidays? It seems like a feel-good festive storyline that DOOL is known for during this time of year.

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2. Trouble In Prison

Even if Adrienne is alive, this won’t necessarily mean that Will could be home for Christmas. He still was behind Bonnie passing on. In fact, if Ben is freed, this could mean even more bad news for Will in jail. With Clyde up in his business, Will could be an easy target for him without his friend and backup. Horton may have a black and blue Christmas this year.

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1. New Year’s Eve

DOOL spoilers promise that the last night of 2019 will end with a bang! Is this teaser trying to foreshadow a shooting of some kind? Princess Gina wants Marlena gone for good, so could Evans become a target? Maybe John gets hit instead of Marlena? On the other hand, it could also mean something big will happen on New Year’s Eve … another time jump? Perhaps a rewind this time?

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