Days Of Our Lives Couples With The Greatest Chemistry

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The land of Salem can be a crazy place filled with drama, adventure and, at times, scandal. It’s also filled with a ton of romance, and over the years, the show has produced incredible and iconic super couples. Below is an overview of some Days of Our Lives (DOOL) couples with the best chemistry.

13. Doug and Julie

Kicking this list off is the first-ever super couple of the soaps, Doug and Julie Williams. The couple met and fell in love in the 1970s, and even garnered so much attention from fans back then that they were (also) the first-ever daytime drama characters to grace the cover of TIME. Where do they find all that onscreen chemistry from? Maybe it stems from the fact that the actors that play them are also a couple in real life.

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12. Ben and Ciara

From an older duo, to Salem’s newest “it” couple, Ben and Ciara have DOOL fans swooning in their living rooms. Not only do they have their own ship name (Cin), but mix Ciara’s fiery passion, with Ben’s bad boy attitude, and you have a match made in soap opera heaven. It took a while for the town to approve of these two, but now that everyone is on board, Cin is unstoppable.

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11. Justin and Adrienne

Some love affairs never go out of style, and such is the case when it comes to Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis. The two fell in love in the late 1980s, and as most soap opera relationships, they have had their ups and downs over the years. While they have been divorced three times now, they are that couple that can’t seem to stay apart for long, and even after over thirty years, they still manage to light those daytime screens up.

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10. Sonny and Will

Speaking of the Kiriakis family, of course Sonny would hit this list — he probably learned about chemistry from mom and dad. While WilSon has broken down barriers for the LGTB community within the soap opera world over these years, they’ve done so thanks to the amazing love story they share, and the incredible chemistry between them.

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9. E.J and Sami

For the longest time, it was the spark inside the bedroom that kept this relationship going, as E.J. and Sami had a weird love-hate relationship with each other, especially early on. Love would overcome all in the end for these two, and thankfully the chemistry still existed throughout their years as a bona fide Salem super couple.

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8. Austin and Carrie

Remember when Sami was extremely preoccupied (obsessed) with Austin Reed? She finally gave up and realized there was no swaying him away from her sister Carrie. Austin and Carrie are one of those soap opera super couples who always defy the odds, and always seem to end up in each other’s arms when all is said and done.


7. Daniel and Nicole

There was not a dry eye in any DOOL fan’s house in January 2016 when Dr. Daniel Jonas passed away from a drunk driving accident. The saddest part was seeing Nicole say her goodbyes, knowing this couple was torn in two. Daniel and Nicole were not only an incredible together, but the good doctor seemed to bring out the best in Walker, elevating her from the town’s resident bad girl to a heroine of sorts and the spark between them was magical.


6. Shawn and Belle

It’s hard not to be a super couple when both sets of parents are amazing super couples. Regardless, not only did Belle and Shawn have a ton of chemistry, from the moment they started dating as teens until this very day, their relationship turned into a beautiful story. How many kids do you know that grow up as friends, and end up becoming life-long soul mates?

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5. Chad and Abigail

Bad boy DiMera falls in love with a super sweet Horton? This love recipe is what DOOL dream super couples are made from! In all seriousness, from the moment they started dating in their late teens, Days fans knew that Chabby were going to be an incredible super couple, and a lot of what makes them work so well is the incredible chemistry between them.

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4. Bo and Hope

Since Bo Brady passed on in 2015, Hope has struggled with finding the right man to share her life with. Not only did she and Bo have something magical, but the chemistry between her and any other character on Days she’s tried to hook up with has not felt the same since Brady. A soap opera romance like theirs isn’t easy to duplicate.

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3. John and Marlena

Who knew grandparents (and great-grandparents) could keep that spark alive in a relationship for so long; however, to this day Jarlena continues to have Days fans on the edge of their seats, even after decades of being together. It’s not only their love that keeps viewers glued to the television but the passion between them as well.

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2. Jack and Jennifer

Despite the fact that Jack and Jenn have spent many years apart and she’s thought he has been dead (or dying) on multiple occasions, these two come together and instantly light up daytime screens. Perhaps it’s their playful banter that keeps the magic alive for these two, or that opposites attract, but J&J hit this list and number two because regardless of the time that goes by, Jack and Jennifer still have that “it” factor.

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1. Steve and Kayla

A relationship that spans well over three decades, DOOL fans are still very intrigued with Kayla and Steve Johnson. That typical “bad boy meets girl next door and falls in love” soap opera relationship recipe worked so well in the late 1980s; however, Patch and his Sweetness perfected this super couple model. To this day, fans are still rooting for Brady and Johnson, and still melt every time he brings her a bouquet of yellow roses.

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