Days Of Our Lives Couples With No Chemistry

From Patch and Kayla to Jarlena, J&J, Cen, and more, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) knows how to create the perfect super couple! Having said that, twosomes have flopped in the past, thanks to zero spark and passion between two characters. Below is an overview of some DOOL couples with the worst chemistry over the years.

12. Sarah and Rex

No wonder all Sarah could think about was Eric! While Rex was desperate to hold on to Sarah at all costs, it was clear these two wouldn’t last too long. Not only did he cheat on her, she was in love with his brother. All’s well that ends well, and thankfully Rex left town and they went their separate ways.

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11. Kayla and Shane

Many moons ago, Shane Donovan hooked up with his once sister-in-law Kayla Brady shortly after Steve Johnson was presumed dead. One would think that two halves of a super couple could equal out to a new Salem super couple, but that was not the case. These two lacked a tremendous amount of chemistry.

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10. Eve and Jack

There are many reasons why Jack and Eve were not a good fit after he strolled back into Salem. First off, Eve had been manipulating Deveraux; secondly, most fans wanted to see him reunite with Jennifer Horton; and thirdly, they had zero sparks between them. They were never a good fit, but their hook up did make an interesting storyline.

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9. Hope and Rafe

Hope and Rafe are another case of two good-looking characters that seem like they should be great together, but weren’t. Could it be that Hope will never be able to be happy with anyone but Bo? Or was it that the coupling of Rope simply lacked chemistry? Probably a bit of both.

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8. Will and Paul

Will Horton returning from the dead in 2017 was an explosive storyline! While many DOOL fans were hoping for a WilSon reunion, Horton’s memory loss slowed that process down, and Will found himself fond of Paul, Sonny’s finance. The fact that Will turned to Paul and not Sonny was an interesting watch, but the Paul/Will couple lacked the passion that WilSon has.

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7. Kate and John

Back in the early 2000s, Kate Roberts and John Black hooked up after both of their spouses winded up dead thanks to the serial killer storyline that rocked Salem. When it was discovered that Roman and Marlena were in fact alive on Melaswen Island, they broke up and went back to their partners. Probably the best idea since they were never the best fit.

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6. Eve and Brady

It was cute to see Brady fall in love with Eve in 2017. After all, the entire thing was a sham, as he was looking to gain back control of Titan. While it was a beautiful thing to see Brady’s scheme flop, and it made for interesting daytime television, the couple lacked true chemistry.

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5. Adrienne and Lucas

The pairing of Lucas and Adrienne never felt right. It could be because fans just loved seeing Adrienne with Justin, or perhaps it was simply because this couple didn’t have any sparks between them in the least. Even when Bonnie was impersonating Adrienne to seduce Lucas, there was no chemistry onscreen that was felt by the audience.

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4. Chloe and Lucas

Poor Lucas has hit the list twice, but don’t feel too bad for him. He has had some incredible relationships with Carrie and Sami Brady, not to mention Nicole Walker. Having said that, Lucas and Chloe hooked up a few times over the years; however, they lacked a certain passion and intensity to ever stay together for the long haul.

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3. Claire and Tripp

Perhaps Claire’s mental health issues could be to blame, but she and Tripp never truly had a spark. In fact, it just seemed as if they were thrown together because there simply were no other younger characters to place them with. At the end of the day, Claire’s antics did make for a good storyline.

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2. Sami and Austin

In this relationship, there was a ton of chemistry on Sami’s side, as she was obsessed with Reed and determined to snag him in any way possible; however, nothing was truly ever reciprocated on Austin’s end. Sure, he was manipulated into a relationship with her, and marriage (twice), but Austin’s eyes would always wonder back to Sami’s sister Carrie.


1. Jennifer and Daniel

Jennifer has had some intense relationships in Salem with Jack coming to mind, Emilio, and Frankie too. The same could be said for Daniel Jonas. His love affair with Nicole was incredible, and his past affairs with Kate and Chloe were intense. Having said that, he and Jennifer simply did not share that same passion. They really should have, but they didn’t.

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