Days Of Our Lives: 12 Truly Disappointing Storylines

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When a daytime drama gets a storyline right, fans rejoice! When they mess it up, well, audiences can get annoyed. Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is known for its over-the-top soap stories and even the craziest storylines have worked at times. Still, there are times when the show has slipped up. Below are 12 truly disappointing Days of Our Lives‘ storylines:

12. Salem Stalker

In the early 2000s, Days’ ratings were lagging. Writer James Reilly came up with a plot where a serial killer axed off a good part of the town creating an intriguing ‘whodunnit’ angle. Jack Deveraux, Abe Carver, Roman and Caroline Brady, Kate Roberts, as well as beloved Alice and Maggie Horton were murdered, just to name a few. Fans were shocked and also outraged that DOOL producers killed off so many long-standing characters whom the audiences had grown to love. Reports indicate that Reilly was told to fix the storyline as soon as possible and, sometime later, Melaswen Island was born.

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11. The Andre/Tony Debacle

Andre DiMera was Stefano’s nephew and for the longest time swapped between being good and evil over the years. Interestingly enough, Andre looked identical to Stefano’s stepson Tony, who was pure evil. Still following? In 2007, it was revealed that from 1993, Tony was actually pretending to be Andre to exact revenge on his enemies. While the storyline outcome was shocking to fans, the history of Andre and Tony is very blurry and at times. It’s hard to remember if Andre was at the helm of something or if it was Tony when pulling from past DOOL moments. It’s been confusing to decipher between the two over the years for some fans.

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