Days Of Our Lives: 12 Storylines That Need To End In 2018

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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is infamous for its over-the-top storylines and while they can be entertaining at first, when they drag on and on, audiences can tune out. There are many different storylines that have been launched late last year and this year that have been interesting to watch as a DOOL fan. Still, some have lagged. Below are 12 DOOL storylines that need to end in 2018.

12. Hattie Adams Continually Popping Up

Doppelgangers are nothing new in the land of soaps, or even DOOL for that matter; however, Marlena Evans’ criminal look-alike in Hattie Adams has been a little much at times. The character first emerged in 2000 for about a year, then 2004 for an appearance, and also had a huge storyline in Salem from 2016 to 2017. Still, Hattie has worn out her welcome and when she busted out of prison recently to attend Andre’s funeral, and many DOOL fans were hoping this would be the last of this character on the show for a while. The entire doppelganger concept is just too much.

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11. Eric and Jenn

When will these two officially become an item? They had a toxic relationship in late 2014 where substance abuse brought them together, then Eric was hauled off to prison in 2015 for a DUI. A year later, he’d return to Salem and while they flirted with the idea of becoming a couple, Nicole came between them. Still, Nicole’s been out of the picture for a while now and the very fact that Jenn and Eric aren’t lovebirds yet, especially when they are both clean and sober, is crazy. Enough is enough, the teasing of a relationship between these two needs to end in 2018.

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