Days Of Our Lives’ 10 Most Mismatched Couples

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8. Maggie Horton and Victor Kiriakis

When it comes to the land of Salem, these two represent complete extremes. Maggie was the gentle soul of the town, someone that could be trusted and always willing to help out a friend or family member. Victor was the Greek corporate tycoon, obsessed with business and controlling what his family did – not to mention some illegal activities in and around town. Since these two have come together, Maggie has certainly helped to soften Victor up. Again, they might be mismatched, but they are also quite charming together.

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7. Sami Brady and Austin Reed

Austin has always been a perfect fit for Carrie Brady. Both are kind-hearted, family-oriented individuals who are good friends and all around good people. This is perhaps why they are still together after all these years. However, when Sami was obsessed with her sister’s better half in the 1990s, she was successfully able to pull these two apart. Sami’s changed over the years, but back then she was a manipulative, backstabbing, scheming little liar. Certainly, a mismatch to the moral compass that Austin possessed.

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